Published on August 06, 2020 (Updated on August 06, 2020)

Roku Addon

Roku Addon is a simple addon that includes a new nether monster, "Fire lord" and some items and weapons; "Fire essence", "Fire ingot" and "Fire sword". 

This is a small monster that only appears in the nether, in the "Basalt Delta" biomes, "Fire lord" has a very good hp and powerful attacks that make him a hard challenge.

You can make "Fire ingot" and "Fire sword" by killing some "Fire lords". 

This is the first addon created by us.

Roku Addon includes a new nether mob, "Fire lord": This new monster only spawns in the Basalt Delta biome. Fire blasts, great hp and a cool design, you are (probably) gonna have a bad time.


"Fire lord" is a nether exclusive monster, so It will only spawn in the "Basalt Delta" biome.


"Fire lord" has 120 heart points.


  • Melee tackle: A simple tackle that does 3 (hearts) attack points. 
  • Fire Ball: This is the same as "Ghast" fire ball.


  • Player
  • Iron Golem
  • Snow Golem


But that's not everything you'll find in this addon. Once you beat a "Fire lord" you'll obtain some items:

  • Blaze Powder, you can obtain "0" or "1"
  • "Fire essence", you can obtain "0" or "1"


Once you get enough "Fire essence" you'll be able to craft a "Fire ingot". In this craft you'll need an "Iron ingot" and 4 "Fire essence", the "Iron ingot" is placed in the middle and the 4 "Fire essence" are placed up, under and at the right/left of the "Iron ingot".

Now you'll ask: What can I do with this awesome "Fire ingot"?

Well, You can do an really cool "Fire sword", The only items we'll need are, a "Diamond sword" and 4 "Fire ingot": The craft is very similar to the "Fire ingot" one, but now we'll replace the "Iron ingot" with the "Diamond sword", and the 4 "Fire esence" with 4 "Fire ingot". This sword is really powerful (15 attack points) even more than the "Netherite sword".

Thta's all, enjoy the experience and, if you want, give us feedback to improve our addons in the future. Have a nice day :)

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