Published on December 02, 2021 (Updated on December 02, 2021)

Royal's Skinpack v2

This pack contains 40 girl skins that are not to detailed. Each skin was made by me and really are quite different from each other in appearance. Take a look!

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Added skins: 5 skins that are a variations of a skin in the last version, 2 skins that I didn't add last time, 1 my twin made for me. and 1 that I only partly made.


Removed a skin that will be re-added in v3

Renamed a few skins I think



  • Royals_Skinpack.mcpack (43.97 KB)
  • Royals_Skinpack.mcpack (v2) (33.63 KB)

Supported Minecraft versions

The v1 is actually the updated version idk what happened there.

This pack wont be updated