Published on September 05, 2016 (Updated on December 14, 2016)

RSPE Shaders


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Yo I love these shaders! I didn't see much of a difference until I made it sunset and looked at the water. I know these shaders are labeled for PE, but they worked for edu edition too
i know it did for me too


𝔐𝔰 𝔎𝔦𝔱𝔱𝔢𝔫 June 08, 2021 at 9:45 pm
This is quite cool! I saw everyone with shaders/mods so I decided to google how to get it and I came HERE and now I'm so happy I can finally get a shader >:> Also its for my cities lel
this is broken in bedrock edition
idk why but the shader doesn't work for me none of them do they might be outdated like the last shader but idk
If you are on windows 10, It will not work
And if you use Any Minecraft version which has Render Dragon Engine, it wont work on that either
Render Dragon just made all the shaders incompatible.
I'm in love with this shader, its most likely my most used one now.
does it work for minecraft windows?
Greatest Shader
I hope this shader gets updated man.
This was like one of my favorite shaders back then when texture packs were a new thing
me too i was like excited to get this in my world when it was working but now its not :(
I’m running 1.10.0, and nothings working. I did everything the right way (as I’ve tried many texture packs) and when I go into a world after applying it everything looks the same. Help?
This shader is making my game crash when I open Minecraft world I use it on windows 10 edition pls help
Doesn't work on windows 10. Read the warnings. To fix: find Minecraft folder on windows (appdata) you need admin on computer and find texture pack folder. Go inside and find the resource pack, then delete it.
Does this work for the new aquatic update?
Doesn't work on
can you make this Shader Work fine in 1.5 plz
I just downloaded this Shader and has quite a bit of problems. When I first used this shader in a world it seemed okay. Everything was colorful and vibrant. I really loved this Shader! Until, it became dark. When it’s night, it has quite a bit of problems. First, I noticed that everything had a pink tint to it. The wood planks looked like they where dyed pink. The stone slabs where just all pink. Although inside was normal, I just felt saw everything pink.
At least the sky was normal...
A couple of in-game days later after the pink terror, I went to look for the Heart of the Sea. I got all my gear ready and I dived underwater, what I saw was just like that night. EVERYTHING. WAS. PINK. I thought these were bugs or glitches, so I restarted Minecraft. But underwater was still pink. I just when on and tried to ignore it...
(Also the water’s surface glitches when you move around)
I finally got it and went home.
A couple more days later, it started raining. And...*sigh* I though the weird stuff would end at the water but, I was just scrapping the surfaces on the awful stuff. When it rains in normal Minecraft, there’s a fog, right? Well imagine the fog turned entirely pink. I’m not joking. This is happening to me. Seriously, I though it would end there but then I went to the Nether and there were only 2 problems. 1. If you got far away from a natural landform or anything, there’s a green fog over it and it really weird. 2. When your underlava ( if that’s a word) it the same as when your underwater. Everything’s pink.
Aside from that, the Nether is pretty good lookin’. I went to the end and... there’s actually nothing wrong with it.
Sorry for the long post and I’m sorry if You take this post personally by saying your Shader is not as good as people say it is. I hope you take this as a way to improve you Shader. I really want to see this become a perfect Shader and I’ll support you all the way. Bye and be the best.