Published on November 01, 2020 (Updated on November 07, 2020)

S1mplePVP | Jury's 100 SUB Pack

Thanks so much guys for 100 SUBS!

I promised to release a texture pack! And this is it! 

This is a 16x16 Simple Default Edit Texture Pack!

If you like 16x16 texture packs and simple texture packs that are fps friendly, this texture pack will suit you! 

The things included in this pack are...

Outlined Ores

Short Swords

Default Axes, Pickaxes, Shovels.

Simple Armor

Default Edit Food

Default Sky

Default Night Sky

These are the content of my texture pack! If you need any help, you can comment it down below! Or any suggestions on the pack, it would be gladly appreciated.

Thank you again for 100 subscribers! 

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•Edited/Changed the description so it can be more aesthetic lol


Before installing, please watch this video! So you would know whats in the pack!


Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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Heres my pack review! Hope you watch it!
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Nice pack thanks for the good pack. Also congrats on the subs!!!
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Hey, nice pack and congrats on 100 subs! I’ll go check out your channel!!
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