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Published on July 06, 2018 (Updated on July 06, 2018)

Sandview Modern House [Creation]

Go on hate on me but it is straight up Akward especially for survival
The interior is not great and the stairs are far apart but that’s just my opinion
Yass a house with a gaming room >u< I'm happy ;-;
omg this is AWSOME!! I love it (though i'm planning to redo the intiror). I would suggest adding boats to the dock and costomising the village nearby.
Can I use this in survival?
Best house EVAH i have to decorate the game center and some balcony tho,still very noice
Thank you so much! ?
Cool map
Question wats with the armor stands
Oh sorry to get you wondering there, friend! They are used for clothes (jackets, coats, hats, etc) hanger ?
Add Texture pack to ur map plz...
In the map, I used the Faithful 32x32texture pack if you didn't notice ?
Make a basement that there is good things
Whats the texture pack???
It's Faithful 32x32 dude, thank me later ??
whats the texture pack?
Great map, but I'm redoing the interior myself because the interior design specialist left too much space in the house. Great map otherwise!
Go on man, you can always redo or customize the house yourself if you are not satisifed enough! ?
What is the name of the texture?
It's Faithful 32x32 ✌