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Published on December 23, 2017 (Updated on December 23, 2017)

Santa Boss Addon

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that thing i told you that addon would be called The Mega Xmas Bosses
Hello i was wondering if you can make more Xmas bosses like Gingerbread Men And Santa that summons elfs and Gingerbread men things that evoker summons out of ground (the Santa boss is replaced with evoker) elfs replaced as Elfs (Gingerbread men boss is replaced with sNOW golem)
The zip haves a halloween map inside
i cant spawn santa
Hey, can you fix the bug when you hold the candy caner 2000, almost its in the arm, its not right (But i didnt check it out, i just looked on the screeny. I didnt check it out because the size of it is flippin' 67mb), but cool addon ♡
And also can you make the addon size smaller because its too big for an addon, its even bigger than minecraft itself (i think)
Minecraft pe If the
Made a video on this Adoon...ENJOY!
Plz make portal knights Add-Ons made by the creators of terreria