Sapphire Expansion (Beta v9.1.7)

Im sure you Never wanted more hostile mobs in the game, but what if I told you there are very powerful items and tools in this addon that can aid you in the game and with fighting off the hostile mobs in this addon.


Always check at the bottom for all new update info it is in the Change log section ar the bottom

Also all new craft recipes will be added at the bottom

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All The New Stuffs

  1.  3 New Blocks.   [Sapphire Gold Block, Sapphire Gilded Blackstone, Sapphire Chiseled Polished Blackstone.]
  2. A Handful of my mobs got some new sounds. Sir Micky , Hell Spider , Wraith , Dyer Wolf , Minion Wraith , Lost Soul , Hell Keeper , Dead Trader , Sapphire Golem.
  3. Some New Craft Recipes for the New Blocks
  4. Redid the Sapphire Nether Ore Texture
  5. Loot drops have been updated for the Sapphire Treasure Slime
  6. Hell Spider can now be riden after tamed also can be controlled but it likes climbing walls if your not careful it does not snap to player like other pets do.
  7. More Updates Coming Soon! Possibly a Skin pack of Some of my Skins I use and Have used. 
  8. Almost forgot I updated the Sapphire Gold Ingot.



Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

I am aware of some things i forgot to update in the crafting info on the Loki staff it is not a enchanted sapphire apple it is just a normal sapphire apple that is required in the craft recipe.
Custom armour is possible in the new beta. Like full custom armour you could search it up online for a template.
to make the fire imp pess cancerous like gona's dragon mod just remove the bat ai and replace it with parrot ai
Ill try it out when I start making the new stuff for the Add-On. It will take sometime. But in the mean time ill reduce its movement speed when I do a text info update on the page i forgot to up date some info on a few of the old mobs.
Thank you for the feed back!?
Does it still work if i just install only expension pack, not tool,ores,items. ?
You only need the Sapphire Expansion. I left the old version up still for those who wish to check it out with out the new biome 2 new mobs an tree variant. So you Only Need the Sapphire expansion. If you have trouble replacing the old one with the new one ill do my best to explain how to replace it in a existing world using the old addon version.
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the updaye is pretty cool. I like it. The one thing that bothers me alot tho is how some of the mobs are huge. I don't want to sound rude, but can you decrease some of their sizes so they fit in line with vanilla mob's height? They just look so out of the place by being to big, almost to an unenjoyable extent. I feel that they'd fit in much more better if they were of normal height. Even slightly taller would be better. Just the imsane heights you have for some makes it, idk, seem kinda cringey? Besides that. The rest looks great.
Yes no worries. Ill have a update out soon not sure when but when I have the chance I will fix the mobs hight issues to being more enjoyable to fight. Reason why update will be a hit is my kids keep me busy during the day most times.
good to hear! I'll be looking foward to it. I also reread what you did, and I have to say. What you did is pretty smart. Having mobs drop the ores until the bug is fixed, thats a pretty smart idea. Wish more people would do that until this big gets fixed. I'll be anxiously waiting for your update!
Yeah there is a bug report on the custom blocks not showing in the craft menu its on jira
This is the one i made on it. I havent been able to much pf a info update but if others have seen the same issues happen to addons they use report it there. Also even if experimental game mode is on it wont change the craft menu issue no custom blocks will show either way. And in 1.16 experimental is mainly for beta features now with out being in the beta program but limits the beta features you see. They made 1.16 not requiring experimental mode for add-ons anymore.(I could be wrong however on that) plus natural generation or custom ores is also broke in 1.16 o.o