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Published on March 18, 2017 (Updated on March 18, 2017)

-560637684: Savannah Island

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If anyone is interested in helping with a map I am creating with this seed, just give DragonLadyYT81 a friend. However, if you grief, I will block and report you, SO NO FUNNY BUSINESS!!! OK, thank you, have a good day ;3
I I like this seed
i cannot find th island... does anyone have the coordinates?
You could just copy/paste the following seed to a new world. I'm using it for a map I have had planned for a few years now (blueprints for building finished and time to get started!!! *claps*) and I looked it up because I couldn't find it in the regular seeds. -560637684 you're welcome'
where is the bamboo
There is no bamboo. What you're thinking of is the jungle biome.
Good seed, for far and near.
Anyone have coords for a roofed forest/mushroom island in it? I need brown mushrooms.
Its like an atoll type island except those pieces of land is too big and in the middle its a lagoon not a pond
a litle ways away, there is a sea monument

near thetwo little islands
I saw steve at the third picture
It look like thailand
This is on the Mcpe seed library already, no one discovered it except mojang
At the third picture you will show Herobrine Lol
It's actually just a normal "Steve" guy.
Or is it
Don Don don
I found cross!
This seed is already on MCPE (on the seed selection) but it's a good seed !