SCP Foundation Add-on V2 (1.13+)

This Add-on added new mobs from the SCP universe into minecraft, each mob will have their own ability, If you a fan of the SCP foundation page then this addon is for you

The addon is still in a very early stages, so any comment will be very helpful


SCP-173: is a very hostile mob, SCP-173 won’t be able to move if it’s being looked at by the player however this mob will make players blink so it can get to attack them easier

SCP-173 will attack the player by snapping their neck, you can remove SCP-173 by simply use a diamond pickaxe

SCP-049: or you can call it plague doctor, this mob will infect villager and turn them into zombie villager, just like the normal zombie, he also attack players and give them wither effect will turn the human mob into SCP-049-2 (Zombie), you can give the red flower for SCP-049 and he will become docile for 30 sec

SCP-682: Is a hostile mobs it’s will kill anything on it way even if it’s own kinds, SCP-682 can be called the hard to destroy reptile,

  • Healh: 1000000
  • Strength: instant kill
  • Ability changing size when taking damage

SCP-053: appear to be a little girl, she will give the players a heart attack if they come to close, she will follow any mob in her eyes sight

  • Health: 20
  • Strength: weak

SCP-939: Will eat any animal and humanoid, SCP-939 can imitate any mob sound and will make a very loud noise when hurt, they will not attack the player if the players are in sneaking mode

  • Health: 100
  •  Strength: 12 damage
  • Can spawn naturally

SCP-019: A monster pot if you touch it, SCP-019-2 will crawl out of the pot and kill you

  • you can destroy it by holding the diamond pickaxe in your hand and press the button

SCP-019-2: look like a baby but extremely dangerous and can move very fast

SCP-999: a friendly mob will jumping around the players and give them resistance effect and saturation

  • Health: 20
  • make cute sounds when players are near it

SCP-066: A weird looking red thing or you can call it Eric Toy, they will rolling around and do no damage to the players

  • Health: 5
  • will make a very loud noise if the player approaching it

SCP-1048: seem like a harmless teddy bear, will roaming around and do nothing to the player and it have two more type of bear are SCP-1048-A, SCP-1048-B, you can call him builder bear

  • Health: 200
  • Ability: build an evil version of it and kill any players near it, but he can only build more bear if the player is far away from him (Warning headphones)

SCP-106: extremely dangerous, have the form of an oldman

  • Health: 1006
  • damage: 20
  • Ability: can go thourgh any obstacles to get to his prey

Features: you can give him special effect by type this command “/function add_trail” (require strong device). If you want to turned it off the use this command “/function remove_trail”

SCP-096: will kill any one who looked at his face

  • Health: too much
  • damage: 10000
  • ability: run extreme fast and will break every block when angry other wise he won’t to get to his victim, can respawn
  • can do a big jump toward the victims
  • Now when in rage mode will go on a rampage 

SCP-1000: Big Foot are neutral

  • Health: 600
  • Damage: 10
  • Ability: will attack other monsters
  • Can spawn naturally

SCP-250: is a skeleton of a Allosaurus dinosaur but can move around 

  • Health: 250
  • Damage: 7
  • Ability: kill every player, human, and pigs
  • Can spawn naturally

SCP-3199: is a man chicken, will attack player and human in groups, can run very fast

  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 5 can give poison effect
  • Ability: endless birth, will turn into invulnerable egg when killed after 20 sec will come back as the baby version. Both baby and adult can lay eggs, to prevent them from laying egg trapping them in the water tank with no hole on it
  • Can spawn naturally

Here are how their eggs look: 

SCP-093: The Rea Sea Object has a shape of a humanoid with a hole on their head

  • Health: 993
  • Damage: 20
  • Ability: is very big and will kill players and humans

SCP-458: is a pizza box but it’s not a normal pizza box

  • Ability: will give infinity pizza, can not be destroy by anything except this command: “/kill @e[type=entity:scp458]”, to get pizza from it, you need to attack it

SCP-012: is a bad composition

Ability: will drag the player and other mobs into it and kill them if they’re in range, when draging the player in they will play a very loud sound, give them nausea, blindness and wither, during this progress the player won’t be able to move, this effect will not affect the player in creative mode

SCP-811: is a Swamp Woman live in the swamp

  • Health: 150
  • Damage: 7
  • Ability: is docile to player can breath in water, will play a warning sound effect to the player if they are take her, then immediately leap toward her victim and eat it

SCP-1316: is a look like a vanila normal cat but it have a special ability

  • Health: like a normal cat
  • Ability: will summon the Chaos Insurgency when it meet the Scientist

SCP-1762: is a box and when you hit it it will open and release the paper dragon called SCP-1762-2 will fly around the room and after 60 second they’ll despawn

SCP-500: is a pill will heal the player

you can get it by simply type this command “/give @s scp:scp500

SCP-148: is original was some kind of ore but in this addon i called it a Telekill Sword

You can kill anything when holding this sword except these (SCP-458, SCP-682)

SCP-063: World best toothbrush

You can mine every blocks using this toothbrush except unmineable block

SCP-049-2: a zombie version of the humans mob acting like a normal zombie but doesn’t burn in day light and have an unique animations


D-class, Scientist, Female Researcher: will flee away from monster and things will trying to hurt them, will turn into SCP-049-2 if they being cured by SCP-049

  • Health: 20
  • damage: 1

Guard: will Scientist, Female Researcher, can switch to melee if near, and switch to ranged if far away, they will alert the same types to come and help them

  • Health: 20
  • Ranged attack: 5
  • Melee: 10

Chaos Insurgency: kill scientist, Female Researcher, protect D-class can switch to melee if near, and switch to ranged if far away, they will alert the same types to come and help them

  •  Health: 20
  • Ranged attack: 15
  • Melee: 10

Nine Tailed Fox: Kill D-class, Chaos Insurgency protect Female Researcher, Scientist can switch to melee if near, and switch to ranged if far away, they will alert the same types to come and help them, will follow Nine Tailed Fox Commander

  • Health: 20
  • Ranged attack: 15
  • Melee: 10

Nine Tailed Fox Commander: look the same as the ntf but stronger

  • Health: 40
  • Ranged: 10
  • Melee: 10

Fun Facts: you can tame them by using gold ingot


There are 7 type of normal item and 3 SCP items

  1. Door Rotator: can use on door to rotate them 
  2. Pizza slice can get from trading with Scientists, Researcher and SCP-458(pizza box)
  3. P90: can get from trading with scientists
  4. P90 Ammo: can get from trading with scientists
  5. Empty P90: can get from trading with scientists
  6. Keycard-1: right now there is only one at the moment but it will have more in the future, can use on Containment door
  7. Hazmat Suit will protect you from the effect of SCP-053 for a period time

Blocks And Doors

Doors: there are two types of door they can be interact by both the player and the human

Sliding Door: can be opened and closed by hitting at the bottom of it (on the right)

Containment Door can only be opened by using Keycard-1, used for containment chamber (on the left)

Blocks: here are the picture of all the blocks in this addon


053-table: this table will let SCP-053 draw on it

PC: This is not only for decorating it Scientists will use it to call for help

Chair: Human will sit on it but they’re not sit on it forever after a period of time they will get off of the chair, you can also sit on it

Dead Body

these are the deadbody when the human die


These are the Facility that will spawn around your world but it very rare

The Facility: you can summon them by using this command /summon cd:facilityb1 or /function facilityb1

Chaos Camp: they will spawn around the world:

Commands and functions

You can get item by using these commands:

  1. Keycard-1: /give @a bd:keycard1
  2. SCP-148: /give @a bd:telekill
  3. SCP-063: /give @a bd:toothbrush
  4. SCP-500: /give @a scp:scp500
  5. P90: /give @a gun:p90
  6. Door rotator: /give @a bd:door_rotate

You can join two team by using these functions

To join Chaos: using /function chaos

To join Guard: using /function guard

To leave using /function leave

You need to turn on experimental mode to use this addon if you use it on v1.13

For more information

The trailer of the Add-on:

Note: if you use this on your map please give credit for me

also if you already have the old version of this addon pls delete it from your game and your world then you can install it

Do not reupload without my permission


Changelog View more
  • fixed bugs sometime SCP-173 is  move when being looked at
  • SCP-049 is a little stronger and have new ability to flee from the danger
  • SCP-939 will only see the players if they're not in sneaking mode
  • SCP-682 now can break down some blocks
  • SCP-096 addon have been moved into this addon
  • SCP-053 will affect any thing except SCP-682, SCP-999, SCP-053 now give the players a heart attack if they're near her for too long or if they hit her
  • Added new SCPs: SCP-106, SCP-019, SCP-1048, SCP-999, SCP-106, SCP-096, SCP-500
  • Added new Humans mobs

Added direct download link for Xbox users, New SCPs will coming up in the future

  • fixed bugs where SCP-173 not working 
  • Added 12 new SCPs
  • Added new Behavior for SCP-096, SCP-682, SCP-049
  • Added custom facility and chaos camp
  • Added new furnitures and doors
  • Fixed the title
  • Fixed the descriptions
  • Fixed lying animation for SCP-682


Wait for 5 seconds then click the skip button to download.

Turn on EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in the world settings if you are using it on 1.13!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 (beta)

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519 Responses

4.5 / 5 (326 votes)
  1. LackedCoronet45 says:

    Please improve the problem that crashes immediately.

  2. Bob says:

    Are you adding this on AddOns pls reply

  3. LackedCoronet45 says:

    Please fix it.

  4. LackedCoronet45 says:

    The content of the supplement is wonderful. But it will crash soon

  5. AldinCraft says:

    Bendythedemon18 can you fix a bug when scp 053 riding scp 682 when scp 682 sleeps scp 053 floats fix it please

  6. Alice says:

    Can you please make a separate addon for the Female Researchers? Their texture is very cute and I would like to use them but converting a player-height mob skin to player skin corrupts/messes up the texture and it doesn’t fit

  7. AGuyThatCommemts says:

    Can you plz put it in mediafire

  8. beep beep imma sheep says:

    Hello, I’ve been experiencing some issues, mainly having to do with your links.
    When I press “SKIP AD” it redirects me to a random website that wants me to either add something to Chrome or, enable notifications. Please tell me if there’s a way around this.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t let me get it.
    Whenever I press “SKIP AD” it redirects me to a random website that most of the time wanted me to add something to chrome or enable notifications. Does anybody know a way araound this?


    I cannot find the download Button Please help me Were is it

  11. Bobby says:

    Are you gonna add this on AddOns

  12. Lamont says:

    I’m on a tablet an I can’t download it how do I get it to upload to Minecraft?

  13. Someone here? says:

    Hi Bendythedemon18 I can’t plays this addon could you add this to mcaddons Thx

  14. ??? says:

    Can you make you can turn of scp-3199 spawning
    It lags my world
    Overall Great

  15. Farbod says:

    Way the slide door dies when I close it????

  16. cead says:

    this so good!I know you will update!!!!!!

  17. Bryan36 says:

    I have founded a BUG with the p90 when i want to eat some food the food dissaper and its replace by a p90

  18. Hey bendy I love the Addon. But honestly there’s only one problem you cannot break the doors and 3199 is more white and bigger and Lucy is a little bit small that’s the only things I’ve seen wrong with then that is 5/5 witch I’m voting

  19. anonymous says:

    Great mod with some bugs and glitches that I can deal with but you need to fix the man chickens (or as i call them “chicken things”) because my game either crashes or lags till my world is unplayable due to the man chickens constantly spawning. Overall its a great mod

  20. Arnold says:

    How much health exactly is 096 ???

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hi Bendythedemon18. I am having a problem that every time I use the addon and get into my world. The game crashes. Sometimes it lets me play but it crashes most of the time. Please fix it.

  22. Destroyer says:

    How do you get a keycard?

  23. Ryan IsaIas huffman says:

    Its not letting me download it doesn’t give me an a notifacation thing at the top Please help send real link?

  24. Your local bug reporter says:

    this is a nice addon but the containment door is bugged, it wont open even if I have the keycard in my hand.

  25. Tristen benney says:

    Installment does not work.

  26. Kasen Caughman says:

    When I looked into the files when it got released I looks into scp 096’s file and on one of the files on scp 096 it said bag. How do I get the bag on its head?

  27. Lorenzo Appetecchia says:

    nel prossimo agiornamento potresti aggiungere scp: 058-082-280-407-075-1471-079-550-783-352-312-1507-035-029-718-023-538-151-472-009, almeno i primi due per favore

  28. Anonymous says:

    when the facility is spawned with command no blocks are there only doors and windows and mobs and the mobs end up falling to their death

  29. Owen Quigley says:

    Can you please add the drink machine and electric gate and the creepy face from the endless staircase

  30. Angious2004 says:

    For some reason 999 doesn’t give you any effect if 053 isn’t around.

  31. umeka says:

    Can you addom more and allot of more scp monster and cam you addon the texture pack to addon green lava so scp 682 could never die in it and add gun and armors and texture blocks

  32. Den says:

    Помогите пожалуйста,
    Игра вылетает как только захожу, или долго нахожусь в инвентаре!
    Бенди исправьте пожалуйста:(

  33. Arnold says:

    I love this so much thank you for this mod…this is officially my favorite mod THANK YOU!!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Why i click the door and dead

  35. Koki1224 says:

    i cant open #1.14beta

  36. Nikita25 says:

    Why when I move around the game crashes, because of this I have to use pearls to move around

  37. Scp says:

    Make scp 682 and 096 stronger.. Why scp 682 if you hit it with telekill it we will die can you make it so syrong please and scp 096 add some health please the mod is so great but how to open sliding doors?? Icant open

  38. ThisJobYT says:

    For some apparent reason, when I load the Addon on 1.13.1, the Addon just crashes my game! But when I load the Addon on 1.14 however, it didn’t. FIX THIS NOW, BENDY!!!!!

  39. Angious2004 says:

    Suggestions: Make SCP-073 “Cain” and SCP-323 Wendigo Skull.
    Try making 053’s table invulnerable to wither effect so the particiles can’t be seen.
    Make 012 pull you to the block beneath it beacuse when you’re pulled you end up almost on top of 012 where you can’t see the paper.
    And make a mirror as a custom mob and the red object as a custom item for 093, you use the red object to interact with the mirror and then 093 spawns, or you can make that same thing but both the player and 093 get teleported to a custom structure like Julius’ Pocket Dimension but instead being a big flatland space where more instances of 093 spawn.
    Finally make 053’s table, chair and PC breakable with the barrier if they aren’t already, thanks.

  40. G0ldenD3mon says:

    Hello, i really love this addon but i have problems using it, Im on an “Android Huwei LDN – L21” and everytime i open my Inventory in “Creative” or “Survival” My whole game Crashes 🙁 Please fix that Glitch so i can start my own survival Series 🙂

  41. Nortron says:

    Umm, okay I was building my foundation after getting this mod and when I went outside, I just saw 3199 everywhere and the lag was real….. How do I not make them spawn naturally?

  42. Norton says:

    Ummm, okay I was very excited for this add on and after getting it, I went straight to building my own foundation….but when I got outside, the entire area was covered in 3199,I know they spawn naturally but like… The amount of lag is unreal

  43. Mat90789 says:

    Cool addon but Bendy can you fix the addon because whenever I join the game it would just crash and the screen would turn black .

  44. Daniil says:

    I can’t download it it’s saying that I need turn on Expremental gameplay but I did it

  45. Anonymous says:

    Will there be a better keycard system? also does the teddy bear always spawn in the facility?
    Ps thanks for the best you can show us

  46. noah piontek says:

    I cannot download. when I press ‘mcaddon file’ it send me to an ad, when I press on skip add it just says “couldn’t find page” please fix the download link.

  47. Megalodon says:

    Please fix the doors and i really love the mid i can’t open the doors please fux it

  48. ZWH MM says:

    Facility summon commands are not working

  49. Clark kent says:

    Isn’t friendly fire from NTF,Guards and Chaos removed? If so maybe it’s a bug or you didnt actually removed it, last time I check on the trailer that you made (the new and cool one) the NTFs does not seem to kill or even damage one of their squad members but mine weeeellllll it still bothers me that they still kill their OWN teammates but hey ╮(─▽─)╭ the update was amazing 👍

  50. Isuee says:

    There thing wrong i cant Go into Map i Put in
    Is just kick me out.

    • Think_of_a_name says:

      There Are Isuee That i can t Go into map I put Mod in Is turn black and everything gone to menu Please the bug also maybe add
      Serpent’s hand
      That al i can think of :/

  51. EMJ says:

    Great add-on worked as expected until I turned on experimental mode in which it kept crashing even in worlds without experimental mode please help

  52. NopeHere says:


  53. Nightdraw says:

    The addon didn’t work, it only crash the game and close it inmediatly

  54. Amenwithtalk says:

    Bendy can you put it on mediafire the scp addon

  55. Hey Bendy, did you have permission from JuliusScizzor to use some of his files, code, and models?
    If you didn’t, you do realize you could get your account suspended for that, right?

    Overall, pretty cool, but kind of buggy/laggy. I’m not all that into SCP, but if you and Julius worked together you could definitely make the best possible SCP mod for any Minecraft platform! Just a suggestion…

  56. Joshua Gaming says:

    How to use the door rotater

  57. Nightdraw says:

    I loved the first part of the addon, but now every time I install it in some world, the game closes and does not load the world, there is some solution for that, because I want to use it but I can not

  58. Pac-Man says:

    Will the bugs be fixed cause when i spawn the facility doors teleport all over the place and scp 096 only stays still when he’s in his killing mode

  59. Bryan says:

    Hey how come I can’t open the containment doors and how do I use the door rotator. Other then that love the mod

  60. Monster gaming says:

    Awesome your to close in lockdown mod

  61. Juden says:

    It’s not working it just crashes my game as soon as I join

  62. Bryan36 says:


  63. ian bates says:

    witch file goes where?

  64. ThisJobYT says:

    I have a lot of stuff to go through in this Addon. First off, SINCE WHEN DOES SCP-096 JUMP TO ITS PREY, FAM?! I know that’s great and all, but I can assure you that SCP-096.. doesn’t do that in game!! Second off, SCP-1762-2 isn’t supposed to fly high into the sky, so high up, that they just fly out of bounds! Third off, SCP-173 can sometimes still budge when you hit it…. and lastly, the Chaos Insurgency gunshots.. are just going bananas..

  65. frost redstone vn says:

    Thx You 😀

  66. Angious2004 says:

    Bugs: You still have resistance effect even if you quit hazmat suit, 096 breaks blocks even if not enraged, 1000 attacks neutral mobs, 1316 doesn’t work, 1762 doesn’t stop opening and spawning the dragons once you hit it only one time, add something to destroy doors pc and chair.

  67. Akaalvir Grewal says:

    Yo can you make a beast bendy addon?

  68. Duncan says:

    Is there any way to contain scp-106? I used to have him contained but with the new update he can breach all ways I can think of containing him.

  69. BraydTheIceGod says:

    I love the Addon update, but I’m not able to spawn the facility.

  70. 001 says:

    Can you put this addon in mcaddons app?

  71. Anonymous says:

    Bendy estaría padre agregar al scp 3166 y 372,

  72. Angious2004 says:

    You always surprise me, you improved the addon a lot, make SCP-323 The Wendigo Skull.

  73. Landerboss says:

    Bendy did you fix the problem where whenever someone joins and ever leave the game when I’m the host it will crash my game and everyone will have to leave in this update? And also could you please add the quiet place monster from a quiet place thx keep up the great work.

  74. Gripss says:

    Hey bendy just tried out your addon its great but the commands don’t work. Cant get door rotate or anything via commands. If you fixed this would help much.

  75. Gripss says:

    Thanks so much Bendy! I’ve been waiting and waiting it looks epic!

    5 stars before I even play it!

  76. Dj says:

    A ad showed up as a notification and it shows something that I don’t like to see but adults love to see it somtimes. If there’s anyway for you to block the ads or something else then please do that. I know its not your fault

    • Your local bug reporter says:

      did you click allow on the download pages, your not supposed to hit allow, it will download even if you dont hit allow

  77. AshTheSmite says:

    When the Next Update Comes,Can You Please Add SCP-178,SCP-354 and SCP-610 for Suggestions.Also,I Really Liked the Update😁👌🏻

  78. Anonymous says:

    When I trapped 3199 in the water they just drowned. Are they supposed to do that?

  79. Scp says:

    Updates came out very cool, you met my expectations. Please add in the next update, new mobile and groups and agents.

  80. Rulerofdragons3 says:

    Hey Hey, It’s me! I just wanted to thank you for including SCP:458 in your Add-on (It’s one of my favorites). Thank you again and keep up the good work!

  81. Jan Ivan Kristoff Aquino says:

    Is not working on me, pls help me!!!
    Because when i open the inventory it crash minecraft pe. Pls help, i open the expariment mode, i have 1.13 version but it crash the game when i open the inventory

  82. [REDACTED] says:

    I’m just saying you should colab with JULIUSSCIZZOR on the scp addon to make it into a complete on but that’s just me

  83. Clark kent says:

    Yo when is the update gonna come out?

  84. Mourad says:

    Good Addon

  85. Clark says:

    When is the update gonna be released?

  86. SCP says:

    Hi, Bendy can you please add more SCPs, Costume Blocks, Light containment door and heavy containment door, let you see when you gonna blink and make 096 walk more and not get enraged when you hit him.

  87. Mourad says:

    Nice update 👍

  88. Snowfluff10 says:

    You should add scp-1471 and Dr.kain thank you and plz find stress over this

  89. Bryan36 says:

    I love you addon but SCP-173 is bugged three 3 time in five 5 time and add more SCP like scp-242 the coffee machine and add SCP-035 as a item and a mob when a player put the scp-035 mask in the head slot i receive a wither effect for 4 minute and the mob is a D-class with the mask or a scientist with the mask and attack all human mob and villager but dont attack the scp and have the same health point of scp-049 please add this

  90. HaloTheBoi says:

    (Also, great addon btw)

  91. Rulerofdragons3 says:

    So Yeah, Scp 173 and Scp 053 Are busted. So an update would be very appreciated. 🙂

  92. Popetastic001 says:

    Make an scp 3008 map and Addon

  93. Kevin says:

    I love this mod!!! I would have gave it a 5 star but the old man’s trail doesn’t work for me… Also, I can’t seem to be able to get SCP-500. Plz reply on how I can make it work. Also, add more scps, maybe keycard and keycard readers, maybe more. Thx

  94. YEETEDDDD says:


  95. READ ME says:

    May I please recommend the burning boi and more SCP items, also, sometimes when I try to break or place blocks, it won’t let me? This is only temporary but it can be really annoying sometimes, so please fix it if possible, I’m guessing this is caused by the player accidentally hitting the look entity and it colliding with its hit box before the player can break the block or place the block, never the less, its really annoying so can you fix it if possible? Much thank.

  96. Wyatt says:

    Guys! I’m on the fox update and it ALL WORKS!!! 😃😂🤣

  97. Илья Федукин says:

    Аддон крутой! Только плиз обновите до 1.14 версии майнкрафта и добавьте чёрного волка!

  98. Logan.u says:

    It’s great but you should add keycards and blocks that you insert the key cards in 1-5 key card levels


    Uh scp 173 is broken because the new update?
    The scp 173 keep moving very fast without the eye contact function.And also use a entity that can be a gate.but can you add new scp. Pls? I’ll tell you cya

  100. Bryan says:

    I think this is fun I think you should add some guns and Scp guard or mtf armor for the player just for better experience. Also can you add 811, 073 076, 035 I appreciate if you took time to read this

  101. FreeFree says:

    This Seems Very Good And Cool! But I Play Java Instead. So I’m Giving Three Stars. Also, i Wanted To Know If You Could Maybe Turn This Into A Mod? I Can Wait If You Need Time To Change It. And If Not Then Do You Know Any Mods Like It That’s Not SCP Lock Down? Just Asking.

    • Husky says:

      So chief lemme get this straight. Your on MCPE DL, A MCPE Site for users to share their great mods, maps, skins on POCKET EDITON. Just needed to say that.

    • Anonymous says:

      you do realize the models in this addon are BASED on SCP Lockdown? the 106 skin is the same, the 173 model is similar, the 096 textures are similar but the model is different.

    • Ben h the best says:

      Free free you do not play on Java you play bedrock instead and it’s not a mod it’s a addon not a mods mods are not avalible on bedrock

  102. SCP SPC SC SC SCP 173 says:

    I tried to install the mod but it didnt work so ive been building this scp map ive tried sooooo many times can you add a zip file bc thats y i cant install it..
    Keykard reader
    New blocks
    Mayby a new model for scp 096
    A block 106 cant go through
    A proper scp mad[wth map download]
    Mayby 002 as a structure
    Buildings you can spawn and naturly spawn possibly
    Over all from what ive seen it seems REALY REALY good ive been waiting for ever for a scp mod on mcpedl bendythedemon18 keep up the amazing work

  103. Nizar says:

    Pls add vehicle gun scp containment doors can used by keycard too add keycard omega war heads and julius scizzors plz update quickly

  104. Custom blocks and some armour also two more scps plz? says:

    Hey bendy can u add two scps “mostly a allosaurus” and “the blood red pool” also make some custom blocks and a helmet and vest also I subbed to ur channel

  105. Anonymous says:

    Can you make this mod like scp lockdown with slideing doors keycards desk computers mirroir glass scp armor and more scp like scp lockdown if so i would like to make a series

  106. Husky says:

    Bruh this mod is GODLY, All it needs now is keycard Scanners, Bendy Is a legend

  107. William Risse says:

    Hey big chungus where do I find the link to copypaste the download

  108. Scp says:

    Pzh, add this to your beautiful mod: 1) lncrease hp scp 049 from 100 to 500. 2) lncrease damage scp 106 ot 5 to 20, or at least 10. 3) Add agents. 4) Add more scp add weapons. L am subscribed to your channel please reply.

  109. Gabriel says:

    there is a bug with me in which my character does not blink so when I put the scp 173 it is running in very fast circles

  110. James says:

    Is there any why to get the gun?

  111. Prestonplays says:

    Guys this mod is so cool!

  112. Anonymous says:

    Can you add everythings thats inside SCP Lockdown mod?

  113. Tyller says:

    TO KEEP THE GAURDS STILL, USE SLABS SO THEY CAN FIRE and I also like to trap the scps with slabs and spawn a million ntf mainly using scp 682 and watch the fire and spawn in more and watch the friendly fire

  114. Ambrocio cancio soriano says:

    SCP List/SCP 001 SCP 3122 SCP 9774 SCP 765 SCP 3199 SCP 513 LOOK1 LOOK2 LOOK36 SCP ttre SCP 911 SCP 908 SCP 2132 SCP 6712 SCP 999 SCP 990 SCP 919

  115. Ambrocio cancio soriano says:

    The mod is soooo amazing, i can barely even touch it but no

  116. Justaverage says:

    Bug: So I used an entity tracer to verify this and the entity.look1:name, which I assume is what makes the blinking for 173 function, can activate pressure plates from afar. So if you’re looking down a hallway and moving towards a pressure plated door, the look entity causes the door to open, regardless of the fact theres no player nearby. It also emits the white death smoke particles quite frequently which I was scratching my head trying to figure out until I verified this.

  117. OP says:

    Dang 173 dummy thicc

  118. num1sur says:

    my game gets constant spam of a command message. i don’t know how to stop it.

  119. Yeet says:

    Can you add King Fernando and The Gas Mask

  120. Gamebreaker says:

    Could you add a block that scp 106 can’t pass through

  121. Sdo638 says:

    Ay un error en el scp019 al ponerlo en la mano te saca del juego arregle el error pls

  122. Miguel says:

    Can you make a map for this also thanks for the direct link

  123. Fanat SCP says:

    If you have been to 18 times come.
    I can only work when E.RJ is turned off. and only in an infinite world. Exp. disconnect. Other mods do not work (((

  124. Julieju says:

    Please make godzilla addon with costume animation costume texture costume sounds

  125. Boss ender282 says:

    Keep getting rendering error

  126. ThugNugget says:

    Keep getting an errors for missing textures

  127. alex says:

    HOW TO GET THE TEXTURE PACK used in the nine tailed fox image i want the doors and iron bars!!!
    but i love it!!!

  128. GUNTER says:

    I cant get scp-500

    • Like good add-ons says:

      Can you please make a stranger things add-on with monsters like the Demogorgon,mind flayer, demodogs,and that weird flesh hospital monster, ECT…

      • Like good add-ons says:

        oh and also could you add the upside down dimension if possible i would really appreciate if you did since there are not many good stranger things add-ons by the way love your add-on i always use it on my private map

      • Like good add-ons says:

        could you also maybe add the upside down dimension im not saying you have to do it i just think there are not that many good stranger things add-ons out there also love your addons i think they are amazing

    • BUBA says:

      Turn on experimental gameplay 🙂

  129. Garrett says:

    I installed this on my iPhone, put the two files in resource packs and behavior packs, turned on experimental gameplay, but then uploaded the world to a realm that my friends and I play on. When we go around our world now, there are a bunch of random white puffs of particles constantly appearing. Our difficulty is on normal, and nothing is spawning during the night. I don’t know the mechanics for the spawning, but I’d assume they would appear ya know? Also, I went in creative and spawned the mobs, and they spawn fine and work as intended. Why aren’t they spawning on our realm survival world?

  130. Helpmeh says:

    Is this for iOS if it is, how do I download?

  131. Minigamebuild says:

    Im seeing persistent smoke particles/ death particles every few seconds even when no scps exist or are nearby any way to fix/stop this?

  132. Sse says:

    Can you make its so scp 096 and 682 naturally regenerate there health please?(as they have that ability in the wiki) maybe like as fast as having regeneration 3 (you do this by giving you the regeneration effect and putting 2 for its power) and 682 regular regeneration 2. P.S Great Addon!

  133. DARK_HARD.EXE says:

    hello bendy i have some characters for your addon
    new SCP
    .scp 001 (the angel)
    .scp 008
    .scp 079
    .scp 087-B
    .scp 035
    .scp 093
    .scp 178
    .scp 1499
    .scp 4335
    .scp 3199
    .scp 1471
    .scp 966
    .scp 280
    .scp 457
    .scp 513
    I hope you enjoy 😉

  134. Man82384LOL says:

    Bendy you can make sammy addon??????? I DARE YOU

    (its a request for bendyTheDemon)

  135. Cayden says:

    How do you download this mod

  136. Anonymous says:

    Amazing, easily one of the best mods on here. Direct link for xbox is just icing on the cake.

  137. Code rezzy says:

    Great mod buddy really enjoy it on Xbox

  138. William risse says:

    All it says when i click the download button on mediafire is, it is downloaded as a file so how excactly do i import it into minecraft….. i also tried the long boring endless copypasting process that did not work either… so how do we install this…..

    • Big Chungus says:

      Hello [USER: William risse] try downloading documents my readdle on via the App Store so when you download the file, copy it to the app and to the downloads then go into the app and click on the file and open it from there, it works like that now.

  139. Stephen says:

    Plz add keycards

  140. William risse says:

    How do you install this i tried installing this the normal xbox 1 way it didn’t work i tried installing it your way that didn’t work either i spent six hours trying to install it.. but other than that it looks amazing

  141. Левый чел says:

    Здравствуй Бенди, твой аддон крутой но нужны исправления 173 потому что не возможно играть с ним он вечно на меня на кладывает эти еффекты сделай двери и блоки SCP делай старику кармане измерение и сделай так чтобы scp 096 не открывал новые двери и не ломал когда сидит

  142. Wigglersfan says:

    I think you should add SCP-3199 http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-3199

  143. Jakob says:

    What’s the texture used for the map in the trailer?


    this addon is almost exactly the SCP: LOCKDOWN mod on java!!!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH and also can you make it so when the guards or npc’s look at scp-173 it wont move

  145. Scp-096 says:

    Awesome work on me!😃 but if scp-173 was her as a baby in the add-on she should go crazy and see if she actually has a baby soooo fix that or if you want to keep it on its fine with me.😮

  146. Might a (Queen of the Monster's) says:

    Wait also add BigFoot (Scp-1000)😕

  147. Might a (Queen of the Monster's) says:

    I love The tickle monster (Scp-999) it’s so cute😆

  148. idea giver mcpedl says:

    New Ideas for your scp addon:

    -scp 106 can go underground if the target is far away at him.
    -scp 939 can only attack you if you make a step near him
    -scp 1048-b can summon hands on his back if he is angry or gets hit
    -scp 999 can also cuddle hostile scp`s and making them calm
    -keycards , scp doors, and keyslots and buttons should be added
    -scp 053 can also calm scp 682 making her befriend it.

    thats all hoping this might give you ideas

  149. hey scp 106 can go through any block i kid of want it so he cant go through bedrock or something but other than that the addon is good! and 106 will only go through blocks if he is chasing a mob so you dont really need to change scp 106 hes pret says:

    hey scp 106 can go through any block i kid of want it so he cant go through bedrock or something but other than that the addon is good! and 106 will only go through blocks if he is chasing a mob so you dont really need to change scp 106 hes pretty much fine

  150. Dr. James says:

    How about some scps I suggest you add if ya want,{ACSESSING FILE…… ACSESS GRANTED}:scp 131,001 (Gate guardian),scp 001 (the prototype),and maybe the {dr. James,please don’t mention that in your suggestions,we don’t want the {dr. Jeff no} to breach….
    Once Again……

  151. Jared Yvarra says:

    No offense but can you make the scp 682 look like the one from the game? I would really like it and possibly make opt have loud footsteps

  152. Scp-666-TH says:

    Can you make scp-093

  153. Saro says:

    Potete mettere scp 4335?

  154. Isac says:

    Pls make when SCP-999s near SCP-682. Becuse then he don’t want attack others. Some Ideas for the addon: SCP-457, SCP-1000 and SCP-008 (Make the gas thing, when near it, you/humons Will get infected (players zombie, humons SCP-049-2))

  155. Wrekerz 6 says:

    Hello Could you change the 096 skin to an scp lockdown mod scp 096 skin pls

  156. EvanDCM says:

    Hey the chaos insurancy looks like the og ntf dudes.

  157. SCPlz says:

    My SCP’s are being killed by look1 and look2, can you remove these plz.

  158. Enderghost9736 says:


  159. Bendy the Demond18 is very cool says:

    Bendy can you mabby add the scarlet king if you want or scp 3000 or scp100000 and if you add scp 3000 mabby that can be a boss if you want or the scarlet king can be a boss if you want to add these scp btw nice scp addon keep it up

  160. SCP-Fan says:

    Bendy Please Comment If You Are Gonna Add SCP-548 In The Future It’s because from the lockdown mod It Will Kill You And You Cannot Walk If You’re hit you cannot be able to run around anymore. Also! Great Mod Love It And Im Making An SCP Map Out Of It Please More Updates!

  161. Angious2004 says:

    Make SCP-073 and SCP-076-2, Cain and Able pls.

  162. BOBTHEBUILDER says:

    hey just saying if you add scp-035 i want him to be kind of like the guards so he will not attack you if he is in danger. like in containment breach were he helps you

  163. GripssPlayz says:

    First off…BEST. MOD. EVER. PERIOD.
    OKAY, on to the questions.
    What is the map used in the trailer? It looks awesome.
    Also, you should make a gun firing sound for the NTF, SCP Guard and Chaos.
    Once again..REALLY GREAT MOD

    • GripssPlayz says:

      Also make the guards not run away to optimal range while battling enemy SCP.
      Like they are guarding a passage way, then a SCP comes in, they go NUTS and run around till optimal range to attack. Maybe they should just stand and fire. It would save em a lot of energy (And maybe even their life)

  164. Angious2004 says:

    Can you add the guns that the guards, NTF and Chaos Insurgency use as custom items for the players to use like in the Actual Guns addon?

  165. Anonymous says:

    hey thx for making the Addon I rlly love it but I wish you add example keycards,keycard scanners,new blocks and so on and maybe the clockworks machine pls and thank you

  166. emoji2323 says:

    I already downloaded it but I don’t know how to put it, can you help me?

  167. Caden says:

    Can you add key card doors and make it so you can command guards

  168. Anonymous says:

    What about SCP-3199?

  169. Errorbrine says:

    I love this addon but Can you fix SCP 173, when Players not looks at him that he should attack the Players Not just move, and fix scp 019 A there bug when hold it plz, tnx for read it

  170. Anonymous says:

    Really good addon

  171. ChiliB0Y says:

    Idea for the SCP Addons. SCP-035, SCP-023, SCP-548, SCP-178, SCP -553

  172. ChiliB0Y says:

    Can you please not make SCP kill each other SCP 682 is fine but SCP 096 Kills anytime even other SCPs can that little girl to stop hurting the other SCP please

  173. DARCKGUARD says:

    seria grandioso que en vez de respawnearlos que aparescan en la noche y el dia tambien y que los scp mas el -097 que se puedan matar y no sean inmortales

  174. Yeye says:

    Can you please add a direct link for xbox for the newest version of the addon

  175. Doctor Who Fan says:

    Excuse me but i am a Doctor Who Fan, so i was wondering if you could make a doctor who Weeping Angel Mod for android if you do not know what the Weeping angels are they are angel statue that made of stone when you look at, but when you blink or look away it moves closer and then when it touches you, you will either get telepoeted in the middle of no where or they snap your neck. Thank you so much!!!

    • Doctor Who Fan says:

      P.s the Weeping Angel cannot move when looked by their own species or by any living thing. This weeping angel acts and behaves just like SCP-173

  176. ME says:


  177. Husky says:

    Hi there, I was just wondering if SCP 457 Will be added in the forseeable future?

  178. Drewpyrus says:

    Hey bendythedemon18 the pot keeps messing up my game plz fix it and I love all the zombis thany your an awesome mod creator

  179. Starius says:

    Do I have your permission to make a map for this add-on?

    • yes you can as long as you credit me

    • Avery Cooper says:

      I love the addon but can you please add these scp’s and please please add these 2 add scp 023 and is a black wolf with red eyes that goes through matter and if you make direct eye contact with it you will die in one year and scp 538 are shadow spiders literally they are shadows of a unknown tarantula species and are neutral unless hurt or agitated and if they bite you after sometime you die and your shadow becomes more of them if they kill you The same only instant. Scp 017 is a shadow that is 3ft tall and looks like a small child but if the shadow of anything comes in contact with it (blocks items entity’s etc.) it will shroud over it basically deleting it from existence. Scp 513 and 513-1 scp 513 is a cowbell and when ringed anyone who hears it will see scp 513-1 who goes out of sight when looked at and attacks them in there sleep. Scp 966 is invisible unless they have night-vision goggles or night-vision potion and shoot a sonic beam that if makes contact with subject they can not sleep at all and ofter some time they will attack. Scp 372 basically runs so fast that if you see it it is only it’s back legs and will attack rarely and look’s like a green many legged lizard. If you add these scp’s then I will be very very very happy but is still very great Better then some mod’s Also add scp 280 a shadow thing that teleport’s and try’s to kill al humans in sight.

  180. Kamarul kamarul says:

    I want you add to mcpe add-on pls I want it mcpedl said something went wrong I need the add-on for my SCP FACILITY map

  181. Dinoking2007 says:

    Plz make big foot and red pool and

  182. Anonymous says:

    Can you add the magnetic block or keycards?

  183. 3 Things says:

    1. I need to know, do all the SCPs have a rare chance of spawning? Because when I got the addon, two 096s spawned right in front of me when I was exploring a world with the addon on. 2. Here’s some SCPs I think should definitely be added in the next update: 1499 (The Gas Mask, that would probably be difficult…) 006 (Fountain of Youth), 087 (The Neverending Staircase, With SCP-087-b) 035 (The Mask), 1471 (MalO ver 1.0.0), 3199 (Humans, Refuted), 3000 (Ananteshesha) & one of the decoy SCP 001s. 3. I frickin’ love this addon!!! Please keep adding more to this, as an SCP fan I really love what you’ve done with it 😀

  184. Alex says:

    It will not work the download just gives me another download button and then that does not work

  185. Godzilla playz says:

    Dude I love this addon and mabby can you add scp3000 or the scarlet king mabby if you want to or if it’s easy for you good job best addon ever keep up the good work 👍

  186. big niqqa says:

    make scp 035 which gives you withering (similar to 049 code) and scp 076-1 (stone cube) and 076-2 (able)

  187. Sneaky Animator says:


  188. SmileyCookie414 says:

    I’m on Xbox One and I downloaded this,but most of the scps and addons are gone. The only ones are 053,049,173,939,682..Please fix this. I’m on V1.12.1 and I put it on experimental mode plus without it

  189. Raven_Of_Carnage says:

    I downloaded this mod, and it’s amazing, but I have a problem with using SCP-019. Each time i have it in my hand the game bugs out until i switch items or the game kicks me out. Could you please fix this?

  190. Unknow says:

    Add SCP-035,SCP-087,SCP-087-1 and SCP-001

  191. Muddy says:

    Mediafire link pls for us xbox players

  192. Anonymous says:

    I like this Add-on but I really want to have some Scp foundation blocks or texture packs

  193. Francis says:

    Ok this Is epic and need to be updated

  194. Dolphin says:

    I love your addon! Can you add more SCPs? Like scp-035,966,610 and other. I will like it!

  195. Trainpersonlol98 says:

    I cant seem to get past ad.fly, i keep getting a ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED.

  196. AidanPGames says:

    I love this Addon, however there are a few other things in need of improvement, the guards NTF and chaos insurgency run away from everything, they don’t do their job right, they need to stay and attack and only run if they are low health or the situation is too dangerous, also SCP 173 makes only one sound

  197. AidanPGames says:

    I love this Addon, I’ve been wanting something like this for so long, only downside I’ve seen is the noise 173 makes, the shrill whistle gets on my nerves after a while, maybe at more of the varying sounds from the different games, other than that, this Addon is perfect!!

  198. SCP GAMER says:

    Can u Ade like guns?
    Bye good job for ur addon,is Amazing!

  199. Plume says:

    Please add scp 087 and 087-1

  200. Salamonio says:

    Every time I try to import it to Minecraft it just says “unable to download, invalid zip archive” please fix this because I really want this mod, I’m not the only person with this problem.

  201. TheBlueFire3467 says:

    Every update, it gets better.

  202. Anonymous says:

    Come on, i can’t download it from that link!

  203. Timbronkhorst says:

    I want give scp500 but it says its an error

  204. Josh says:

    If I got the poison effect and eat the SCP-500, I can’t eat it. Fix it!

  205. aaa says:

    I can’t download the addon. I need help

  206. Who's Joe? says:

    Can you add the 3d glasses scp I’d love to see how that mechanic works cause I’m also enjoying your addon by trolling my friends cause they have no idea what scp is

  207. d00ds says:

    I can’t download it. i need help

  208. d0oo0d says:

    i keep getting a connection aborted, can you send me a direct link or try to help me?

  209. Anonymous says:

    Can we get a Mediafire link? For us xbox folk.

    • Like good add-ons says:

      Hey can you make a stranger things add-on next with the monster like the Demogorgon,mind flayer,demodogs,weird flesh hospital monster,ECT…

  210. Dark Samus says:

    Do you think you could add SCP-1499? It would be awesome and would add more depth to the addon. Though adding a dimension may be a bit tricky.

  211. ????? says:

    Make it so you can put a bag on 096 head so he doesn’t get triggered

  212. James says:

    Can you make it a direct mediafire link ad.fly doesnt work on xbox
    Other than that looks pretty awesome

  213. Obama says:

    Hey can you change the Sprites for 049-2? Give them a kind of grayish zombie look to make them look better (this is just a suggestion but I’ll be thankful if you change this thanks love the addon your talented!)

  214. Steve Sancillo says:

    Do the scp’s spawn naturally???

  215. Bugs Bunny says:

    Can You PLZ add a Mediafire link so i could download on xbox too

  216. Anonymous says:

    Are you sure SCP-682 1000000 hp? When I tried to kill it, it took about 130^254*30 hp points to kill it.

  217. Angious2004 says:

    Make SCP-178, 035 (you can equip with it D-Class, Guards, Scientists, NTF…), 513, 079, 895, 330, 553, 131, 3456 and 3199. Also you could make 173 spawn as a variation with the SCP CB Unity Remake model.

  218. Angious2004 says:

    Man, you’re incredible, this is the best addon I’ve ever seen!
    But you should do these:
    Make 682 become smaller as it takes damage until its so small that it can’t attack any mob, and grow bigger after it has passed a time, regaining the ability to attack other mobs.
    Change 173’s texture.
    Make 096 only able to break blocks on its enraged mode.

  219. Yutib78 says:

    Bendy, I have a problem, when I’m going to install the add-on in downloads I get download here support the creator and I give it to that, but then I go to other websites, can you make another link for ipad? or more secure links? please thanks!

  220. Yutib78 says:

    I can’t download it because when I go to downloads I get download support from it
    creator, but where is the add on? I need help 😢

  221. Anonymous says:

    It’s not letting me download it because of the adfly thing. When ever I skip it it bring me to a different website.

  222. Xx Ultimate gamer 506 xX says:

    I don’t have the old version of this addon but it doesn’t have the new SCPs can you fix this?

  223. AldinCraft says:

    I can’t see the download button

  224. Fnaf_universe says:

    Good job maybe u can make my mod fnaf universe and they Will be happy i already quit i gave my mod to my friend hes owner now so maybe go make my mod

  225. Art says:

    Okay say why is there an ugly beanos creature here? He’s uglier than shrek.
    (This is a joke I know it is scp 173)

  226. Sneaky Animator says:

    This addon is the best the animation is so smoother but in the next update like can we use carved pumpkin and wear it so scp 096 wont be able to attack me? (Sorry for my bad english)

  227. Skeleton vanguard says:

    Awesome add-on I like the new stuff but I recommend the gas mask.

  228. The minecrafter 3000” says:

    Please make a dark deception addon for mcpe I am really hyped to make a map with that Addon

  229. Fikar says:

    This adddon nice

  230. Stephen says:

    Plz post this on addons for minecraft

  231. Enderbrine_404 says:

    Can you add SCP-594? (Electric Sheep)

  232. Calum says:

    Can you add scp guard and a scp prisoner?

  233. Chris Gandy says:

    When is the update for the SCP foundation add-on going to be released

  234. Landerboss says:

    Can you Create a quiet place monster addon where its a monster that attacks anything it hears like from a quiet place the horror movie and give it lots and lots of aggro range and it doesnt despawn thx and make sure it can hear you for miles and runs 60 km per hour PLzzz

    • Anonymous says:

      Well there is no Game mechanic in minecraft that a mob could hear a player more like this the beviour should be when you look at it or it sees you it will attack you

    • Harrythemagician13 says:

      Sorry there is no Game mechanic in minecraft that a custom mob could hear you so its impossible

  235. Zachary says:

    Please add SCP 106 and SCP 035
    And give them the same affect they do in the games

  236. Bobbypoppy says:

    So your adding gaurds right. Well if so please make them not shoot Class D because I know your adding those, because I want to make a CDC area but I want it guarded by gaurds so that there will be no riots or anything. Also good addon but SCP-682 keeps getting stuck in small containments.

  237. Mocha Juice says:

    Will other SCPs actually released to this addon or you will make another addon?
    Update the current addon or Make another?

  238. Anonymous says:

    Why dont the link pop up please help me

  239. The_Administrator says:

    Can you make Chaos Insurgency Units? You know those spies always poking around in the Facilities. Thanks

    – Overseer Council, O5 Command

  240. Dyskilz says:

    I don’t like how it constantly blinks even if there is nothing spawned please fix that somehow..

    • Mocha Juice says:

      Oh, I thought I was the only one…
      Yes, actually Player [REDACTED] blinks even though there is no SCP-173 spawned. I think it may be caused by spawning SCP-173 and then killing it by commands and not by using “/function remove” (without the quotations [“])

  241. Anonymous says:

    I love it so far. This is ten times better than the other mods! I can’t wait to see what you have in store!

  242. Dylan says:

    Please get rid of adfly or give me directly send me a download link please. On xbox you cant skip the ad it says “Press Allow” theres nothing to press. Your 096 addon was great and i would love to see this one!

  243. another dude says:

    the adly link works but whenever i click skip ad i get a ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED can you a direct link or atleast send me the new address?

  244. Angious2004 says:

    This truly is the best SCP addon in MCPE, what do you have in mind for it besides D-Class, SCP Guards, NTF, SCP Scientists and SCP-999?

    • another wild dude says:

      whenever i try downloading pas adly it keeps giving me ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED do you know how i can fix this? if not can you contact the creator?

  245. Angious2004 says:

    Add sedative as a custom item and make 939 docile to other mobs if you give them sedatives (It would work like when you give a bone to a dog). Also make them only attack you if you run or if you are very close to them and make them only make sounds from the mob it last killed.

  246. Angious2004 says:

    Make 682 become smaller as it takes damage until he is so small that he can’t attack any mob, but after some time he would grow bigger again regaining the ability to attack other mobs. Also add acid as a custom block (It would work like lava but more powerful). And change his model to make it look like more like in the picture in the document if you see it fit.

  247. Angious2004 says:

    Add the brown substance that 173 lays as a custom entity that after 20 minutes of being summoned by 173 would summon another 173 like in the revised entry. 173 would summon the substance every 20 minutes. Also imrove the model and texture, and fix the bug that makes neutral mobs attack you if you’re 173’s target.

  248. Angious2004 says:

    Make 096 only able to break blocks in his enraged state and add the lower jaw to his calmed model. Also add a custom block that 096 can’t break for containment.

  249. Angious2004 says:

    Make 053 only cause you a heart arrest after 10 seconds in her presence.

  250. Angious2004 says:

    Add lavender as a custom item and make 049 docile to other mobs for a certain period of time if you give it lavender (It would work like when you give a bone to a dog).
    Also make him leashable for containment.

  251. Some dude says:

    Also add the hands in the game like the armless hands, please thank you.

  252. Some dude says:

    Also sorry for not saying the creators name bendy demon but he needs to make his download safe.

  253. Some dude says:

    And bendy, remove the ad f.ly link and make it a media file I trust fire media because I got nothing from it and no notifocations.

  254. Some dude says:

    Because I looked up about it and it shows yes, I saw before I got ad f.ly I though it was a bad website and I was right I yes it has pirate wear and you will get your imformation stolen

  255. Hugo1326 says:

    Hi addon creator, the scp 173 has a problem.
    When scp 173 targeted a mob(villager,player,etc.), any neutral mob around(scp 096, zombie Pigman , etc.) will attack scp 173’s target.

  256. Angious2004 says:

    Can you try making working keycards using functions? Also are you planning to add custom blocks or even structures (Containment Chambers) that generate naturally on the world for the SCPs to spawn in?

  257. Angious2004 says:

    Can you improve the textures and maybe the models for 173 and 682?

  258. Dom says:

    Please make them spawn naturally, or are they rare? Also make some of the mobs killable for us Survival Players, maybe add different ways of killing them

  259. Ken says:

    Also Add SCP-014 The Concrete Man Which Gives You Nausea And Turns You Into Concrete (Heart Attack) Please Add This

  260. ThoseFiveNights24 says:

    Awesome addon! Please update with more scps cause these are really cool! You should add the scp 035 mask and scp 106.

  261. big says:

    add 106 076 280 and 999

  262. Anonymous says:

    This add-on is great! I want more SCP! Please add SCP-457 & SCP-106

  263. MOHAMMED says:

    please add the scp-096 I can’t download the scp-096 addon if you do it I might give you 5 stars

  264. Yeetus says:

    Can you make 682 when he gets hit he gets smaller and when he gets more healthy he gets bigger

  265. Anonymous says:

    I dont have the mod because theres no media fire link but i think 682 should be invincible but shrinks when you hit it

  266. Torcy says:

    La mod verrà aggiornata?

  267. Anonymous says:

    Can you please help me and alot of other people out by making a direct link to media fire thx

  268. Ken says:

    PLEASE ADD.. SCP-250 Most Of An Allosaurus The Skeleton Dinosaur. -Thanks Ken This Is Also An Amazing Addon For My SCP Pocket Edition map.

  269. Lul9098 says:

    Hey, can you add a link that directs to mediafire and not the [intrusive] adfly for us xbox users, thx

    • Kyloshian says:

      Go onto the description of his YouTube video(make sure you use Microsoft Edge not the app) on it and you will see the direct link.

  270. Chris says:

    Great mod!!! I would be nice if you would let me know how you created it as I’m a little new to making addons… But I am good with making models… If you added Evey scp from Containment breach and scp lockdown then you would by far have the best scp mod yo date

  271. Anonymous (106) says:

    Could you make scp 682’s hp atleast 2500 that’s probably still bad but meh

  272. Anonymous (106) says:

    😱Uncle Larry (106) noooooooooooo why,Why you no add my uncle Larry 😭

  273. Sdo638 says:

    Una pregunta para el creador se puede matar al 173 y le dio cinco estrellas

  274. andreiadaza says:

    iit’s so cool

  275. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make a link directly to only mediafire and not adf.ly? thx

  276. Giant_grandma 21 says:

    Could you add the original sounds to scp-939

  277. MrLfmCH says:

    Bendy i News Your help….. when i spawn scp 173, ITS moving even if i dont look away from It And ITS move like iron golem

  278. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I know this horror game is old and all but can you make a tattletail addon? Normal annoying tattletail colors-purple, yellow, blue, green, orange, and red tattletail. Mama tattletail- is two times the size of a normal tattletail. Mama will normally just sit down and you can even play a random music disc in her, however at night this dosent last long she will become terrifying and turn of all lights, teleport, and try to murder you as long as you don’t look at her. Normal tattletail- when walking over tattletail he will ride you like a parrot and start yelling if it’s too dark it will scream. You can feed tattletail any food. Mamas eyes glow in the dark.

  279. FuntimeSlade says:

    I finnaly got a account now and i love this addon

  280. Bruh moment says:

    I think that scp 173 should be smaller, because in scp containment breach he is roughly the same size as the player

  281. Yoav Munaron says:

    Hi,where is the download button

  282. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay bendytheinkdemon18 I would love these fixes and additions please: instead of it blinking right away, why not you have to do /function blink_on and then if you want it back off you type /function blink_off. SCP-173 can only be attacked by pickaxe and has a bit more health. I want 173 to have a better texture. SCP-049 will move a bit faster and have more health. SCP-682 can talk (said in his files). He will say things like,” I WILL DEVOUR YOU!!!” In a deep and Demonic voice. SCP-682 will attack absolutely anything, sometimes I spawn something and it doesn’t attack it. SCP-939 is more quick. SCP-053 will harm anything that gets in her reach. WHY CAN ONLY THE PLAYER HAVE A HEART ATTACK?! they spawn rarely in the world. Last thing SCP-096 addon will be added into this addon. I know this isn’t the right addon but I’ll say it anyways. SCP-096 fix’s: it can’t destroy blocks on its normal mode it can and will obliterate any block on anger mode but not this mode. When staring at 096 it’s audio for that will be extremely loud to make it more terrifying. If a ladder, scaffolding, or water is above 096 it will climb it instead of destroying it to get to you. SCP will be resistant to TNT, endercrystals, creepers, arrows, shulker bullets, tridents, fire balls, potion effects and potions, lava, fire, drowning, suffocation, and fall damage. SCP-096 will devour all you’re items and experience when it slays you or any other of its prey. When 096 is fighting 682 in the middle of the battle 096 and 682 will just stop fighting. Anything without eyes 096 will not attack basically skeletons eyes aren’t there they are just hollowed out.

  283. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I’m only here to make comments on improvements, additions, and other good comments. Please don’t make awful comments on my comments if you really are bothered by me tell me on my comment IN A NICE WAY. No comments like, “you’re comments are litteral garbage you’re just trying to get reputation you idiot!!!” Instead I would be fine if you said if I could tone it down in how long the comments are.

  284. Meep says:

    I want to play the mod but theres no media fire link

  285. Da T boi says:

    I can’t install this mod because its adfly, can you just plain make it into media fire please?

  286. FlavCraft says:

    Is it possible to make containment door/sliding door and key card reader like in SCP CB ?

  287. Flavien says:

    Is it possible to make containment door/ sliding door and key card reader like in SCP CB ?

  288. Map says:

    is it possible to create a map with this addition and publish it on this site

  289. LeonardoDrahon says:


  290. SURVIVOL GAME says:

    scp 173 conflicts with other add-ons and therefore it will not work with the add-on for weapons and scp but I really wanted to play ((

  291. StoneEngineer says:

    Wow… this addon is one of the best. It has features most addons don’t have. Nice job! Oh and BTW, mind adding neutral facility personnel?

  292. Rulerofdragons3 says:

    Love it! I got some ideas: Infinite pizza box and “Take only Two” (I would tell the ID but I completely forgot) Keep up the good work!

  293. Saurina Wolf says:

    502 bad gatevay

  294. Leif Smith says:

    Great mod! Yet it would be cool if there was an option to turn off the blinking. the blink function is also broken and is glitchy. It disables all effects like speed, jump boost, etc. Please improve the mod, thanks. 🙂

  295. Nvm says:

    Can you change it to mediafire?
    Because when i skip, it send me to another Adfly link.

  296. The boi says:

    You are a awesome add-on creator and I love your work but there is on thing can you add the ducks to it and can you please try to make acid for scp-682 thank you.

  297. Galaxywolf says:

    This add-on is great I call it a mod bc it doesn’t replace other mobs. But in your scp-096 his look detection or something is broken and he always attacks

  298. FELZY70 says:

    Bandy! Adfly don’t work in my phone! Pls help me!

  299. GamingWithYassin says:

    Ok, great addon!

    Can you add custom Scps from you’re mind?

    Like an scp called Scp – 094

    Remember, please add my idea to the game?

  300. Ropez Ropez says:

    Hi Bendy I’m The First Commenter

  301. da zorroo says:

    do any of the mobs spawn in naturally in a world?

  302. if SCP-173 bugs out then type this command in the chat: “function remove”

  303. Kyloshian says:

    This is constructive criticism: I know ad fly supports the developer but for us Xbox users can you please give us link that goes directly to mediafire. Please take this comment into consideration as xbox users cant get part the press allow button. I love your work so please help me and a bunch for other gamers out.

  304. Creeper1117 says:

    When you spawned 173 the noise scared me O.O

  305. NeonPlayz says:

    Would love to have more SCPs to be added in this addon.
    Cool add-on too

  306. 2ocust says:

    The mob designs and sounds are amazing! The only problem I have with it is that it creates a white flash that appears every few seconds while on creative mode. If it weren’t for that I would give it 5 stars.

    • ROBO_Head says:

      That’s to indicate blinking, and if you don’t know, that’s used in the original game to balance 173. 173 can move in that fraction of a second of time that’s used to blink.

  307. Crafter man says:

    Can you add mtf

  308. Cornygamerboy says:

    Omgosh You Are soooo Good at making this Can u make a Creeper aww man addon or map

  309. Timbronkhorst says:

    i like the addon but scp-173 keeps running around me

  310. Snowfluff10 says:

    I got some requests you should make 106/999/457/407/
    407 can be a music disk and if you play it the players around should take damage
    I want 682 to be able to break doors and blocks but not all blocks though..
    999 should give the player health back or more health?
    But anyways GREAT MOD! im going to be using this on my map😀

  311. Rijadzillu says:

    I really want to see in the next Uptade. SCP-999, SCP-106, And SCP-457

  312. Harry says:

    Please can I use your scp 049 in a map I’m making? I will credit you on the map.

  313. Otávio says:

    Hey Bendy18 the addon is awesome but it has the same problem “problem” with scp 173 it occasionally teleports close to the victim and that’s a bit weird. There are some scops ideas that are wrong, scp 999 sort of a yellow can be a good scp and will try to “hug” the scp player 106 a scp capable of traversing the attractions try to make sure he can’t get across a block type eg: degree of ferror. Scp 035 a theater mascara that can control who comes close to the mask … NOTE: I use google translator

  314. da zorroo says:

    hey creator do any of the scp mobs spawn naturally in your minecraft world??

  315. HaydenLavarias says:

    Hey can you add the Scp 096 Plsssss

  316. SCPFan says:

    For me 049 doesnt infect the villagers

  317. Unknown says:

    Please make it for Xbox

  318. Anonymous says:

    when you blink you loose potion effects, other than that this mod is amazing and i cant wait for future scp implementations, also your 096 mod is glitched and he doesnt become aggressive when you look at him

  319. Thecoolmate says:


  320. 4rlanHvG0 says:

    Hi! at first i liked the addon but when i used scp 173 it kills me even tho im looking at him i think its a bug please fix it

  321. 1 BeastCat says:


  322. Noah says:

    Awesome addon you should add more scps but other than that this is a really really good add on also I think you should make scp-093 and scp-096

  323. Wigglersfan says:

    I am NO coder whatsoever but may I suggest you fix (what I Think is)173’s function there isnt a problem with it itself but it activates pressure plates when Im several blocks away from it can you fix this?

  324. HitZe says:

    Are they generated naturally? I loved it I tried it in creative and now in a world of survival but I haven’t seen any

  325. Mitar Playz says:

    Its correct

  326. EmeraldMC says:

    Keep up man!

  327. Nikko says:

    Cool add-on but can you please add 096 to the pack?

  328. Terrarian says:

    Addon works as intended and is fun to mess around with. I have one question and suggestion.

    Question: Is this compatible with the SCP-049 Addon?
    Suggestion: 682 can destroy blocks if not submerged in lava/acid

  329. HaiTrieu662006 says:

    This addon is so great Bendy

  330. fert says:

    nice is out now

  331. Anonymous says:

    scp 173 moves while being looked at

  332. Angious2004 says:

    You could also add SCP objects like 178 or 714.

  333. AutoRedNBlue says:

    But 173 is kinda broken even when I look at him he still moves to kill me

  334. Anonymous says:

    Please hire or find someone who can spellcheck and/or grammer check posts in order to reduce reading discomfort

  335. scp 096 says:

    best addon!!!!!!!!!

  336. IvanJamesGtx says:

    Add the SCP stairs, 049 and these old man

  337. Maverick says:

    I really appreciate these types of addons with a lot of effort being put into them, very nice

  338. LeonardoDrahon says:

    Perfect,also add scp 999 is one of best scps ever

  339. Slopplop says:

    This is a great addon. I still think 999 should’ve been in it

  340. DragonSlayer9000 says:

    Pls make Scp 999 Scp 1048 Scp 106 and Scp 009

  341. Wigglersfan says:

    This is LITERALLY THE BEST SCP mod the models, the sounds, 049 singing… It is PERFECT. The only thing I would like to recommend is to make it only blink when you see 173. Aside from that it is PERFECT. 5/5 stars!

  342. Caiden Leach says:

    Make it so SCP 049 makes a player a zombie when they die and please add more SCP’s THIS IS AWSOME ALREADY

  343. DydyZ1 says:

    Hey after the skip ad, can you make it on mediafire?
    Also nice addon, i’ll like to play it 😀

  344. DydyZ1 says:

    Hey after the skip ad, can you make it on mediafire?
    Also nice addon, i’ll like to play it 😀

  345. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay Bendytheinkdemon18 I have a few suggestions for the SCPs you have already in this. When slain by SCP-049 a zombie will appear we’re you were. SCP-049 will spawn extremely rarely in strongholds. SCP-173 will make the neck snapping sound when it kills something. SCP-173 will spawn extremely rarely in underground Mesa biomes at night. SCP-513 will spawn only in woodland mansion jail cells. SCP-939 spawns in packs and will spawn in Mesa biomes rarely. SCP-682 is currently going to not spawn since of how much extreme power and immortality it has.

  346. Add more says:

    Add more scps Plz!!! This addon look epic

  347. Cats & Croissants says:

    How do you download? i have been meaning to download this add-on but i have not found an actual download link yet, please fix.

  348. The boi says:

    Can you add acid for scp 682.

  349. ABoi says:

    Can you make this downloadable from Mediafire??

  350. NotGG Steamer 1 says:

    First comment yay!!! This is awesome!!!!

  351. DragonSlayer9000 says:

    I Like your Vids

  352. Jayden says:

    Hi I like you Addons

  353. AutoRedNBlue says:

    Great addon! You should add some more scps like 106 😀

  354. Unkdown says:

    Ad.fly Link Not Works Put In Mediafire

  355. ALEX says:

    amazing addon but this works with the scp 096 addon?

  356. Man says:

    Its a amazing addon but there’s one problem. The blinking mechanic is so annoying and If there is a way to get rid of it then this would earn a 5 star.

  357. Monkee1963 says:

    I love it! 5 stars

  358. Trapsuki says:

    Does it work alongside your SCP-096 mod?

  359. I love mc says:

    When uptade this mod, add Scp 079, Scp 106 and scp 096

    • Anonymous says:

      096 is a separate addon he already made.

      • XxxWolf_DeathxxX says:

        This mod is cool and awesome and much harder in my friend I invite them and they said they look like a real SCP so I would like to say……..5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S SO SPECIAL THIS SUPPOSED TO BE POST IN YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!

  360. Crazetoffer says:

    Eyy bendy I’ve got a question.. if i play on survival mode do i need to spawn them manually or they spawn naturally..??? 🙁😕

    • NO sorry they are too powerful to be able to spawn naturally

      • hey just saying btw but mabye you could make stuff like randomly generated structures of sites that have been breached i think you can do stuff like that now... and make the scp's spawn in there if possible so they can spawn naturally just only says:

        hey just saying btw but mabye you could make stuff like randomly generated structures of sites that have been breached i think you can do stuff like that now… and make the scp’s spawn in there if possible so they can spawn naturally just only in the sites… and mabye make like mini cages or something to transport certain scp’s or make them leadable

  361. Harry says:

    Hi I love scp this is amazing I think it would be cool if there were more scp’s in the future but I think that you should add things like key cards and hazmat suits, or maybe even add documents and files and make this like the scp lockdown mod. If you add any more scp’s please can you add 106 “The Old Man” and make him send you to his pocket dimension? That’s all. 😆

  362. crazetoffer says:

    Cool and great add-on working on android device.. nxt update plss add the shy guy.. 😁😄👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🙏🏽

  363. Creeper awww man says:

    Holy wow this is the best scp Addon I’ve ever used thanks for giving us this

  364. Hugo says:

    Oh yessss I was waiting for it thank you so much

  365. Onetics says:

    I love the mod because I’m currently building an actual SCP Facility. But here is some criticism.

    1) I’m having a problem especially the blinking feature. I think it’s a bad feature because I rather because I rather have the player looking away than blinking. Also it is quite annoying when your screen suddenly turns pitch black.

    2) I know this is not the correct place but please change SCP-096 behaviour that he will not destroy blocks while he is passive. In rage mode however, I agree that he can destroy block. The problem is that I’m having trouble containing him. He keeps destroying everything eventhough he’s not in rage mode. He’s a Keter Class SCP now.

    That’s all I have and now some SCP suggestion. SCP-106 where when he touch you will be teleported to a new dimension(his maze).

  366. Anonymous says:

    Your mods always look cool but without a reliable link like mediafire, i just can’t download it, i beg you put a mediafire link for us console users

  367. ImpulseRana52 says:

    I was the first one to download this add-on!

  368. Crafter man says:

    Nice addon!

  369. FuntimeSlade says:

    awesome i like this you did it finally!

  370. Derren says:

    That cool!!!

  371. Teren says:

    If i could get it without adfly

  372. Angious2004 says:

    Yes, finally! This is the best SCP addon I have seen, here there are my suggestions:
    Make SCP-049 as fast as a Vindicator and make his “peak” thinner.
    Make SCP-682 able to break some blocks like wood and add SCP-999 to counteract it.
    If it is possible make SCP-682 grow bigger as it kills mobs and smaller as it takes damage.
    Also make 682 have less health but also make it able to regenerate (Like Witches).
    Make SCP-939 only chase the player if it is running (If possible).
    And I want SCP-106 to be the next added to the addon.
    And take a break, you’re working too much 😉

  373. amfanofscp says:


  374. Deasktop says:

    Answome addon!
    This have great animations and the mobs behave greatly like thoses in scp containement:breach. The creator should create more of its own scp

  375. SCrafter87 says:

    Yayyyyy!!! Update!!! Great bro!

  376. Anonymous says:

    Coool 😀

  377. Ayy Lmao says:

    Great addon! What’s missing is the MTF units that should be able to recontain some of the SCP’s !

  378. CundoSoilder13 says:

    Amazing mod, are you planning to add more SCP?

  379. Cthulhu Warrior says:


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