SCP: Operation Praetereo v2.2

The Site of the first SCP-682 breach needs some cleaning up! HUNT DOWN SCP-682 in the tunnels, or RIP AND TEAR hordes of a lot of Growths with DOOM inspired gameplay mechanics
If you're a fan of fast-paced weapon switching destruction, this is the map for you! Works in multiplayer!
Download for hours of fun!

Level up your arsenal in the Classic Mode or jump right into the fun with everything unlocked in the Mastery Mode!

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v2.2 Changelog

  • UNLOCKED the world yayy!!!
  • Map now only works on 1.19+
  • Super Growth Nest acid no longer prevents jumping (mojang removed the component)
  • Fixed Tutorial sequence + now you can skip tutorial at the beginning
  • Very slightly nerfed Super Growth Nest Devastation mode
  • Reduced number of starting enemies in Super Growth Infinite mode
  • Now you can run & gun for all weapons!
  • Crusher no longer gives speed when charging (now run & gun works)
  • Added custom bob animations (please disable view bobbing when playing this map)
  • Removed first person turning animations 
  • Slightly decreased NG-L7 non-quick switch shooting delay
  • Reduced NG-L7 knockback
  • Increased XP drops of all growths
  • Slightly increased food drops from Tentacles
  • Slightly increased movement speed of all growths
  • Increased movement speed of SCP-682
  • Adjusted some enemy attack damages due to new armor damage calculation fixes
  • Decreased Praetereo range
  • Decreasd Praetereo damage to players
    • Now does 6 damage per bullet. Does more damage at closer range to players.
  • Decreased chance of getting NG-L7 ammo when you kill a player in FFA Mode
  • Decreased NG-L7 explosion power towards players


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Pinned comment
The map works fine and it's fun but I have a bug :/ most of the signs and some blocks are glitch blocks and that makes it a bit difficult to know what kind of game mode or that I am pressing on the buttons could you fix that?
Freaking Epic
Random onion boi28182937 July 05, 2022 at 8:03 am
I used this map for my profile pic, it’s a awesome map.
placeHolderUsername June 19, 2022 at 12:18 am

Very well made and extremely fun!
When i loaded it in it was forced to update to caves and cliffs and became a flat world with nothing in it. Could you update it because that would be appreciated.
Julius Scizzor, I love this map, but it doesn't render some of the stuff and replaces it with an "update" block. If you can fix this, I'll be very grateful.

Thank you!
Use the "block geo fixer" addon to fix update block
i realy like this map contunio the good work
Really good map. But idk why everytime I play a few minutes on this map my game crashes, but I do believe it's because of my device. Overall awesome map!
Best map bro nice, it's fun to play the map and kill scp nice work bro
Yo dude,idk if it's just me or not but
The tutorial part doesnt work for me
Luckily enough for me tho your fix map thingy helped so much,like the map starts lagging like crazy sometimes,and I mean only sometimes and i had to use it,once we even lost progress but upon using that we got everything back,real good work on this
And also check on the animations of the first two starter guns when sneaking and tapping,the animation looks weird,specially for the second starter gun
Great map but how do i unlock the gamemode?
The Scp 682 mastery is not opening when i press the play the minecraft is close but normal scp 682 is opening please help ?
Hey I am using 1.18.0 this is the latest release of minecraft but the map is not working when it say step on copper block I stepped on it but it does not , please fix it
When I step on the cooper, nothing happens in the tutorial? Any help?
M.R METAFLICK/EPICFLICK November 13, 2021 at 5:53 am
Go set ur chunk to 12/max and try play the world again