SCP: Operation Praetereo v3

The Site of the first SCP-682 breach needs some cleaning up! HUNT DOWN SCP-682 in the tunnels, or RIP AND TEAR hordes of a lot of Growths with DOOM inspired gameplay mechanics
If you're a fan of fast-paced weapon switching destruction, this is the map for you! Works in multiplayer!
Download for hours of fun!

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SCP: OP v3 Changelog


>> fixed players getting stuck after scoping

>> fixed super growth nest games not working properly if the host dies

>> Praetereo meathook now generally works better

>> added support for up to 40 players in FFA

>> fixed super brute smash attack not working correctly

>> playing devastation also starts classic SGN at the same time

>> reduced overall lag. map is still recommended to be hosted on higher end devices

>> fixed SGN acid not working properly. now poisons you when stepped on.

>> all growths are no longer afraid of heights (except brute, so they can be strategically placed)

>> crusher smash now damages players when friendly fire is on

>> fixed anti addon extraction. but if you really wanted to you can easily disable it

>> scoping in animation now immediately plays if u switch to the gun while sneaking

>> fixed buff totem lagging the game

>> fixed buff totem buff

>> fixed pain lagging the game

>> SGN waves now only progress when at least 2 required enemies remain, instead of 8, except for final wave

>> raised pain spawns by 1 block to reduce chances of them getting stuck

>> fixed sgn infinite mode not ending properly

>> fixed custom blocks


Revamped Damage System

>> uses scripting. same mechanics as previous versions

>> kills in FFA work more consistently, and suicide does not count as kills. however, NG-L7 explosion kills don't count


Movement Improvements:

>> added double jump

>> new dash system now alot smoother (dash now enabled in lobby)

>> crusher smash boosts you forward slightly, removed slowness after smashing

>> NG-L7 knockback now smooth

>> boost pads in FFA now smooth, added more boost pads



>> hitbox for pain is now larger, and MRX-15 does x1.5 damage to pain

>> reduced pain spawns in Super Growth Nest significantly (becoz too many of them causes lag)

>> various balance changes to all weapon and enemy damages

>> enemy bullets are now more inaccurate at lower difficulties

>> brute now gets stunned when hooked by praetereo meathook

>> decreased cooldown time for dash (now 3s at lv1 and 1.5s at lvl2)

>> increased devastation movement speed

>> increased brute melee attack speed

>> significantly increased XP boosts

  • easy: 75 ==> 100
  • normal: 125 ==> 250
  • hard: 300 ==> 500

>> buff totem now heals all enemies

>> knockback resistance no longer works so replaced Armour III's 90% knockback resistance with permanent Resistance I effect

>> you now start with 15 hearts (30HP). Health II now grants additional 5 hearts (total 40HP)


Quality of Life Improvements:

>> Super Growth Nest: when there are less than 7 required growths remaining, all remaining ones will be able to be seen through walls so you can find them easier

>> Removed the need for eating to heal. Enemies drop health which heals players by 1 hp per item when picked up

>> Finishing each wave of classic SGN will give you some xp.

>> Lifesteal reworked: Regenerates your health as you deal damage.

>> increased time taken for MRX and XR ammo to despawn by 5s

>> right clicking the sign in the shop now gives a rough description of the upgrade




>> Spectate games as they're ongoing. Type !leave in chat to stop spectating


Added Heat Upgrade (Lv1 - Lv2)

>> Decreases time taken for Praedo to cool down.


Added Luck Upgrade (Lv1 - Lv2)

>> Level 1: Increases chance of ammo dropping from XR-A5 hits. XR-A5 hits now have a chance of also dropping Praedo/Praetereo and NG-L7 ammo

>> Level 2: All other weapon hits also have a small chance of dropping MRX/XR/Project80 ammo


Devastation Revamp:

>> Previously Devastation was supposed to be 1 big wave, now this has changed

>> Devastation now works similarly to classic, but each wave is much more difficult. you get more xp per wave in here tho



>> minor animation refinements

>> added UI overlay for dash

>> made new title image and updated a few signs

>> slight changes to FFA map


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Pinned comment
i cant start the game
Everything is completely fine it's just performance issues it gets laggy where there's a lot of enemies I'm using a phone the only problem is on my side great game 10/10
I'm using a high-end phone Motorola stylus G5 I don't know what happens if you use a low-end phone
How come nothing spawning when I press the button and nothing spawns, I’ve even tried like yknow, redownloading the map and it don’t work
For whatever reason, I pressing the start button does nothing. I attempted going into creative mode and rewiring the system, running the command myself, and even changing it a bit. I am playing on MC Education Edition 1.20.1
Experiments are enabled
Add mastery mode
just /xp 100000L and unlock everything
I got a problem, when I crouch with the MRX-15 I can't move, and when I crouch with the XR-A5 I move very slow, what can I do?
can we use this with other addons?
and worlds
wished we can use this other worlds
can you make this for on minecraft education version
which is 1.18. please
Ei bro você poderia fazer um Addon com os Monstros desse mapa?
Hi there! I made your Addon work for worlds outside this map with file alteration and I was wondering, with credit to ALL creators of course, if I could use it in a Darktide-style map (not for download but for YouTube content) to advertise my realm. If I could do that without being sued that would be great! Thx! :)
The map works fine and it's fun but I have a bug :/ most of the signs and some blocks are glitch blocks and that makes it a bit difficult to know what kind of game mode or that I am pressing on the buttons could you fix that?
Freaking Epic
Random onion boi28182937 July 05, 2022 at 8:03 am
I used this map for my profile pic, it’s a awesome map.