DOOM x SCP x Minecraft | SCP: Operation Praetereo v2.1

The Site of the first SCP-682 breach needs some cleaning up! RIP AND TEAR hordes of Growths with DOOM inspired gameplay mechanics! The Super Growth Nest Classic Gamemode features a wave-based arena. Unlock the Praetereo (Super Shotgun) and the Praedo (Chaingun)!
If you're a fan of fast-paced weapon switching destruction, this is the map for you! Works in multiplayer!


This map is published on MCPEDL and will only be here. It is not allowed to be published on any other websites or Minecraft Add-On applications without my (JuliusScizzor's) permission.

If you are using this map for your content (YouTube videos, etc.), all I ask is for you to link this MCPEDL page in your video descriptions and/or link to my YouTube channel. This would not only support us map creators, but would also allow more people to enjoy this map!

The map's add-on CANNOT be extracted and used in other worlds (that are not the map). The game will crash if you try. The add-on is not meant for your own use, it is ONLY meant for this map. You are also not allowed to edit the code.

No one is allowed to edit or use any files in this map/add-on. If you want some images for fan-art, etc, PLEASE contact me on Discord.

Introduction - Operation Praetereo

The O5s have given you a (very) simple task - Neutralize SCP-682
Enter Site-68, either alone or with friends, to complete your mission. Fight with your arsenal of weapons, each with unique mechanics and utilize them well in order to stand a chance in completing your mission.

You can keep re-playing Missions to gain more Experience Levels, which you can use to Upgrade / Unlock equipment.

This map has multiplayer support - a maximum of 8 players.

It's more fun to play with friends than on your own, but you're still welcomed to do solo if you're willing to take up the challenge!

In addition, this map features custom music that changes according to what's happening in the Mission!

(Image has been brightened for better visibility)


This map has 6 gamemodes

  • Operation Praetereo - The Classic, Neutralize SCP-682!
  • Free For All (FFA) - Fight your friends to the death!
  • Buff Totem - Same as Operation Praetereo, except there's a Buff Totem which makes enemies stronger and faster
  • Ultra Nightmare - Same as Operation Praetereo, except SCP-682 has a bazillion health, cannot be stunned, always buffed & takes 1/2 damage.
  • Super Growth Nest - Classic - Fight a series of 10 waves! Epic DOOM inspired combat. Beating certain waves unlocked powerful weapons!
  • Super Growth Nest - Endless - Fight an endless stream of Growths until you're bored or until you die.
  • Super Growth Nest - Devastation - Fight 1 Insanely Difficult Wave! Only for the most skilled players

Operation Praetereo:

Neutralize SCP-682. Collect ammunition by destroying Tentacles or Growths.
Completing the Mission in a shorter time rewards you with more Experience Points. Having Successful Missions at higher difficulties also gives a Difficulty XP Boost.

The map is dark, be aware!

Having Trouble Beating SCP-682? Watch this short tutorial on how to Kill SCP-682!


Free For All (FFA)

Fight your friends to the death! First player to 20 kills wins! 
No XP Rewards in this gamemode, but you can destroy Tentacles or Growths to get some XP
You have a 1/3 chance of getting an NG-L7 Ammo when you get a kill, use this weapon to obliterate your friends!

It has been some time since v1, the FFA arena has become more lively!


Buff Totem

Neutralize SCP-682, but with a greater challenge!
Works the same as Operation Praetereo, but a Buff Totem spawns in one of 2 locations. The Buff Totem makes enemies faster and stronger. Completing a Mission in this Gamemode gives a good XP Bonus.

In the time since v1, the Buff Totem has become stronger!

Super Growth Nest

Travel back to the Site of the first SCP-682 breach to eliminate the Super Growth Nest! Gameplay here is the most challenging yet the most exciting one! 

You can unlock cool items in the Super Growth Nest:

Completing wave 3 of the Super Growth Nest Classic gamemode will unlock the Praedo, an energy-based chaingun (yes DOOM)

Completing wave 5 of the Super Growth Nest Classic gamemode will unlock the Praetereo, a super shotgun (yes DOOM) equipped with a hook that pulls the user to walls or enemies.

Completing all 10 waves of the Super Growth Nest Classic gamemode will unlock the Infinte Ammo Cheat Code!
When active, all players have unlimited ammo, but there are no XP rewards and mission times do not count to the fastest time display.


Lobby, Unlock & Upgrades System, Gallery

You can re-play the tutorial from the Lobby or view the World Stats (number of each enemy killed) Explore the lobby and you may find yourself a secret easter egg!

This map has its own Shop system using XP Levels as the currency. Use XP Levels to unlock or upgrade equipment. It's simple and easy to use, but the code behind it took alot of work!

You can also head over to the Gallery to view all the weapon & enemy models, along with their credits.
The gallery also has a small parkour for you to play when waiting for friends or waiting for a match to end.


Weapons & Enemies

The enemies in this map have a cool new scoreboard-based health system, meaning no hit immunity and much more interesting gun mechanics! 

In v2, there are different classes of enemies. Most enemies are weak to certain weapons.

Enemy Classes:

  • Light - Croc, Chicken
  • Heavy - Brute, Pain
  • Super Heavy - Super Brute, Devastation
  • Ultra Heavy - Summoner

There are 7 Weapons in this map. All of which are 3D and each have their own unique abilities.

  • Crusher - Special: Charged Attack
  • MRX-15 - Special: Night Vision Scope
  • XR-A5 - Special: Enemies have a chance of dropping Ammo when hit
  • Project-80 - Special: Burst Fire
  • NG-L7 - Special: ~x2 Damage & Stuns SCP-682 for 5 seconds if hit when charging
  • Praetereo - Special: Hook yourself towards walls or enemies
  • Praedo - Special: Turret mode that greatly increases dps


Mastery Version

Want to showcase the map? Or have you already unlocked everything but don't want to restart in the new update? Play the Mastery Version! Same as the normal one, but with everything unlocked at the start!


There's plenty of hours worth of content to enjoy in this map. Play some SGN Endless when you're bored. Fight together with friends or against them in FFA. There's quite a lot of fun waiting in this map, why don't you try it?




  • Code, Animations, Sounds, Music Mixing, Mechanics, Level Design, Commands


  • Music, Sound Track


  • Models, Textures, Super Growth Nest Block Textures


  • Map Design, Level Design, Testing


  • Models, Textures, Map


Special Thanks To...

  • Mecha, for the original "Destroy SCP-682" idea;
  • MajestikButter, for assisting with the Gun Tilting System, Hook System;
  • Those who gave constructive feedback, and.... you :D

    Look forward to more cool maps like this.


Watch the Trailers!


Select version for changelog:


SCP: OP v2.1 Patch Logs

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Unlock Dash Lv2 message
- Added a fix for Unlocked Items breaking. Drop the "Back to Lobby" item to fix them.
- Praedo and Praetereo Unlocks should give multiple players the weapon at once now. Drop the "Back to Lobby" item if you did not get it.
- Increased reliability of Super Growth Nest music. Now only the host plays the music globally.
- Reduced chances of hook causing player to fall through the floor.
- Fixed Super Growth Nest Classic Mode being unable to progress when the Host dies.
- Fixed SGN Classic saying 8000 orbs when its supposed to be 800
- Fixed Buff Totem gamemode not actually giving the XP it says it gave
- Fixed only the Host being able to see the Fog (all players should see it now)
- Death splatter sounds are softer now
- Fastest Time no longer calculates in SGN Gamemodes, it is only for Operation Praetereo
- SCP-682 Death Splatter sound is now loud while Growth Death Splatter sounds are soft
- Fixed SGN Endless spawning SGN Classic Waves
- Praedo & Praetereo Ammo are no longer in Caps

Map Optimization
- Reduced all ammo despawn time by half (30s now), XR-A5 and MRX-15 despawn in 15s
- Reduced number of repeating command blocks in the world
- Reduced number of commands running every tick
- Various internal map optimizations
- Player Counter (for multiple player balancing) now only counts before the start of a game instead of every tick
- Poster now changes every 30s instead of 30-45s so theres maybe a little less lag
- Reduced Simulation Distance from 6 to 4
- Reduced Number of Tentacles in SGN by 7
- MRX-15, XR-A5 and Project-80 that spawns as part of a Wave in SGN Classic now despawns in 60 seconds instead of staying forever.
- Lowered amount of enemies in all Waves in SGN Classic (by a little bit)
- Bullets now despawn in 1s instead of 3
- Reduced number of tentacles in FFA but they spawn stuff faster

New Changes/Features
- Added quick switching for Praetereo & NG-L7 (switch to different weapon and back to cancel cooldown times)
- Tutorial now gives back to lobby item only after finishing it
- Added Required Enemies Remaining Counter at the left side of the screen in Super Growth Nest gamemodes.
- Added extra killbox at hook tutorial
- Added Infinite Ammo Cheat Code, unlocked from completing all 10 Waves in SGN classic
 + Only the Host can toggle it
 + Cannot be toggled during a game
 + No XP Rewards when cheat code is active, fastest time does not count into the Fastest Time score.
 + Deactivates when "Back to Lobby" item is dropped
- Added SGN Render to the Poster
- Increased scale of all weapon (Gun & Crusher) textures to 64x64 to match Praedo. The textures are no longer transparent but instead use render offsets to make them invisible
- Updated Dash item texture
- Updated "Back to Lobby" item texture
- Added New Parkour at the Gallery so there's something to do while waiting in the Lobby
- Small Adjustments to SGN Map
- Added short quick switching explanation in tutorial
- Added sign with instructions on how to get the inspect animation to play when collecting weapons
- Respawn radius is now 0
- Added Seperate Mastery Version - Start with everything unlocked

Balance Changes
- Reduced Pain Growth movement speed
- Devastation Growth now takes slightly more damage from all weapons
- Lifesteal now also works for tentacles
- Brutes now get 1 hit killed by NG-L7
- Slightly increased XP boosts
- Tentacles now always drop at least 1 porkchop to make beginner runs easier
- Easy Mode made easier - 682 has less health (From 3820 - 3000)
- Increased buff totem xp boost (950 -> 1000)
- Reduced threshold for getting the most XP for completing SGN (from <900s to now <800s)
- Slightly Reduced HP Increase when there are more players


Notes when downloading the map:
- DO NOT alter/edit/delete ANY files. It WILL break the map!
- Delete all old versions before downloading, including in Cached  Data (In-game Settings > Storage)
- Remember my warnings above!

Troubleshooting (All blocks are black coloured, mobs don't have animations, etc.):
- Turn off global resources. Delete old versions of the map. Re-download the map 
- Restart Minecraft and play the world again. Wait for a while
- Delete cached data of the add-on (in-game settings > storage), then join someone else's v2.1 world and see if it works
- Update your device
- Make sure Minecraft is on the Latest STABLE Release, NOT Beta


  • SCP_Operation_Praetereo_v2_1.mcworld (29.41 MB)
  • SCP_Operation_Praetereo_v2_1_Mastery.mcworld (29.39 MB)

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4.52 / 5 (69 votes)
Minecraft has released plss update the version of addon because the map of the addon cNnot supported the version its many bug ._. Btw i like it your map hope ya became more talented for making addon.
Thnk you :"D
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Can I make YouTube Videos about this mod.
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you cant even play the game
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How to play multiplayer in this map???
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Breezy The Axolotl August 09, 2021 at 9:42 pm
Imagine using night vision textures
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yo is only shows black blocks and the guns the heck fam
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Add a chainsaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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English:I want you to know that this version is unplayable since first when standing on the copper block it does not advance and second that the back to the lobby is not in the inventory the normal version and the mastery do not serve in fact the problem of the copper block already happened before but you could play with the back to lobby but it has disappeared so it is impossible to play the map is great but I would like to play it
Español:Quiero que sepas que esta versión es injugable ya que primero al pararse sobre el bloque de cobre no avanza y segundo que la espalda al lobby no está en el inventario la versión normal y el dominio no sirve de hecho el problema de la El bloque de cobre ya pasó antes pero se podía jugar con la espalda al lobby pero ha desaparecido por lo que es imposible jugar el mapa es genial pero me gustaría jugarlo
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this version is full of bugs first the back to lobby is not second when stepping on the copper block nothing happens so it cannot be played
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Breezy The Axolotl August 09, 2021 at 9:43 pm
R you a kid you didn't even spell well adults can spell correctly while fast typing
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Im just stuck at tutorial i was delete the all old version to wht wrong?? Creator can you tell mem
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Just use the curved red arrow thingy in your inventory to reload back.
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But my eventory the (back to lobby) is gone i was know tht map is show all player a practice mode so idk wht to doin
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So im in the tutorial when im steping in the copper block dosen't tp me to the lobby and i wait like 2 hour's and it happened is i hear a soundtrack for some reason and i deleted the map and reinstall and the same happend my phone ver is 8.1.0 and my mcpe ver is plz fix this i hope
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This sometimes happens. You just have to use the red (not blue) arrow thing that says drop to lobby. If I am not mistaken it should reload the process and send you back to lobby.
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Hi! I love the map, but there are some bugs.

Mainly, when I survive a mot of time in the basic map, the guns and the hammer start shooting and charging very very slowly, making fighting extremely hard.
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That’s cuz there are many of those mobs. And maybe it is because you are using mobile or ipad. The map is heavy when the growth nest mobs spawns drastically. But it should not be a really big problem. I was still able to get to wave 5.
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It is because there are so many of those growth nest mobs. But it should not be a really big issue.
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Cool Map Is Amazing!
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I can't see the map but the guns are cool
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