SCP-682 Hunting Simulator + DOOM Super GORE Nest - SCP: Operation Praetereo v2.1

The Site of the first SCP-682 breach needs some cleaning up! HUNT DOWN SCP-682 in the tunnels, or RIP AND TEAR hordes of a lot of Growths with DOOM inspired gameplay mechanics
If you're a fan of fast-paced weapon switching destruction, this is the map for you! Works in multiplayer!
Download for hours of fun!

Level up your arsenal in the Classic Mode or jump right into the fun with everything unlocked in the Mastery Mode!


This map is published on MCPEDL and will only be here. It is not allowed to be published on any other websites or Minecraft Add-On applications without my (JuliusScizzor's) permission.

If you are using this map for your content (YouTube videos, etc.), all I ask is for you to link this MCPEDL page in your video descriptions and/or link to my YouTube channel. This would not only support us map creators, but would also allow more people to enjoy this map!

The map's add-on CANNOT be extracted and used in other worlds (that are not the map). The game will crash if you try. The add-on is not meant for your own use, it is ONLY meant for this map. You are also not allowed to edit the code.

No one is allowed to edit or use any files in this map/add-on. If you want some images for fan-art, etc, PLEASE contact me on Discord.

Show your support by sharing this map or my videos!


This map may not run smoothly on mobile/lower-end devices. Works best on Windows 10 Edition

There may be a 2nd map in the future with better optimizations for lower-end devices.

Introduction - Operation Praetereo

The O5s have given you a (very) simple task - Neutralize SCP-682
Enter Site-68, either alone or with friends, to complete your mission. Fight with your arsenal of weapons, each with unique mechanics and utilize them well in order to stand a chance in completing your mission.

You can keep re-playing Missions to gain more Experience Levels, which you can use to Upgrade / Unlock equipment.

This map has multiplayer support - a maximum of 8 players.

It's more fun to play with friends than on your own, but you're still welcomed to do solo if you're willing to take up the challenge!

In addition, this map features custom music that changes according to what's happening in the Mission!

(Image has been brightened for better visibility)


This map has 6 gamemodes

  • Operation Praetereo - The Classic, Neutralize SCP-682!
  • Free For All (FFA) - Fight your friends to the death!
  • Buff Totem - Same as Operation Praetereo, except there's a Buff Totem which makes enemies stronger and faster
  • Ultra Nightmare - Same as Operation Praetereo, except SCP-682 has a bazillion health, cannot be stunned, always buffed & takes 1/2 damage.
  • Super Growth Nest - Classic - Fight a series of 10 waves! Epic DOOM inspired combat. Beating certain waves unlocked powerful weapons!
  • Super Growth Nest - Endless - Fight an endless stream of Growths until you're bored or until you die.
  • Super Growth Nest - Devastation - Fight 1 Insanely Difficult Wave! Only for the most skilled players

Operation Praetereo:

Neutralize SCP-682. Collect ammunition by destroying Tentacles or Growths.
Completing the Mission in a shorter time rewards you with more Experience Points. Having Successful Missions at higher difficulties also gives a Difficulty XP Boost.

The map is dark, be aware!

Having Trouble Beating SCP-682? Watch this short tutorial on how to Kill SCP-682!


Free For All (FFA)

Fight your friends to the death! First player to 20 kills wins! 
No XP Rewards in this gamemode, but you can destroy Tentacles or Growths to get some XP
You have a 1/3 chance of getting an NG-L7 Ammo when you get a kill, use this weapon to obliterate your friends!

It has been some time since v1, the FFA arena has become more lively!


Buff Totem

Neutralize SCP-682, but with a greater challenge!
Works the same as Operation Praetereo, but a Buff Totem spawns in one of 2 locations. The Buff Totem makes enemies faster and stronger. Completing a Mission in this Gamemode gives a good XP Bonus.

In the time since v1, the Buff Totem has become stronger!

Super Growth Nest

Travel back to the Site of the first SCP-682 breach to eliminate the Super Growth Nest! Gameplay here is the most challenging yet the most exciting one! 

You can unlock cool items in the Super Growth Nest:

Completing wave 3 of the Super Growth Nest Classic gamemode will unlock the Praedo, an energy-based chaingun (yes DOOM)

Completing wave 5 of the Super Growth Nest Classic gamemode will unlock the Praetereo, a super shotgun (yes DOOM) equipped with a hook that pulls the user to walls or enemies.

Completing all 10 waves of the Super Growth Nest Classic gamemode will unlock the Infinte Ammo Cheat Code!
When active, all players have unlimited ammo, but there are no XP rewards and mission times do not count to the fastest time display.


Lobby, Unlock & Upgrades System, Gallery

You can re-play the tutorial from the Lobby or view the World Stats (number of each enemy killed) Explore the lobby and you may find yourself a secret easter egg!

This map has its own Shop system using XP Levels as the currency. Use XP Levels to unlock or upgrade equipment. It's simple and easy to use, but the code behind it took alot of work!

You can also head over to the Gallery to view all the weapon & enemy models, along with their credits.
The gallery also has a small parkour for you to play when waiting for friends or waiting for a match to end.


Weapons & Enemies

The enemies in this map have a cool new scoreboard-based health system, meaning no hit immunity and much more interesting gun mechanics! 

In v2, there are different classes of enemies. Most enemies are weak to certain weapons.

Enemy Classes:

  • Light - Croc, Chicken
  • Heavy - Brute, Pain
  • Super Heavy - Super Brute, Devastation
  • Ultra Heavy - Summoner

There are 7 Weapons in this map. All of which are 3D and each have their own unique abilities.

  • Crusher - Special: Charged Attack
  • MRX-15 - Special: Night Vision Scope
  • XR-A5 - Special: Enemies have a chance of dropping Ammo when hit
  • Project-80 - Special: Burst Fire
  • NG-L7 - Special: ~x2 Damage & Stuns SCP-682 for 5 seconds if hit when charging
  • Praetereo - Special: Hook yourself towards walls or enemies
  • Praedo - Special: Turret mode that greatly increases dps


Mastery Version

Want to showcase the map? Or have you already unlocked everything but don't want to restart in the new update? Play the Mastery Version! Same as the normal one, but with everything unlocked at the start!


There's plenty of hours worth of content to enjoy in this map. Play some SGN Endless when you're bored. Fight together with friends or against them in FFA. There's quite a lot of fun waiting in this map, why don't you try it?




  • Code, Animations, Sounds, Music Mixing, Mechanics, Level Design, Commands


  • Music, Sound Track


  • Models, Textures, Super Growth Nest Block Textures


  • Map Design, Level Design, Testing


  • Models, Textures, Map


Special Thanks To...

  • Mecha, for the original "Destroy SCP-682" idea;
  • MajestikButter, for assisting with the Gun Tilting System, Hook System;
  • Those who gave constructive feedback, and.... you :D

    Look forward to more cool maps like this.


Watch the Trailers!


Select version for changelog:


Minor Update - Made a fix for the "Step on Copper Block" issue. Now you spawn with the "Back to Lobby" item. Drop it to skip the tutorial, so there wont be the copper block issue.

Updated Map title and thumbnail


This map is for Minecraft 1.17.32+/1.18

Notes when downloading the map:
- DO NOT alter/edit/delete ANY files. It WILL break the map!
- Delete all old versions before downloading, including in Cached Data (In-game Settings > Storage)
- Remember my warnings above!
- xbox does not support add-ons very well so this map may not work on some xbox devices

Troubleshooting (All blocks are black coloured, mobs don't have animations, etc.):
- Turn off global resources. Delete old versions of the map. Re-download the map 
- Restart Minecraft and play the world again. Wait for a while
- Delete cached data of the add-on (in-game settings > storage), then join someone else's v2.1 world and see if it works
- Update your device
- Make sure Minecraft is on the Latest STABLE Release, NOT Beta

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Yo dude,idk if it's just me or not but
The tutorial part doesnt work for me
Luckily enough for me tho your fix map thingy helped so much,like the map starts lagging like crazy sometimes,and I mean only sometimes and i had to use it,once we even lost progress but upon using that we got everything back,real good work on this
And also check on the animations of the first two starter guns when sneaking and tapping,the animation looks weird,specially for the second starter gun
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Great map but how do i unlock the gamemode?
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The Scp 682 mastery is not opening when i press the play the minecraft is close but normal scp 682 is opening please help ?
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Hey I am using 1.18.0 this is the latest release of minecraft but the map is not working when it say step on copper block I stepped on it but it does not , please fix it
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When I step on the cooper, nothing happens in the tutorial? Any help?
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M.R METAFLICK/EPICFLICK November 13, 2021 at 5:53 am
Go set ur chunk to 12/max and try play the world again
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there is a bug in [back to lobby]> :(
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Imagine beating 10 waves of SGN with lag! 😂😂
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M.R METAFLICK/EPICFLICK November 13, 2021 at 5:51 am
Ppfft- same..
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@well player you can see in your inventory the back to lobby cant ya? Its for skipping why sone ppl are too dumb? TثT
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Hey julius can you put addon downodable? Because im making a super gore nest map and im thinking about its name.

The reason:its bcuz the super growth nest u created is laggy and ik the reason why its like this i just needed 1 item from addon and a mob

Mob:tencale sry i forgot name

Gun:super shot gun
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Nice map i realy like this keep going and can u add a doom blade? If no its ok
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when i hit the button to start it says please turn off view bobbing and it just stays like that i don't know how to start
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btw i turned off view bobbing as well
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nice mod. now gimme the resource and behaviors.
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Nice but can you mak the addon downloadable so we can make a fan made map and other thing
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ah yes, my favorite map
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this is seriously the sickest mod and map ever, ive been waiting sooo long for something exactly like this to be made for McWin10 and its finally here
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