Published on July 17, 2021 (Updated on May 23, 2023)

SCP: Classified V1.2.0 "SCP Paradise"

A vanilla-styled SCP-addon that offers a diverse range of features to add to your gameplay experience. With a staggering collection of over 61 SCP's, you can explore a wide range of possibilities. You can battle against various SCPs, construct large facilities, and test out multiple features within the game. The add-on includes a multitude of mobs, blocks, items, and functionalities to enhance your Minecraft world. There are plenty of more updates to come!

  • Please, if you are going to use the add-on in any of your worlds or videos, and upload it. Please credit by putting the add-on's link in the description, or in your world. Thank you!


Alphaxenopete82 -

  • Created models and animations.

ImmoOocus -

  • Created models, animations and items.

Ken Playz -

  • Lead coder and creator of the project.

S1ingie - 

  • Created models, items, and sound design.

Unknown OFC -

  • Helped with animations and code.



  • Helped with making the iron fence connectable.

LC Studios

  • Allowed us to use some of the code. (Keycard readers, buttons and SCP Viruses.)


  • Helped with creating scripts for SCP-294 to function!

Gus. (SCP: Overtime Creator)

  • Allowed us to borrow ideas from their mob's behaviors.

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|- SCP: Classified V1.2.0 "SCP Paradise" -|

What's new?

  • Added over 24 new SCP's!
  • Revamped many of the SCP's functions and behaviors, giving them accuracy.
  • Revamped all of the SCP Viruses.
  • Added armor: Ntf, Guard, Class-D and Scientist.
  • Improved nearly every single model and texture in the add-on.
  • Improved animations and sounds to a lot of the SCP's.
  • Fixed many bugs.


Supported Minecraft versions

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JustARandomGuy981 June 03, 2023 at 8:19 am
Add 457 and 966 (burning man and the sleep killer)
The mod is perfect ✨✨ but it lacks its own door, because for some reason the doors don't open 🤷‍♂️
You need to connect the button or keycard reader with redstone to open doors, or just use command blocks to make custom doors
Hello, when using a level 3 keycard on a lever 4 reader, the reader rejects the card but in the same time accepts it. Could you fix it please?
JustARandomGuy981 June 02, 2023 at 9:57 am
This comment has been removed
May I post a submission to MCPEDL with this addon? All credits will be posted inside the Submission if it gets accepted.
I thought the SCP's would spawn in survival but if its just for creative mode then its really boring... I wish there was a scp mod with no abusive spawn rates...
Survival Compatibility is coming in the next update.
Yesss please, but don't exagerate the entities spawns or the game gets laggy and the mobs kinda lose their magic when we see a lot of them together so frequently... Also do u have discord?
How do I close the doors for containment box? D:
Sneak without holding anything.
Thanks for reply, also it works so thanks for solve my "problem"
One of the best addons dedicated towards SCP I have seen in a while, everything works and everything is fantastic. Keep up the great, or not great, AMAZING work. Everything, the models sounds functions you name it is perfect. Just Wow. No words to how great this addon is
Scp-387 keeps dying whenever i summon it
Your not hitting it when you spawn it right? Since 387 entities can die in 1 hit.
Some of the scps should be updated. I will share my ideas on how to update them.
1:scp 387, make it be able to build more building and give them use, also add more types of scp 387 people like fireman and farmer. There should be fire and a little bit of change over time.
2:scp 2761, should have a pack leader and they would follow and protect it. They should have hunger, and they would search for food and eat some and if there is no leader they would share the rest of it among the nearest scps 2761 or if there is a leader then the leader. Leader is decided when there is more then 5 in a group, they will follow nearby instances and the more in a group the more likely others will join that group.Scp 2761 can become a leader if they are higher level stage then the rest or being the oldest one out of a group greater then 10.Groups work very differently bellow stage 3 and slightly different each stage above 2.Groups can make the evolution items and other items from piles they make of items they find like cobblestone,stick,leaves,meat(all raw and cooked),paper, and more. With these items it can make a shark fin with 2 stone,1 meat, and 1 stick, it can make a infested scute with 2 shark fin,1 scute ,and 1 meat,then it is 5 of the previous upgrade item,1 meat, and the item in its name(EXP,infested bone = bone, infested feather = feather),but for the final one the special item is a diamond.For the fish stage it will follow others and the oldest one will be darker in color and be normal when it leaves the group when it is greater then 50,by the way it can breathe in water and is passive.They can build burrows and can lay eggs that are yellow, there are 3 types of eggs if it is lower then level 3 then it is a small water egg, but if it is above level 2 it is a sort of big egg then if it is level 5 then it lays a huge egg which hatch's into a smaller final stage instance which if it gets a final stage evolution item it will be a normal final can share upgrade items.
that comment was exactly 2,000 characters. And some extra info is random fish spawn near stage 1, and they can mine gravel to get cobblestone, also level 1 can mine gravel, level 2 can mine stage 1 mineable blocks quicker and small coral. Level 1 can go on land for 10 seconds and can make piles on land, but stage 2 can eat stage 1. also stage 4 will fight stage 3s. also different groups can fight.
that comment was exactly 400 characters. And these are just ideas if you use any you can change it in any way.
Im pretty sure 2761 is just 1 entity itself. However thats a very large amount of suggestions! Some may not be possible though.
this fits the aesthetic I'm going for, amazing and great! keep up the good work.
are there blast doors and everything?
me gusta el mod pero neceta más codas
1.2.0 is finally out! This is spectacular. One of the highest quality addons I have ever seen.
Great mod its good and love see new update's but May u add cameras or such to this mod? i know this creepy but i check on my scps see what they're doing and sometimes they escape otherwise not bad tbh hope forward for door fix.