Published on July 17, 2021 (Updated on July 19, 2022)

SCP - Recontainment V1.1.1 More Improvements

Welcome! To an overhaul of my old add-on, ”SCP-Recontainment.” This add-on will overhaul some of the SCP’s from SCP-Recontainment and will add many new SCP’s! You can use the facility blocks to build your facility to the sky, you can fight other SCP’s, or you can even test SCP’s with your friends! Alphaxenopete82, Rian Basudewa, Kaiboi39, and Ken Playz (me) have worked on this add-on very hard. Also, please, DO NOT upload this add-on on any other websites without my permission as well as please credit. Showcasing this add-on is allowed, and using this add-on in your maps.

  • This add-on adds over 37 new scp's currently to your world! "Blocks, Items, And Entities."
  • These SCP's have unique functions and accuracy to the SCP Wiki.
  • Many decoration blocks to use!
  • Many facility blocks to use!
  • Many items to use!
  • And a lot more!

This isn't going to be all, there will much more updates which will include more blocks, items, SCP's and more! - The SCP count will be updated every new update with new SCP's.


Alphaxenopete82 - "Helped out with most of the models and textures!" Youtube Channel:

LC Studios - "Helped out with some codes of the add-on, and allowed me to add a link with his 3d block fix!"

Kaiboi39 - "Helped out with blocks at the beggining and the Class-D Model, Texture and Animations! Youtube Channel:

SCP Lockdown - "Inspiration for the SCP labels!:

Gus - "Allowed us to use concepts from their mod. (SCP-Overtime)" Youtube Channel:

Discord Server:

Their SCP Mod:

Select version for changelog:


|| SCP-Recontainment V1.1.1 More Improvements ||

  • Removed Watermark, (Please still credit when uploading videos/images or more with the add-on!)
  • Added a link to LC Studio's 3D Block Fixer.
  • Added credits to SCP: Lockdown.
  • More bug fixes and improvements.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Hello, i love this addon (this is one of my favorite SCP mods/addons). But i have one request: can you add survival compatibility? Seriously, you can add something like SCP crafts, or SCP structures you can steal SCP from, or maybe mechanics from java mod called SCP lockdown.
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Yes, after V1.2.0 we finally plan to add a survival compatibility version, it will be a seperate addon. Thanks as well!!!
Any guide in iPad?
Install documents, import the addon in documents, then share it to minecraft so it starts downloading it.
Pls Help. I Randomly Placed SCP-409 And My world is filled with SCP-409 Pls Have A /function that removes SCP-409 or give me a way to remove SCP-409 And When I Remove the pack SCP 409 became a dummy block and will be annoying to remove pls help me remove it
Random onion boi28182937 July 05, 2022 at 3:22 am
Oooh man, that sucks, try setting the tick speed to 0 to stop the spread, and if it’s too severe, just abandon the world and try again and use a controlled area for testing, I had a problem like that in my world but I set tick speed to 0 before my entire site was destroyed.
Unfortunately, I can't fix that, read the description of the add-on in the "SCP's" bar. It says 409 will "SPREAD" block by block. It automatically tells you that it can grief your world, id recommend using "Reinforced Granite" in order to prevent it from spreading since thats the only block that doesnt let 409 spread anywhere. If 409 is touching any other block then it will spread, next time id recommend setting up a backup world if that happens.
Green boiled onions July 04, 2022 at 9:47 am
I got many ideas for this addon, SCP-1471. Aka mal0 I have seen no addon add this one, I thought it would be a good idea. SCP-035, the possessive mask, it’s an item where you get poison, and slowness but strength 9. SCP-420 the aggressive skin condition, it’s in a bottle, maybe DON’T drink it? SCP-610 The flesh that hates. It’s an entity where if it hits you (or if you get within 1 block of it) you get infected, after 3 mins you die and 610 appears. SCP-316 The color draining light. It drains color from ur eyes and makes u slower for 2 mins. That is all for now! I hope at least one of these gets put in here. Have a good day and sorry for the long list!

Edit: Another idea! Make some items like SCP-008 Be able to be put into the small containment box?

And maybe make a shelf for normal items in the addon?
Good ideas! The virus SCP's will have a seperate containment box. For now you can put it on item frames or chests. In v1.2.0 sure. Also, V1.1.1 will come out maybe soon and it fixes some stuff and removes the watermark and more.
Random onion boi28182937 July 12, 2022 at 11:16 pm
Thank you for the reply, and it’s still an awesome addon.
Francisco alfredo June 18, 2022 at 12:21 pm
Me gustan los scp de la 1.19 y en la proxima actualizacion de este addon podrian agregar structuras mas scp y bloques seria increible
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
Yea, all you need is to credit me and the developers.
How do we put the Scp furniture because I don.t see the furniture
Well, since mojang broke blocks that go above 16x16x16 then it will just appear as a dirt block. Use a Geo Add-on fixer and move it all the way to the top. Above my addon. Then it should start working and you are able to see it.
please add 096
Possibly, but not 100% sure. This add-on includes many unfamiliar scp's. Some that aren't known as well. Just to make the add-on have less scp's that are in most of the scp add-ons. Such as 173, 096, 049. However, I may add these in the future. Currently I am making a mix between scp's that haven't been in any scp add-on, and some that have been in some scp add-ons. (261 for example has not been in any. (Which I am working on now) but, 294 has been in some.) Good suggestion though.
how u put items SCPs in the tiny containment box block?
Open it with the containment box keycard, place 1025, 066, 705, 377, or 2107 into the containment box. And sneak right click or tap without holding anything to close it.
What's the map?
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I love it when it only add the scps and fully compatible with dystopia 10/10

Can you add Infectious and virus disease update?

Like 008
And the others that causes viruses and infections

Like the radioactive mineral , red ice?
Yea, I plan to add those in future versions
I like this add-on too much
Suggestion: SCP-173
Ideas for 173

He can lay his (Droppings)
If those are not remove 173 can multiply

SCP-173 can fit though tiny spaces (So like vent travel)

Different sounds for neck snap and movement
Hm, I might add 173 in a later version of the add-on.