See You (Short Horror) [Adventure]

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It was really good
Make it a bit longer
If it’s not that scary, I think i’ll try it. Does the sound need to be on?
It was a little bit scary.

But can you do "See you 2"?
Well there was only one jump scare, short, but good job with the bloody handprint. My favourite part
That was great but make it longer plz
Not Impressive really
Game crashes upon opening.
The game was short-lived, but the textures and jumpscare was good. 3/5 -1 for time -1 for not very scary
Cool but make it longer and is not scary
Amazing!!! Make it longer!!
Blood looks realistic.
Try to make it like you are a test subject and your house actually just a testing chamber, it would be cool
Geanne Reign Freo June 07, 2017 at 3:19 am
It's really cool and kinda creepy tho make part 2 pls
this map made me sceam!