Published on April 09, 2017

Self-Building Egg Structures [Redstone]

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Hey creator can you fix the self building castle it doesn’t work
We need more structures!
How did you get coordinates
Sorry, I know this be late, but you just go into options brutha
It made my game crash
Stormfive's Friend April 12, 2017 at 9:11 am
My friend loved it so much
Nice. Pretty much everything works but when u put house lags and crashes
Would you please create a nether reactor command creation?
It is awesome but it is crashing in1.1.0.0 when we Spawn a mini base
Editor, how can I send my map to this website? It says I need the download link but I'm not to sure about it. I don't understand what you mean by download link. Is it like a seed or something?
My game crashes when I try to spawn a house
Same with me ?
I Love Your Maps So Much! Well done!!!
There is a problem if you summon MCPEDL, it mixes with a car
What are the commands to get them in a normal world?