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Published on April 06, 2018 (Updated on April 06, 2018)

Self Mining Robot (Command Blocks) [Redstone] (Beta Only)

Installation Guides

Can someone PLEASE explain where to put these files? I have extracted the zip into the appdata\roaming\.minecraft\saves folder and it is not showing up in saves. Why is there no instruction on any of these mods?
.minecraft is the java version

This is the pe version:
Try that.
This is so cool!
To start I am not a gamer of any sort. I am trying to help my 6yr old grandson build this mining robot in the Nintendo Switch edition of Minecraft. Any help wit very basic directions would be greatly appreciated
does he play with cheats enabled or diabled.
What is the command block set-up? with commands plz
for mcpe ios users download the zip file and get the Unzip app, open Files and tap the zip file and move to Unzip. Open unzip and tap the i button on the file, (dont unzip the file) and tap Modify File Extension. type 'mcworld' instead of zip. go back to Files and move the file from Unzip to Minecraft. tap the file to open in mc :)
so fantastik
im on pc what do i do?
Can this be downloaded on Xbox one x (bedrock Minecraft) ? If not can u do one that will ty in advanced
lol it’s that easy XD August 25, 2019 at 5:52 pm
For all the mobile players
just download documents then download the zip file
after that go to documents press rename and rename it to mcworld
then go to MCPE and ur done :D
Funktioniert bei mir nicht
Srry, it's bec i cant do it on mac so i'll give you 3 stars so then you can feel little happy
Doesn’t work
i want to use it but it needs a new file.