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Published on October 15, 2018 (Updated on October 15, 2018)

Serenity Breeze [Creation]

Serenity Breeze took over 4 months to build and result is an magnificently detailed cruise ship. The creator himself even considers it the best cruise ship he has ever made. There is even a park in the middle of the cruise ship where you will find loads of restaurants and shops. You will also find sports and water park activities, two theaters and even a movie theater on top of it all!

Creator: ElectroCreeperTwitter Account



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When I join the world, the gui keeps disappearing,the signs and others too. I can only see the blocks. How do I fix it?!
wut are those shaders called
Small discrepancy... The lifeboats only hold 18 and there is 10 on each side amounting in only 360 spaces for passengers and crew to fit. I counted all your cabins (there is likely a discount) and I have determined that you have enough bedspace for 3,026 people. Caption included. This means that if this ship were to sink we are looking at a loss of about 2,666 people maximum. Maximum meaning moms or dads could carry children on their laps. The ship you call Serenity Breeze would be the worst ship accident in history. This being said I am very impressed on your capacity. That's a lot of cabins. I'm not bothered by it nor expect it to be fixed but I just wanted to mention it. I love the ship nonetheless.
Wat ship r u making nex2
so cool i love it could someone make a floating island with a futuristic prison? i would gladly pay you
If anyone want to see the cinematic video of Breeze on my channel it's right here!
Hell of a good creation!!
Except for the quartz instead of white concrete
Wow , beautiful . Well done .