SEUS PE Shader

This is to date the most realistic shaders pack for Minecraft PE. The light of the sun and moon shimmers beautifully when reflected on the water. Shadows have been massively improved and so have the sky and the Nether. The hype for this is real and you should definitely give it a try if you want to experience a more realistic version of Minecraft.

Creator: Gabriel Paixão, Twitter Account
Updated: 7 April, 2017 (added version for MCPE 1.1.01)

seus-shaders-8 seus-shaders-9 seus-shaders-5 seus-shaders-4 seus-shaders-7 seus-shaders-3 seus-shaders-2 seus-shaders-1


This works for most iOS and Android devices. It does not work on Windows 10 yet.

  1. Choose one of the following files:
    1. Shaders Low .McPack (recommended for low-end devices with less resources)
    2. Shaders Medium .McPack
    3. Shaders Ultra .McPack (high-end devices, more resources)
    4. Shaders Test (MCPE only) (Doesn’t work? Try this: Shaders Test (MCPE only)
  2. Open Minecraft PE, go to SettingsGlobal resources > Apply pack
  3. Restart Minecraft PE!

You can download .ZIP file here.

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1,055 Responses

3.27 / 5 (285 votes)
  1. TryHardJibs says:

    *Sigh* all you can do is just wait for Render Dragon, Java parity, and ray tracing to arrive on Xbox and Windows 10 when the 1.16 update is completely released.

  2. creeper121lzy says:

    It’s a great shader pack,but please support bedrock edition 1.14!!!

  3. Guest-5110784377 says:

    Please support bedrock Edition 1.14!!!

  4. Exter Yeet says:

    Please update this. For all of us.

  5. Guest-6691087090 says:

    It Won’t Work on my android device, can somebody tell how to use it propperly., Or if I’ve done it right it doesn’t work. ):

  6. Guest-8078372833 says:

    Can you give Mega link ? Because when I go to the MediaFire link , My Mobile lags . So I am requesting you please give a mega link .

  7. Guest-8156827824 says:

    Windows 10 plz

  8. Guest-9415076300 says:


  9. Guest-3982037838 says:


  10. CubeMasterIR says:

    This is the best thing ever posted but the creator won’t make updates. it isn’t in windows 10 and Xbox which makes it Nothing for most of us.
    Creator of Seus pe is DEAD or maybe he forgot how 2 code

  11. Guest-7375271013 says:

    The shader doesn’t work. I am very mad about this, and would like it if it was fixed.

  12. Guest-2840373818 says:

    Guys don’t be upset seus pe is for the old Minecraft version, like the and I really like the shader I used it a lot and know it’s on Java edition and look super cool and good thing that I have a powerful pc. 🙂

  13. Guest-9551409028 says:

    Worst shader

  14. Guest-9165346741 says:

    Nothing works except the sun is round.

  15. Guest-3900245680 says:

    I think it doesen’t work anymore because it hasen’t been updated since 2017. :*(

  16. Guest-5881840595 says:

    Guys if you are on windows 10 than you are dumb and didn’t read the text (if you did download it). idiots

  17. Guest-9448149924 says:

    Did absolutely nothing but made the sun circular absolute garbage compared to what people advertise it as

  18. Guest-7266180518 says:

    SEUS ain’t working, everytime I choose a different file, it uses the 1.1.01 version, which DOESN’T have anything except the sun and ugly sand.

  19. Guest-3420940788 says:

    any news on the windows 10 edition?

  20. Guest-5637478974 says:

    does it work on the Xbox one?

  21. Guest-4656398975 says:

    Help!!! My Device Is Broken Give Me New Phone!! IPHONE12

  22. Guest-2098555510 says:

    The Dropbox link is broken.

  23. Guest-1837859252 says:

    Great! But what mode should i choose? My decice is samsung galaxy tab a6! Please help!

  24. Guest-1477651658 says:

    Nice shader but it didn’t work at mcpe 1.15 and I fixed it by myself but it hasn’t the texture of water so it’s really poor pls remake it for new versions

  25. Guest-9592718538 says:

    Before I update the Minecraft it just worked but after I update it didn’t work. Mcbe:1.15

  26. Bob the builder says:

    It’s not working :(😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  27. SEUS CRITICK says:

    Not work on version 1.14.1, Android 8.0, Dexp S380, xD

    • Anonymous says:

      You can find the Seus Pe Remake on I guess the creator’s Fb page. It works on 1.14.1 android. Tried it myself.

    • User-8538084766 says:


      1. Terrible Grammar
      2. Unnessecary ‘XD’ Face
      3. Does Dexp S3 go with 80? nahh
      4. Its not like The Creator Is Gonna Care about Your Dumb Comment
      5. Just Because it Doesnt Work Doesnt mean its 0.5 Rating.
      6. Username.. Disgosting!

      Bonus: You’re a Terrible Person

      • Guest-4326407018 says:

        is your life that sad that you have to make a list on someone’s flaws?

      • Guest-5498002605 says:

        You’re comment means nothing. Plus, stop trying to make yourself feel happy by saying rude things about people. Now go cry to dear old mommy and daddy saying you were wrong about someone. Last, ever hear the sayings “treat others the way you want to be treated” or “don’t judge a boom by its cover”? Think about that when someone makes mistakes and you want to say something rude about them. And don’t respond saying “well you diddn’t think about what you said” because I did.

      • Guest-5507456478 says:

        Did you know that you make offenses too? We all do. ;-;
        Also you’re the REAL terrible person here. You made this, you think you’re perfect. Karma’s coming for you (it already came to you).

      • Guest-7181781375 says:

        lmao imagine getting low enough to list someone’s flaws over a comment on a modding website of a block game for 9 and 19 year olds

  28. Anonymous says:

    So cool

  29. ThisJobYT says:

    I gave it two stars for three reasons: 1. It does not work on most Android devices. Look, even iOS users complain about the shaders not working either… 2. The comments on this shader is spammed with garbage-looking chat. That’s it. 3. Lastly, when I implemented the Shaders in my world. I logged out of my world and logged back in. Nothing changed. So, “Editor”.. Take it or leave it. What’s it gonna be?

  30. It's Plaz says:

    I really love the ultra shaders. The sky looks real, the clouds look really good, the lighting is amazing, but I have two problems. 1: the water waves look like oil in it I think you can make it look more like waves by making the water move. 2: even though I have a high-end device, there is constant lag when I break blocks so mabey remove something or make it look not as good. Anyways, thanks for making this :D!

  31. .:*:. HorseLovah .:*:. says:

    This has only caused problems! I wanted the ultra version of it,so I tried to download it, licked download and it gave me a virus! Ugh I wish I didn’t do it.

    • Hydra says:

      You probably pressed download for one of the ads by accident because they website takes you to another download page with a possible virus

      • Nas says:

        I tried ultra and it didn’t work, I have a iPhone 11 Pro Max so I thought it would be pretty high end ig not lol

        • SnylonPlayz says:

          The most powerful devices are probably PC for gaming, so high-end is more like GTX-1080, 1680 or RTX 2080 for graphics cards. Then for processors, its more like either high end Intel Core or Xeon or AMD Ryzen Cores, and a fast hard drive. (I have none of these and is running the Medium Shaders on a laptop)

        • Its'Plaz says:

          Its because it only works for android. Apple products have a different running system than android callex ios. Ios has many restrictions due to the different code style (java for apple products but c++ for android). Basicly you have a mobileised computor so you might have to download a extention changer and download computor shaders.

  32. qwq says:

    Hello author, your work is great, I can be reproduced to the Chinese version of MC?Let more players experience excellent works.
    I’ll mark the authorized author.(͔▪̆ω▪̆) ͕

  33. Alifadel says:

    I like it

  34. Keob says:

    Why the ultra version doesn’t have any detail?

  35. Maria says:

    Why isn’t it working even sues low isn’t working on ipad

    • Guest-9057471123 says:

      Same for me too. It’s downloaded and in my resource packs, the only thing different is the solid gray sky and round sun. I have iPad Pro and I’ve tried all the different ultras or whatever but they show the same. Other packs work perfectly fine but they give off hues that I don’t prefer.

  36. ShootingJigr says:

    I really this to work in Windows 10, are you even working on it now?

  37. Aurellia says:

    Can we make this on to iPad pls

  38. A person says:

    Please make it work on windows 10 soon

  39. Danny says:

    The .Zip Download link Does not work

  40. Drake says:

    The cloud and the sun are changed but for some reason it’s not working😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.the water isn’t changed and there is no shader or shadows.

  41. Greebo says:

    It looked amazing but there where a few warnings for it I’ll list them,

    Provided ‘/modules/0/version’ element is not SemVer ( compliant in pack manifest; Defaulting to ‘1.0.0’.

  42. Victor Hugo says:

    Need a win 10 version plz. Great texture pack.

  43. Anonymous says:

    It literally only makes the sun round. 1 star. It lies about there being an actually shadow and realistic water

  44. ShootingJigr says:

    When you gonna release Windows 10 Edition

  45. People who says:

    It said

    *This works for most iOS and Android devices. It does not work on Windows 10 yet*

    Choose one of the following files:
    Shaders Low .McPack (recommended for low-end devices with less resources)
    Shaders Medium .McPack
    Shaders Ultra .McPack (high-end devices, more resources)
    Shaders Test (MCPE only) (Doesn’t work? Try this: Shaders Test (MCPE only)
    Open Minecraft PE, go to Settings > Global resources > Apply pack
    Restart Minecraft PE!
    You can download .ZIP file here.Installation
    This works for most iOS and Android devices. It does not work on Windows 10 yet.

    Choose one of the following files:
    Shaders Low .McPack (recommended for low-end devices with less resources)
    Shaders Medium .McPack
    Shaders Ultra .McPack (high-end devices, more resources)
    Shaders Test (MCPE only) (Doesn’t work? Try this: Shaders Test (MCPE only)
    Open Minecraft PE, go to Settings > Global resources > Apply pack
    Restart Minecraft PE!
    You can download .ZIP file here.”

  46. Michael188977 says:

    you need to update the zip

  47. Prototype says:

    Update plzzz

  48. castAlexXD says:

    solo cambio el pinche sol alv

  49. Izabel says:

    It doesn’t work on bedrock. The only thing that changed was the sun and sand. I downloaded the shaders low .mcpack and my computer still overheated.

  50. Jonathan Caldwell says:

    dead link

  51. vexatron200 says:

    it works….
    but when i use it it just gives me the sky and not the waster or the shadows.
    all i get is the sun and sky

    • Someone who replied to this comment says:

      Yeah why does that happen? Plz fix this.

    • Zalaxci says:

      Yeah it’s dead :(. It doesn’t work on the latest version, the dev stopped development more than 2 years ago. The sun only works because its texture remained the same between versions but the code is completely outdated. I’d recommend sspe or esbe 2g as a replacement.

  52. Extreme Alier says:

    Please help !… 😫

    I was trying to use this shader (SEUS PE) so I downloaded the ultra version on version 1.12 and I can’t open the original MCPE (because it isn’t the paid version 😓) so i used “BlockLauncher for MCPE” which I use to open minecraft without showing the license message and it can be used to activate hacked clients and to (supposedly) activate mods too and it have allot of really good features but when I used this shader pack all I saw was a round sun and black sky as if there was a storm or something so I didn’t like it and removed the shader pack and deleted it because it was ugly when I used it and then I played normally and after I finished playing I closed the app and then.. the next time I opened the game …. The game CRASHED and I tried to open it again (I thought that my device was lagging or something) and I tried more than 8 times and then I started to worry and remembered that there were comments that said that when you use SEUS PE shaders it will make minecraft crash every time you open it and then I started to worry ALLOT and I tried to open it for over 27 times but the same thing happened over and over and over again then I tried doing things like clearing cache or cleaning data or Both and even tried deleting Any file that seemed to be the remainings of SEUS PE shader pack and I even searched on anything in anyway to help me but I couldn’t find anything to help me….. Please HELP (I even use this app to record minecraft videos 😢)

  53. DaQMeister says:

    It works it’s just that the shadow does not move and you have to download it from YouTube

  54. nah says:

    IT doesn’t seem to work. Yes I’m on bedrock.

  55. creeper says:

    works for bedrock engine but everytime i play minecraft the global recources always crash for me 😕

  56. Jose says:

    It’s not working for me and I’m in 1. 14

  57. Anonymous says:

    Wow it works! i am in 1.12

  58. Crazetoffer says:

    I’ve got the updated version of this shader but can you make another version of this without the water texture it makes my game so laggy the glass window, the railway, lime, the nether portal. So annoying or fix that please i so much like this shader. Plss remove the water texture or fix that ASAP..

  59. aircoolbro21 says:

    wish it were still being updated

  60. Anonymous says:

    can u get on windows 10 even tho it said in dose not work

  61. Anonymous15 says:

    There are definitely bugs for mine
    1 none of the blocks have this dynamic shadow that they were supposed to have
    2 there is just 1 mega huge giant cloud in the sky almost covering the whole world
    3 my guy doesn’t have a shadow
    Can I get help or answers as to why the shader didn’t do much for my game? Otherwise I’ll just uninstall it and just take another day to look for one that actually works

  62. YERR says:

    This did not work for me all I see is nothing at all someone help this has happened to me for a lot of other texture packs I might be doing something wrong idk I just need help plz

  63. Anonymous says:

    There’s a 1.12 version on a channel called Lazza mcpe still in beta but works

  64. Yahir says:

    You can please update this shader to the newest version of Minecraft

  65. Billy Willy says:

    Not working in newest update village & pillage please fix this the shader looks so cool in the screen shots.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Plz update this shader pack so it works with MCPE 1.14

  67. opbag69 says:

    Does this work on minecraft windwos ten edition ? my version is 1.12

  68. Steven Carl N. madrid says:

    Can You Put This On

  69. Needazipfile says:

    Can you please add the zip file back

  70. Nathan27happy2troll says:

    I could install and apply it, but after entering the world nothing happen

  71. Wish says:

    Pls update for 1.12

  72. Tayeba Khan says:

    I every time used to study article in news papers but now as I am a user of net therefore from now I am
    using net for your Minecraft apk content. thanks

  73. Carlos Salazar says:

    Can you make it work for Windows 10?

  74. Steven Carl N. madrid says:

    Plz fix it on

  75. TeddyKiller0102 says:

    I get it working on 1.14 just open the the resources packs’ folder then enter the shader folder then add a new folder (name it “glsl”) then move all the shader file into the the new folder but it still have bugs you have to remove the file”entity.vertex” then it will work
    Sadly you won’t see any any entity they should fix this file😭

  76. CreepyEnderman says:

    The creator of this shader seems to be retired because lot of stealer of his shader’s code.

  77. peper123467 says:

    The only thing that changes is the sun and the clouds

  78. Dylan says:

    Only one texture that has changed witch is snow!!!

  79. Leon says:

    Does it work on windows 1.11?

  80. sniperPrince says:

    everything works but water…

  81. Anonymous says:

    you have to use minecraft version 1.1.0 or anything with 1.1

  82. Ron berlin says:

    Can u message the owner and tell them to update you this I’ve been waiting for sues shaders to update for so long and the only good shaders we have is cspe ultra and tspe ultra so i ask for u to plzzz help us out plzzz we need this shader

  83. Anonymous says:

    Thanks you

  84. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work

  85. LemsGo10 says:

    Does not even work…wow…

  86. Anonymous says:

    I tried the low shader for my iPhone 6s but they did nothing. I think the problem is that I’m playing on 1.11 or something

  87. Deep says:

    Is not working to mcpe 2019 new versions

  88. Lagartixaa says:

    No funciona para la última versión de mcpe si hay alguna solución decídmelo porfavor

  89. Chigaonthehouse says:

    The only weird thing is your shadow , apart from that everything seems grrat

  90. doestnwork says:

    So far this is the best shaders I’ve seen… But i download the .mcpack for ios and goes into the world but the shaders doesn’t work nothings changed :/ pls help

  91. Snivy436 says:

    How do I get this on windows 10?

  92. Someone says:

    I wish I was able to test it with new phone without downgrading.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Idk how to get it im on ipad how?

  94. Mc Gamer says:

    Does this work for 1.11.7???

  95. Does this work for 1.10.0?

  96. MinecraftLovers says:

    It works for latest version of mcpe. But works shaders only delete on file entity.fragment and entity.vertex. still don’t works, moving file only renderchunk.fragment and renderchunk.vertex to glsl folders. this works for latest versions.

  97. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to get this on Apple iPad?

  98. Faded Gaming says:

    i’m on Minecraft windows 10 1.9.0 and only the sun changes:(

  99. Lloyd says:

    I downgrade mcpe and shaders work but there’s one thing missing the water but it’s cool

  100. Felopater Reda says:

    This Shader Doesn’t Work for MCPE

  101. Semedicarota114 says:

    Please, update for 1.9, please?

  102. Dave300 says:

    Plz update this is the most realistic shader there is and it no longer works :(. loved it when it did though

  103. Kirby says:

    When will it be available for win 10?

  104. MCPEsnowflake2 says:

    dude, this shader doesnt even work for minecraft win10 edition

  105. Seth says:

    Please help me, i want to use this shader, but when i enter the world with this shader my minecraft app has stopped please help, i can’t use the shader

  106. zClay says:

    This shader does NOT work for Minecraft PE versions 1.6+ as the graphics code in MCPE has been changed. Just try the newer shaders!

  107. Helper says:

    Notes: THIS DOES NOT WORK ON WINDOW 10 OR EVEN PC. THIS IS A SEUS PE SHADER which is fake. The real SEUS is on planet minecraft. You can search “SEUS” and download for free.

  108. mc says:


  109. BimaZulfikar says:

    Creators pls help me! The shader wont load…
    I tried to restart my mcpe but it wont load again. Is there a solution?

  110. Auron says:

    No support for 2 years, the day just came, now its not compatible anymore with actual versions (1.8.1) so dont bother downloading.

  111. XinYuChen says:

    I am a user in China,but I Can’t download anythng!

  112. Becca says:

    Does this work on version 1.8? Bc I think I downloaded it correctly, and it says that it’s on there, but the shaders don’t appear.

  113. sky says:

    guys it says it doesnt work for windows 10 it only works on IOS and anddroid

  114. Lloyd says:

    It doesn’t work on my iPad please make it work on my iPad thank you

  115. wdge says:

    When will the SEUS shaderpack be on Windows 10?

  116. TalkingSasha says:

    Shaders doesnt work 🙁

  117. The_Cat16 says:

    It actually might be only for lower versions…. 🙁

  118. The_Cat16 says:

    Only the sky and sun works… any tips? (I’m on Windows 10)

  119. Taha khan says:

    Hey editor can you fix this?- My device can ultra Shaders but when I activate the seus shaders it doesn’t activate, means when i open my world I can’t see the shaders😢 plz helppp😢😢

  120. Mathotato says:

    It doesn’t work for me. There is no shadows, no special sky, nothing.

  121. Plz do it says:

    can you plz do one for windows 10 🙂

  122. Dan says:

    Update for 1.8

  123. Anonymous says:

    Does the work on Air 2
    ? Pls answer

  124. Despacito spider says:

    It literally just looks like normal Minecraft. The shaders aren’t working. Help?

  125. ComicSix3772453 says:

    Yo, creator, I love the look of this pack but I have never used it due to the fact that it isn’t compatible with Minecraft v1.8.0 and it is just soo annoying because I really want to try it out and I am using IOS. Please make this extraordinary shader compatible with Minecraft v1.8.0

  126. liam09291 says:


  127. LukeIsCool4899 says:

    This Texturepack used to be so good nut now all it shows is the sun and moon different no shadows and no nice river so please update for 1.8.0 version of Minecraft pe

  128. Infinix says:

    Please fix, i use this shader in 1.4 and more, the shaders cannot use anymore, i want to use this shader

  129. taco man says:

    im not even seeing the shaders in game

  130. Anonymous says:

    I have an iPhone X and I tried downloading all of these texture packs but every time I did minecraft would freeze I need help

  131. Justin Chen says:

    Plzzzzzzz update this shader, it was really good, but now it just crushes. Someone plz help this poor thing

  132. AsuraEmiya3578 says:

    This shader doesn’t work on my Minecraft… I will make this on my YT Minecraft Survival Series soon… Please fix this…

    -JKMagz PH

  133. N.O.Y.B says:

    After the Minecraft pe aquatic update, the shaders no longer load up. They just crashed the game. I tried all 3 available packs. Nothing. Any way to fix this?

  134. Liam says:

    I will make the chocapic13 shaders pe better than yours no lag smooth water better shadows and new lighting

  135. yourname says:

    plz update this shaders because it didn’t work for me im on 1.7

  136. Krib says:

    Completely outdated, doesn’t work. The end.

  137. name says:

    sun,moon and clouds work but everything else doesnt

  138. TG12Gaming says:

    when i looked at the picture it looks good but it has no brightness what so ever, the water is not wavy the color of the water is not changed and no shadows.

  139. TG12Gaming says:

    When i look at the pictures it looks amazing and bright with wavy water and clouds. But the thing is, that there is no change in the brightness of the shader, my brightness is in the highest percentage. There are no shadows. The water hasn’t changed its color or is wavy water. the clouds arn’t there, is so foggy it annoys me, it covers the sun. i have been looking for a bright shader for a long time, i looked up to this shader but until then please fix these bugs.

  140. MrCheese101 says:

    Can you please fix this shader. I am currently using 1.7.0. Every time I get this shader, it gives me two warnings. One of them is something about the manifest. And when I equip the shader and exit settings, Minecraft just freezes and never wants to work until I reopen the game. Then Minecraft gives me a message that says it crashed. I really love the shader because I actually used this shader on Java edition.

  141. AsuraEmiya3578 says:

    Why is this not working on my Minecraft?


    P.S: I only use Ultra Version…

  142. Tamere says:

    If this thing is not working on an iPhone 7 Plus I would wonder if it will work on any other device…Seriously update it please <3

  143. Kevin says:

    Whenever I put the resource pack it take me like thirty minutes to load into the game and when it does load into the game my body is really big and I can’t see anything please fix this

  144. Yohkan says:


    make it compatible for 1.8 kthx

  145. Daniel says:

    Could you please release this on windows 10.

  146. Gaute Lundal says:

    Me too, Minecraft not working, Nokia 7 plus, Android 9.
    Freezes on loading.

  147. Lex says:

    It doesnt work becouse when i start the World it Will just freeze

  148. Alexa says:

    When do we get a Win10 version?

  149. Anonymous says:

    Hey, i really really really like SEUS Shader. In fact, i downloaded MCPE just for this shader! But it’s not compatible with the new version 1.7.0, whenever i apply it… The game freezes and crashes (it’s not because of the device) What should i do?

  150. Durp says:

    Does this work for MCPE 1.6.1

  151. Lloyd says:

    I can’t see shaders my caricar sees black and other couloirs

  152. ClayDaBall says:

    Shader needs to be updated. It doesn’t work for 1.6

  153. Zyrom121 says:

    No longer works as of MCPE 1.5 & 1.6. In 1.5, the shader was half broken and the shadow behind the player did not animate with the player. In 1.6, the shader makes the world refuse to load altogether. Tested on all versions of SEUSPE.

    • Explodingcupcake34 says:

      Eyow this shader is great but there is some stuff need to be fixed. Like the shadow for your character it looks so weird, when your moving and it stays like a robot something , and when u start the game and for ex. The sunrise is on the east the shadow is on east?? Why? I found it really wierd but great work .and i love it

  154. Brotato says:

    My Shaders Do not work when I put them on my game just stays on the loading screen but not loading like just stuck on their and when I reopen the game the screen gets stuck on the minecraft logo and once I turn it off and on agian it works but the shaders dont work please help im on Iphone 6 latest mcpe update ios

  155. Some random guy says:

    So, im pretty bummed out to know this doesnt work on win10, so when will win10 be coming out?

  156. Anonymous says:

    every time I want to use this shader on my OS iPad Air I cant cause every time i activate i am just stuck on “loading resource packs this may take a few moments” please fix this

  157. Achmad eggy says:

    Whiy my minecraft not respons after install sheders seus ?….

  158. Calvin says:

    Warning, this crashes my iPad, I have had the world crashed. Then I tried to add it to the Global Resources thru settings and Minecraft is totally crashed and will not open! Please Help! ⚠️
    (When I worked it looked amazing tho)

  159. Lee says:

    This doesn’t work for Minecraft PE on Ipad – after choosing the resource packs it says loading resource packs and nothing happens, like it just hangs. Any ideas how to make it work? This used to work don’t know why it’s like this now

  160. ??? says:

    It broke my minecraft

  161. KK says:

    please for windows 10!

  162. Anonymous says:

    need to fix the water animation it doesn’t work

  163. ebony says:

    i was quite excited to use these shaders but when entered my world i discovered that it has no impact what so ever on my game!!! i re downloaded this multiple time only to have the same thing happen

  164. Anonymous says:

    Its good, well at the time it was, now it just crashes my game, every single time I try to apply it.

  165. Luis says:

    I think you should make a players shadow move and shows the item’s shadow too

  166. Nash says:

    I hate this i bought mcpe and now imcant join!

  167. ExpertGamer719 says:

    Um it says it’s imported with warnings. when i go to my world it just default resource pack. and im windows 10 user soo i don’t know what to say:/🤔🤔

  168. syfi says:

    Why Can’t Update To

  169. MobCage says:

    Hey can u update to mc 1.6.0

  170. Kyle says:

    Hi I have a problem on my iPhone 7 idk if it’s the new version or if it’s cause I’m on an ios12 beta but right after I set the shader it freezes the game then when I relaunch it crashes again but then it goes on but the shader is unselected due to crashing it’s a great shader tho that’s why I’d like to use it on my phone as I’ve used it on Mac

  171. Anony says:

    This shader was GREAT until the 1.6 update. In 1.5, it was going strong, and working smoothly. But when the 1.6 update came, whenever I tried to set the shader as a global resource or play a world that had the shader, the game softlocked/crashed. Thank goodness for crash detection. Anyways, please add 1.6 support. (And no, it’s NOT my phone. (iPhone SE IOS 11.4.1) As I said, it was working perfectly fine before 1.6. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Rebooting/Respringing, Re-installing, Offloading and then Reinstalling, etc. You get it. Until then, I’ll have to use SSPE (Simple Shader PE).) Bye. 🙂

  172. yui says:

    It was working beautifully until yesterday when I updated to version 1.6. Darn…

  173. Anonymous says:

    How do you make the water realistic. I saw a video of a guy downloading this on iOS, and it didn’t work for the first time, then he changed the settings and it look better. I did that and nothing happened. Please help

  174. Laur says:

    Bruh I have a OnePlus 5 and the shader does not work! The game keeps freezing and not responding!

  175. Christian says:

    Plz fix the water is not realistic

  176. sluggcat says:

    Please add SEUS shaders on freaking windows 10 edition (bedrock edition) 😉

  177. Charles Hall says:

    For some reason my water doesn’t look like the water in the pics which is what I downloaded it for, anyway to fix this, i am not running any other texture packs either. I use ultra. Otherwise a great shader

  178. Sharingan Cat says:

    I found a bug on IOS!! The stone blocks are moving instead for leaves :v and the water is not moving either. Pls fix !!!

  179. DiamondTRYT says:

    hey, i’m just wondering when it will be released for windows 10. thanks

  180. AlvAlv says:

    Hey Admin for v1.5.3 water doesn’t work can you fix ASAP? Thanks!

  181. Nightmare says:

    Can you fix the water. It’s not realistic like it should be.

  182. EternalBlue says:

    Idk if the Aquatic update did anything cause there aren’t any waves on the water. Weird.

  183. Anonymous says:

    The water is still the same! Back then the water was realistic and now it’s terrible! Please fix it!

  184. DeepDaHeapz says:

    Can it work on Windows 10 Edition

  185. Jose says:

    Umm please update this shaders because ever since Update aquatic phase 2…..this shader won’t show realistic water! I loved the water but now it’s just default! Please fix it!

  186. DiamondTRYT says:

    When I use this pack, it just doesn’t work at all. It says it’s working but nothing looks like it’s “shaded”. Any suggestions how to fix this problem?

  187. Anonymous says:

    extremely beautiful but when i played for a few minutes, it was 11% but when i got back, it was 6%. please help me so it doesn’t eat my battery life.

  188. Alesscreeper says:

    I have seen better shaders even on this page, to say that this is the best, does not even change the color of the lights, and the shading is too exaggerated.

  189. MIKE says:

    Please uodate it to be competitavke for 1.6.xx

  190. Fag says:

    The media fire download link never loads, it doesn’t bring me to the page that says open in minecraft

  191. Dara says:

    The sand is very very bright and I wish that somehow this could be fixed or adjusted in an update.

  192. xStormMC says:

    Best shader so far but even the LOW version is too laggy and not only did it crash my game, but it crashed my phone too.

  193. Anonymous says:

    When will it have a update for 1.4?

    • Cyclosword says:

      The creator said that he’s stoped working on the shaders now and this project is over so there won’t be a new update for this.

  194. Akira Fenix says:


  195. Azella says:

    I already downloaded this pack but why is it super laggy when i enter a world when i use this pack. My version

  196. Aaron says:

    I try the ultra on my phone but it crash my minecraft so editor can you fix this

  197. steven says:

    i’m not sure if you’ll read this,
    but i really hope you do. i’m trying to use this shader for my server, and I really need help removing the darkness in the shade. Like, yeah, it looks nice, i just really dont like how dark shady places are. Yknow? could you remove that? also the player shadow looks weird, and the lights are too yellow/orangish.

  198. Anonymous says:

    I need help, I’m using my iPad and I have no idea how to put this in my Minecraft. I’m so confused. Send help

  199. FuryNightMareVN says:

    is it work in Minecraft win10 edition????, if not, pls make a version for win10

  200. FuryNightMareVN says:

    Is it work in 1.5+????, i try it and isn’t work

  201. LandCaster says:

    It’s the best shades I downloaded but you need to lessen the lag

  202. EnTrinium says:

    I installed the mcpack, then I press it, and I choose Minecraft. Then I go to global resources on the main menu, and add the seus shader. When I go back to the main menu, the says loading recourses and the game freezes no matter how long I wait. My Minecraft PE version is 1.4.1 original paid.

  203. Kurt says:

    Why I cannot used this shader I have a latest version of minecraft but when I place this shader my minecraft was stuck and its saying minecraft was not responding why!!!!!

  204. TritonXD says:

    Why The Water Is Same Like Not Using Shader?BTW Good Shader

  205. Elite GameSpy says:

    I really wanted this to work I have a Samsung galaxy j7 prime and have Minecraft beta and I downloaded the low end one hoping for it to work but when I put it on and want to play my world it just closes and don’t want to launch

  206. Ericwong1008 says:

    When will it support 1.2 or 1.5?

  207. GabrielOgad says:

    Hey When I download it the ultra then I open minecraft I activate the pack then it make me lag wat should I do to make it not lag?

  208. bruh says:

    can u make this shadders for win10?? kuz the other shadders for win10 kinda suck so yeah seus is the best one i ever seen pls make it for win10

  209. DarkDestroyer4303 says:

    The Leaves, Grasses, etc. are Waving?,
    The Light Resources are Not Too bright?
    The Nether has a heat-waving?
    Waters are flowing and waving?
    Clouds are realistic?
    Sun is Very Bright when towards direct you?
    Moon is shining?
    Stars twinkles and others twinks?
    Theres a shadow on character, mobs & entities?
    End portal & Space has a new Texture?

    Pls. Add a feature : (It might this is Impossible to work, IDK if you do this)

    Comets, shooting stars, etc. That shoots at night!
    Solar and Lunar Eclipse rarely happens!
    When wheres the light or sun, theres a shadow towards to light or sun that directs.

    I’ve try the low-end its ok… But when I tried the Ultra… CP DEADS 😊😊😊…

    I know that this is IMPOSSIBLE to work. But try it 😊.

    Only PC has a realistic shaders & environments.
    But try it on CP…

    Well thanks reading my feedback!

    • Tornado_Chasing_123 says:

      – That is just a bug.
      – I agree
      – Not possible, PC only.
      – A bug, again.
      – Also possible, but requires horsepower laptop/desktop.
      – Possible.
      – You could find another one which has it.
      – Not possible, PC only.
      – idk
      Add a feature:
      -Not possible
      – Not possible
      – Not possible (maybe)
      Some of it is only possible in PC.

  210. Anonymous says:

    Can I have an adonn

  211. tz•zxuan√ says:

    When i download the shaders….i check my minecraft the shaders doesnt appear on global resources :< please help me im a newbie

    • DarkDestroyer4303 says:


      The Pack has a same UUID, they need to edit the UUID so the other packs can be shown.


      Don’t move all the Res. Packs…
      ✅Select a 3 Seus Packs (Or left atleast 1 Seus Packs you like)
      ✅Move that you selected to another folder (Find or Create a new Folder)
      After that (Atleast yoh have 1 Seus Pack Left) you can select that pack…

      If done testing the pack… Move your using a current Pack to Your Owned Folder or Created, and move again that the pack doesnt test (Don’t move back the tested packs)
      After a test, do it again with a Vice Versa steps!

      If you don’t understand, watch youtube for more bunch of details 😊…

  212. Christopher Michaud says:

    I’m having a bug that makes the shaders randomly turn off when I’m deep enough underground. I don’t know what’s causing this because it doesn’t happen on my brother’s phone. Help.

  213. Justin Chen says:

    This is really the best shader I can ever found, but recently I found a problem, the water wave starts to move with me. It used to be fine, but I don’t know why this problems just pop up and it’s quite annoying actually.

  214. Ejelly says:

    Great shaders I would like it if you add a animated shadow for your character and moving shadows for the tree leaves and grass or even just add shadows for the grass to make it look realistic and add for light blocks add light around them like PC
    This is just suggestions 🙂

  215. Newer says:

    I use the ipad 5 (2017) Its good i used the Preview 2 and it doesnt lagg pls add moving shadows,better clouds (volumetric clouds) moving shadows (player shadows,moving items like grass shadows that moves) and add Godrays also heat rays and rays underwater water reflections underwater water reflections from sun clouds player and everything above it and motion blur DOF and lastly torch lights even if you just hold it. It lits up dark place even you dont place it.

  216. Ahsan says:

    I think it’s gonna be good and I love the shader, but my phone cant load this

  217. Johnson 198 says:

    Please Update! So very Laggy shader. I hope this shader fix and no Laggy

  218. Abby says:

    Will the Win10 be out sometime?

  219. ProsRDaBest says:

    I luv this shaded I used it for 2016 and 2017 and today

  220. Tacobell says:

    Overall it’s a very good shader but you can work on the lighting:)

  221. Crotex says:

    I Love it!

  222. Abdullah says:

    Do someone has a shader link with no lag plz.

  223. Mo da Savage says:

    Bro remove the shade
    It makes the leaves glitch out
    But I love everything else

  224. Abdullah says:

    Errr, Hello, I really like your shaders but give me some tips to reduce lagg. it is super laggy around 2 or 7 FPS. Here are some following settings I use and even some details.
    Minecraft PE version: 1.2.8
    Android version: 4.4.4 (KitKat)
    Device: Rooted
    Minecraft PE Settings
    6 Chunks
    94% Brightness
    70 FOV
    Sorry for disturbness

    Note: Or else tell me another shader

    Thank You


  225. Mark says:

    Hay there may you please update it for windows 10

  226. Abdullah says:

    Errr, Hello, I really like your shaders but give me some tips to reduce lagg. it is super laggy around 2 or 7 FPS. Here are some following settings I use and even some details.
    Minecraft PE version: 1.2.8
    Android version: 4.4.4 (KitKat)
    Device: Rooted
    Minecraft PE Settings
    6 Chunks
    94% Brightness
    70 FOV
    Sorry for disturbness

    Note: Or else tell me another shader

    Thank You

  227. Torrance Rollins says:

    Woah the nether looks SO AWESOME. It’s GREEN

  228. Rainbow gamer says:

    Beautiful but can you make moving shadows

  229. TheBlockHead182 says:

    the problem is that it is laggy and kind of too bright..unlike energy shaders

  230. TheBlockHead182 says:

    People on windows are asking for a version for WINDOWS 10 EDITION. You must be thinking about the regular java edition

  231. Hafsah Faisal says:

    WOW! The water is soooooo realistic! Specially the bushes, the way the wiggle is amazing! Keep up the Amaing job!!!!!!!

  232. Juliet Emeghara says:

    Sorry it got auto-corrected.

  233. HorsewingTDH890 says:

    In my game there is so much lag I can’t move

  234. Lemonfood says:

    Is there any chance you’ll make a Windows 10 version?

  235. LizzyGaming says:

    Please tell me which is better for Samsung galaxy kids Tablet? (High, medium, or low?)

  236. Dead Ender YT 1 says:

    Hey what’s the map on the last photo of the shaders plz tell me it looks cool I want it

  237. LizzyGaming says:

    What is the best download file for pocket edition (Samsung kids or android to be specific)

  238. FallenDuelist says:

    I love this shader, but what is with the leaves? They seem to flash and have this static look. I have an ios device and got the low-end shader. It is also very bright and strange. Plz help?

  239. YDJ_1030 says:

    Why this is so laggy?

  240. ProsRDaBest says:

    Keep it up! 👍

  241. Anonymous says:

    Why is it so milky? That’s sad

  242. Febianmaulana says:

    I like this shader, but the sky is not nice in now plz upgrade the sky And this shader is not Work any time, sometime this shader is crash And plz more update for shader And more fix bug in water, on my device the water is crash And be ugly sometime, plz……
    Fix bug more update And more shader……
    (plz read my coment if you want creat an awesome shader) this shader is cool but more fix And more update the sky And shader for be a perfect shader
    Thank you………my Mcpe its beautyfull Whit this.

  243. LemonTomcat4652 says:

    Awesome 😎 water sick bro!

  244. LemonTomcat4652 says:

    Realy sick expecaily the 💦

  245. iElectroii says:

    I used this alongside the Faithful texture pack. The results are AMAZING.

  246. BlackHawk2306 says:

    Please make it Windows 10 edition compatible, PC’s have the resources^^

  247. MuHcOw says:

    I have NO idea how much work have gone into creating this fantastic looking shader – And I have NO idea how much work it would take to make it win10 PE compatible.

    But please take a shot at the Windows 10 Pocket Edition.

  248. Ragingkid says:

    Hi i like your shasers but i had a suggestion, i think it would be cool if yiu added more shadows like everyone had shadows also all shadow are moving rather than theyre still or not moving, also it would be nice if you made the clouds look more like a realistic approach rather than that beingbpixelated, but still this is a great texture its atill a bit laggy but still..

  249. The_Plasma says:

    Look, Editor and Gabriel…..I really loved this shader, I supported it and used it with care, but I’m wondering why haven’t I seen any improvements or updates to this nearly PC-like shader…. Many people may overcome and overpower this shade developing greater features, even copying its files……What are you guys doing? I’m not ahearingany reviews or news from Paxiao……You want the glory and title of the most realistic shader in Minecraft pocket edition to last? Then I’m informing you that your team should improve this…”beta”…..

    Make us proud…make us feel happy with realistic Minecraft….just please….for all those who won’t have enough money to buy the “Minecraft Ultra Graphics 4k Shaders)….I’m one of them…..just please…please improve…of you want to remain the title…

  250. SkytheRavager says:

    Thanks to your shaders, i felt happy. NOT. Your shaders caused my minecraft 1.2 crashed. I can never play minecraft ever again. Please fix this!

  251. Luxtempor says:

    The shader doesent work 😮 Every pack works, texturepacks or addons but this shader does nothing… 🙁
    Can someone help? Its currectly installed!!

  252. PinkPizzaPony7 says:

    Hey, Editor(s) of MCPE DL. Could you please update these shaders to version 1.2? I love these shaders, but now I can’t use them because they’re outdated. Thanks for reading.

  253. Reflections and shadows... says:

    Great!!! One problem though. The shadows and water reflections are facing the wrong way. Their not pointing toward the sun. Can you please fix? So good though!!!😄

  254. Fix THIS,,,,,PLEASE says:

    The lamp light is weird, the lamp light is toooo dark and not orange natural!! It’s sometimes white and yellow. Please make the lamp more bright. And the clouds and stars are weird To. make the sun more bright or the color of sunset and you can see the sun on the water reflection.

  255. Make says:

    Very Verry nice!!! Thank you so much!! But the light is not natural orange, sometimes it’s to light and sometimes it’s to dark. Please fix that!

  256. Greenflame says:

    Dear Editor,
    I need to report a bug about the shaders. I installed the shaders and tried it on a world (1.2.2). I noticed that when I go to my inventory that my skin doesn’t show in the armor section. I really like these shaders and hope you will fix this because I really like the shaders. Please fix this.

    It is really cool.

  257. Alyssa says:

    Can you update this for the newest update of Minecraft? This is a really good texture pack but I can’t use it on any new builds after the update.

  258. DerpMattGaming says:

    It is too laggy even with the lowest one and my iPad is pretty fast

  259. Evan says:

    Not very laggy on Minecraft 1.2, works smoothly and seamlessly for me. This seems like a seriously underdeveloped concept that, with some improvements, could eventually become as realistic as the PC version of the shader. Keep up the great work.

  260. SpiderWarrior06 says:

    W-Why is the fog in the nether green??? Also, the water stops moving after first time use.

  261. Michael Maderer says:

    This shader is one of the best shaders in Minecraft PE I ever tried, but on the 1.4 update, when I go inside a building in one of my worlds, a glitch happens. When I look outside of my building, it’s raining while it’s sunny, but when I go outside of my building, it changes to cloudy while raining. Editor, please tell the developer to fix this glitch in a future update, and to make sure it doesn’t happen in the 1.2 Better Together Update.

  262. Michael Maderer says:

    This is a great shader and all, but when I upgraded to the 1.2 Better Together Update, I tried this shader on a world, but when I did, it didn’t work. So I down graded to 1.4 so the shader can work again. Editor, please tell the developer to update this shader to the 1.2 Better Together Update.

  263. Ghazzer says:

    Um, is this working or lagging? I want to use this seus pack on my mcpe Please answer it? 🙁

  264. Fredbear14 says:

    The leaves on the tree is very buggy and the leaves and grass and water don’t move I’m using 1.1.5 please fix this

  265. Kennethjohn1406 says:

    The water isn’t working but everything else is.Why won’t the water work?

  266. Fredbear14 says:

    There’s a bug on the tree it kinda glitchy and the shadow on the leaves looks glitchy and static please fix this bug

  267. cs127 says:

    This is by far the best shaders ever for Minecraft! But I think the player shadow looks a little weird, and I know it doesn’t support moving shadows, please make a version that doesn’t replace the player shadow with the weird one. Also there are a couple of bugs I found when I was playing in build 9 (
    The grass and leaves don’t wave anymore, and the nether fog is bright green instead of dark red!
    Please fix and update the pack to 1.2!

  268. Zion says:

    It good seber

  269. SSB4 Gamer says:

    Sometimes when I play with shader, the water would move and the trees and grass would sway. But other times the water would have the waves but it wouldn’t move and the trees would stay still. Please fix bug b/c this shader is the reason why I started playing minecraft again

  270. Ironbeconcraft says:

    There a glitch in the shaders where the water is’nt moving and the leaves aren’t waving

  271. Anonymous says:

    It looks horrible for me, and I used the ultra pack. It looks nothing like the pictures and frankly, I am upset >:(

  272. Aviana Brady says:

    I love this Shader it’s so… BEAUTIFUL but one problem it’s hard to control and look around like it’s pretty laggy and I might break blocks by mistake sometimes please remove the last and will rate it five stars

  273. Mac says:

    OOne thing is to make the water actually move alongside the block it is with make the water ACTUALLY move not texture it to an illusion

  274. Dragoon586 says:

    If anyone is having problems with the water and not moving in the 1.1.0+ then download the test version for 1.1.0+. it works amazing to!

  275. bruhitznobcares says:

    update too windows 10 please

  276. bruhitznobcares says:

    update to windows 10 pls

  277. Senon11072004 says:

    I tried out this pack for mcpe on my tablet and it was great! But will you release it for the Windows 10 Edition?

  278. Lightning_06 says:

    Hi just downloaded this pack and it’s really cool, but the trees don’t move for me and it lags a lot. Is there anyway to fix this?

  279. Dragoon586 says:

    Would a HTC One M7 a high end or a low end device?

  280. Freddy bear says:

    Downloads it but doesn’t appear on global resources. Why?

  281. Anymous says:

    This is a good shader and all but its very laggy, it crashes every minute, the wavy plants and leaves don’t always work, water doesn’t move like it supposed to and leaves are glitchy because it looks like it’s lit up. I used the ultra pack because I use a high end device. If you need to know, I use an iPhone 5s. Plz oh plz fix all this!

  282. No Name says:

    Amazing Shader! But my Minecraft is very slow when I am playing while using the SUES Shader. Is it my iPad because it is out-dated or something else. Please reply

  283. Anymous says:

    It’s awesome and all but the water and the plants and leaves aren’t moving. I used the ultra pack because I use a high end device. If you need to know, I use an iPhone 5s. I even tried the low and medium pack and it still didn’t work right. Plz fix this!

  284. KateHoney says:


  285. Vinnie Sifter says:

    Is the iPad Pro 2017 medium, high or asking before downloading so I dont risk any problems with my device

  286. Moonbae says:

    Hello, please make this shaders for Windows 10 edition.

    • Cyberflame says:

      I don’t really know if I should try this shader because I know that SEUS shaders is amazing,But costs Is very resource heavy. It looks very nice though!

  287. Dylan Kamberi says:

    It’s good but really laggy. When I go near water it lags so bad it lags me out can you fix that plz. Can you add stars to the end that would improve the shader a lot.
    And can the leaves and grass move more often cuz it barley moves only when it’s raining.

  288. Anonymous says:

    It’s good but really laggy. When I’m near water it lags me so bad I sometimes glitch out of minecraft can you fix that? Add stars to the end too. And the leaves and grass barely wave.
    They move like a quarter of a block when it’s raining

  289. Mejova says:

    Please update for the current version of minecraft the water doesn’t move anymore the leaves don’t wave as well.

  290. IEM_Red says:

    Lel I barely read that Windows 10 part :3 Plz make It for windows 10 as well :3:3:3

  291. Brian says:

    When I go into the inventory and go equip armor, Everything is all black except 1/4 of the body. I’m playing on mobile. Please fix this.

  292. Anonymous says:

    Cool shaders but water doesn’t move or waves and I know that minecraft itself had a bug but they had fixed it, still no movement, the shader has great potential, and it is not laggy at all but that’s probably cuz I’m using the knew iPad Pro 10.5

  293. MadKillah says:

    Hey Dude this is the best shader EVER!!
    Just some stuff don’t look good
    1. The Top part of the stair is lit up but the two sides aren’t lit up
    2. The Shadow of the block I don’t understand why the block is half lit up when the other half not lit
    3.The sky just change it like real life clouds
    Last is the shadow of the player whenever your walking/running it only moves the player not the arms and legs and when your mining same thing no arms or legs moving

  294. Pon says:

    I cant seem to open any of the mediafire packs. I do not know how to install .zip files on android. I would apprecuate it if you were to make mirrors of the packs thanks.

  295. Anonymous Turtle says:

    What map are you using?

  296. Taehyung says:

    I just downloaded this shader and it was awesome but why is it laggy?(I downloaded the ultra one) Maybe it’s because of my device? (I’m using an iPad 5th Generation, not the iPad Air, the 2017 one). Would love to know why. Thanks!

  297. Addzviper says:

    Why the water is not waving in my minecraft? Any idea? Did I need to adjust anything in setting?

  298. Jimmybagodonuts says:

    Mind if I use the color.fragment file

  299. Cyril says:

    It’s a bit too bright but l had found a good one but then lost it

  300. Anonymous says:

    It was very very laggy, it’s awesome but I wish I can use it properly

  301. MiFy says:

    There is a bug for this shader, your shadow’s arms and legs won’t move

  302. Sydney says:

    Last time I tried this a year ago it was laggy, did you fix that?

  303. Ravi Bhusan says:

    Please make clouds more realistic moving shadow all mobs and players .

  304. Ravi Bhusan says:

    Please make the clouds more real and moving shadows (shadow must be supported for all mobs and players .

  305. ItzStorm says:

    Need to Be Fixed: Water is not making any waves. Leaves is ruining my forest. Plants and trees r not moving. Fix this plz and I’ll thank the person who fixed it 🙂

  306. Young Brizzy says:

    I love the shaders but the water and the trees aren’t shaking or waving or moving like they supposed to what do I do to fix this problem

  307. Anonymous says:

    can u plz make it for windows 10 edition? idk how it looks so medium stars i guess :/

  308. Michelle says:

    Hi, so I was wondering if you could maybe make this shader for Windows 10 (: It’s totally fine if you can’t make it available, I understand.

  309. Sam says:

    Can not wait until moving shadows are supported! Until then, great shader pack! No lag at all on the ultra on my galaxy s8! Good job!

  310. Amirul says:

    Is the stable version of this shader available yet? For version 1.1.X.

  311. Hello says:

    It doesn’t work on Windows 10 Edition. It just load default texturepack

  312. Mico says:

    The water and my leaves doesnt move. Why?? I using ultra

  313. Anonymous says:

    Dont get me wrong this is a great texture pack but could you pls make it so it doesnt make the sand texture the default sand texture because when i use texture packs it looks so ugly and even if I prioritize the texture pack the clouds look like normal texture pack clouds. So pls update it so it doesnt replace sand.

  314. Xxthegamer34xX says:

    I love the shaders, but I can only use it on my phone and not on Win10, It is way to laggy on my phone. Plz im begging you to make it for Win10

  315. FyreNZ says:

    Why are there no waving leaves, grass, water etc.?? I have a cracked version of Minecraft PE, i didn’t actually buy it.

  316. Zipang says:

    Very good! 🙂

  317. The_Plasma says:

    Guys,girls and editors I found a fix to the glitch where trees and water won’t move! Apply the shader on global resources WITH A TEXTURE PACK (any) then restart MCPE. Then get in then either keep or take off the texture pack and leave the shader in the global resources then open the world and it will now move! YOUR WELCOME (I bet people won’t give credit to me)

  318. Idea for shaders says:

    Can you add animated shadows for players and even throw in shadows for other mobs too

  319. OPOLO says:

    It’s so lag please fix it my device is newest iPad so it not lag but it lag so pls I think u must fix it editor pls

  320. AbbyRabbit says:

    Why the water is not moving for me?

  321. ProGamer says:

    Hello my problem is that I loaded up the texture pack it looked apsolotly fine waving trees water everything was cool but when I re-logged in I realized that nothing was wavy anything could help me fix that?


    Also,the sky looks like a sky but its trapped in a box
    (Basically the sky looks like a box)


    I like it but why is your shadow staying in the same place.It looks weird

  324. Cool says:

    I deleted low to get ultra and it says duplicate pack and now I have nothing

  325. Brandon says:

    I really hope there is a windows 10 version of this soon…this looks awesome! I dunno if my system will handle ultra, but there is one way to fine out I suppose.

  326. Bradley says:

    I have an iPhone 7 plus and this is still laggy and sometimes straight up doesn’t work. Sometimes this makes my torches go back to the normal light. Love it, but way too laggy.

  327. doubleg says:

    This pack isn’t working for me on Windows 10… I even tried to use the test pack, and I know what version I have, but it keeps saying that there isn’t a pack manifest. please help 🙁

  328. The_Plasma says:

    With my further research and translation on the Portuguese sentences about Gabriel and his Seus Pe Shader…(Google translate) I recently discovered that he is almost done in Making the Seus shader beta 3 for 1.1.0 up… He also said that he is not changing the sun and moon reflection because mojang said it will be a bug fix soon in 1.1.1 Also Gabriel also said that Seus beta 3 has a tilted sun…more wavy plant animation… and wave like water… Also the shadow moves but only the hands and legs but still say on the same standing position. He also stated that the Beta 3 will release on sometime this year. Also I saw in some other youtuber videos that in the beta they saw water on the ground when it rains (as if the floor or ground was flooded with water while raining)….. In fact he also found a way to implement the gloom effect which gives a higher daylight light every other Minecraft days….I. So Hyped For the Next Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wepeeee I can’t breathe! 😂🌋
    Lave is less bright…Water no longer bugs when another resource pack is in the game…Last statement… More plants move (flowers dead bush, etc.)

    Maybe possibly a windows 10 version 🤔

  329. AmazingSpy says:

    This shaders is okay I don’t care about lag but the water is stop moving

  330. Anonymous says:

    Why does mine doesn’t wave I. The air the plants and trees also the water doesn’t flow on my Minecraft PE also im using version 1.1.0

  331. The_Plasma says:

    I’m I don’t know if much people will read my comment (editor)…. there’s one problem with the shader. With the addition of the update 1.1 the sun is in the opposite side (north instead of west) So now the Reflection of the water from the sun is now like reflecting nothing… Please Fix… and also the fact that water no longer moves… it stays still…Though I found a change in the shader when 1.1 came out I just know it… It kinda became smoother more relaxing but yea just is the water and the reflection of the sun(cuz it’s on the other side ) and as always stay IONIZEd

    • Editor says:

      I think that the developer is working on an update.

      • The_Plasma says:

        I also noticed that leaves and plants no longer move….Yea I Just hope they update it….I’m also waiting for my favorite texture packs to update to 1.1 like faithful, JohnSmith Legacy and I think would never update is the Chroma Hills Pack(that pack was legendary) Well Yea Just some waiting then..

        • Oswaldo says:

          It has nothing to do with the shaders, it is a bug with the new version of MCPE that gets rid of the water and leave movements.

  332. Mineboy241 says:

    What happened it does not move the trees anymore

  333. xXRinXx says:

    Please fix the waves

  334. xXRinXx says:

    Can you please fix the waves

  335. Anonymous says:

    Can u also get the leaves and grass to move like in the beta

  336. Anonymous says:

    I found a glitch in the shader pack and its when u use a texture pack with the shader pack the water glitches can u pls fix it

  337. Anonymous says:

    Does this work when you have a texture pack with the shader

  338. Ghoster says:


  339. Anonymous says:

    This is a great shader! I feel like it’s changed the things in mcpe that need to be changed and left the ones that don’t need to be changed, 🙂

  340. Minecraft_is_Awesome says:

    This is an AMAZING shader!

  341. Kristin Phung says:

    The water isn’t flowing and the sun isn’t reflecting.

  342. Matt says:

    Hey I have a question can u add an update that contains some of your pc shader features like the shader and the torch giving off light when u hold it?

  343. Justin says:

    This is such an amazing texture pack shader, but it needs to be updated asap plzzzzzzzz! The hearts and armor icons are all weird and blocked out that I can’t even see it. Plzzzz update it

  344. Calvin says:

    Is it suitable for IPad air

  345. Draxin says:

    Hey there’s a problem with this shader for windows 10 where it always fails to import it. Do you have a fix for this or is or is this shader just not compatable for windows 10 yet?

  346. MickMick says:

    Can u make for of seus shader 2 but 16×16

  347. Anonymous says:


  348. Rayzuto says:

    Hey can someone help me ?, I download this shader but the water doesn’t move or has a wave the grass and leaf also stay still while others video say the it move please can somene tell me how to fix this??

  349. gregory16 says:

    the leaves look buggy, what can i do to make this disappear

  350. GOOD says:

    This is a very amazing shader! I like it very much!

  351. DJRager147 says:

    Do these shaders work for v1.0.8?? I’d really like to use these, I’ve seen them before and they look amazing. If it isn’t for v1.0.8 please make a version for that, I really want to use these shaders

    • Editor says:

      Pretty sure it works fine.

      • Mc Gamer says:

        Does this work for 1.11.7???
        Because i try it, but it did’t work….

      • Vihaan Kakani says:

        I hate mcpedl because the editors take 8 years and then they just deny then I did what they want and then they denied and said “Feel free to post this on Minecraft forums”.

        I was so frustrated since I tried to submit this on March 1 and I keep on getting denied it’s been 2 months and I am still being denied and other maps are just getting uploaded fast.

  352. MineWarden says:

    I am a loyal Windows 10 user. I have a surface pro 4, and would love to make my minecraft look as beautiful as it should. When will the windows 10 update be out? Or is there an easy fix in the code to allow windows 10? The shaders look great, I just can’t test them.

  353. BLazingOcelot says:

    if you hold a torch in a cave does it light the bit of area around you or do you have to place the torch? reason im asking is because i saw dantdm had to just hold a torch not place one with his shader

  354. CMAN says:

    The clouds are super broken; they’re just weird lines in the sky. Any explanation?

  355. The_Plasma says:

    Any news on Gabriel Paxiao the warrior

  356. Daffa says:

    I have use this shader and very amazing but When I go into the building inside it looks dark despite already given lighting.can you fix it?

  357. idiot says:

    I’d like to say it is very good. But the lighting on the torches could be a little bit better like the SSPE torch lighting. I don’t want to use the SSPE shaders because the water just doesn’t look realistic enough. But though this shaders pack is beautiful.

  358. DaSeaGoat says:

    Can someone help me? I am trying to install a shaders pack but it just takes me to another page filled with numbers and symbols. I tried opening minecraft pe, but the pack didn’t show in the settings. Does anyone know what to do or am I just dumb?

  359. Akioplazmcpe says:

    Low is laggy

  360. LOL says:

    Please fix it!! Its still lag in low shaders pack in my phone

  361. Coner_Kid says:

    I have win 10 and all that changes is sun and moon

  362. DynamoOX says:

    It’s VERY LAGGY!! hey!! How much ram or rom for ultra shader??

  363. Pyrrhic_Victory says:

    Are you currently developing a W10 version?

  364. JcYambao020105 says:

    It won’t let me use it in version 1.0.7, can you be able to fix that please?

    • JcYambao020105 says:

      And also every time I try to download it, it shows a bunch of weird and random symbols, numbers, and letters all randomly clumped together like some code or something, what is that suppose to mean?

  365. Ehan1130 says:

    My minecraft is i works and not laggy ?

  366. William says:

    I have dowloaded the ultra pack and it Work good,but There is not waving leaves or grass or weather,and the weather is so laggy,sory for my bad inglish,i speak spanish.

  367. Chad says:

    Make it for Windows 10 now!!!!!!!!!!!

  368. Annoyamous says:

    This is the best thing I have saw in Mcpedl but the jungle leaves do not move like the oat and birch.

  369. Lance says:

    Hey there, A moment ago I watched a video with this shader on. I thought it would be cool to be added in my game and when i tried to install the pack in it only ends up crashing the game and it wont response after installing. Any way to fix this?

  370. WolfiePlays says:

    Dear Editor:
    I have a few things to say,first is that if it is possible,can you make the same shader into a higher pack like a ultra mega?
    Second: I tired the test pack and it was very laggy.Plus the tress & grass don’t move:(
    Third : Yes, I’m playing on an iPad mini (IOS device) and my iPad needs high quality and stuff like that.
    Fourth: Just a random question but do you work for Mojang?Plus when is the new update coming out?🤔

    Thanks For Reading!

  371. ReactorCore17 says:

    If you are on iOS, you might want to read this. (Doesn’t concern the shader, but very vualuble information) Just so every knows, (spread the word!) you can now officially copy and paste as of April 13, 2017. Make sure you have latest iOS (or latest as possible) and mope 1.0.6, which has been very recently released. If you look on you pop up “keyboard” in the top left, you will see 3 buttons. (which also appears inside command blocks or any text related thing in MCPE) the two arrows on the left (most likely the undo and redo buttons), and then the button that resembles a clipboard. If you copy and paste something, such as a command (remember, as of 1.0.5(and1.0.6 so far) you DO NOT copy the backslash when using command blocks. Anyways, once you have copied what you want, double tap your home screen so you can switch back and forth to mcpe and the source of whatever you are copying from. You go inside the command block or chat/text box and make sure that the box is selected. ( you should see this symbol 🙂 [the two dots { : }. Once you see the : symbol, (or you are able to type) click on the clipboard icon. Depending on the size of the command or Text will decide how long the command will take to paste, so give it a minute. (It doesn’t take much more that 30 seconds for medium sized commandblock creations. {still, it WILL work eventually}, Hope this helped! Please let me know if you are having issues! Good luck, and please let me know if you find a command block creation that works, or if you have any ideas or things for me that I could change/make. (Also, copy and paste this onto other MCPE cites that need help with this subject. Thanks!

    • ReactorCore17 says:

      Sorry the 😊 Emoji wasn’t supposed to be there. Also, remember, the symbol was the two dots, (:) {you should be able to tell though}

  372. SasukeSayajin says:

    Can you make it compatible for Win 10 Please?

  373. rod says:

    in 1.0.6 full version the flowing water is working man

  374. chad says:

    make it for windows 10

  375. RoboWriter says:

    On the ultra can you add where if you hold a torch it emits light from your hand? Thanks!

    • The_Plasma says:

      I’m sorry but I’m not sure if moving resource capabilities have the capability to add moving shadows or like what you just said. Mcpe still is a very young game just enjoy what you have currently

  376. ClayGaming49 says:

    The shaders test does work on 1.0.5

  377. Cecil says:


  378. Cecil says:

    It wont inport on w10 it says failed to inport im useing version 1.0.6!!!!

  379. The_Plasma says:

    The shaders performance is great on my game but it does lag my GUI when I try to steer the screen it would seem to be slower than normal (though the game is not lagging the interface is) especially when I look at water sensitivity becomes weak. I’m on an IPad Air 2 new release please help me here. (Though turning sensitivity on is working) good work though and keep it up I hope it becomes as good as the pc version and a bit more supprotive with lag. I also recommend using the chroma hills 128×128 pack, Faithful 4×64 pack , and the John smith legacy 32×32 pack it just works along great. Please tell Gabriel Paxiao to add movements for the player’s shadow and add shadows for mobs as well as if possible add moving shadows. The water in the beta test is so much better than the ultra shaders water. Add reflections like the original one. This shaders is truly the best for mcpe currently and will stay that way if you keep on improving the establishment. BRAVO Gabriel Paxiao. Editor this comment needs to be seen by Paxiao and as always thumbs up for MCPEDL

  380. AVRGN says:

    Can you tell me the difference between the test shader and the normal one?

  381. AMVsGalore says:

    The flowing water is not working it looks kind of like slowly flowing ice.

  382. CrystalWinter says:

    I need help……. Everytime I put the shaders on it crashes my game…. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( Can someone help me pls I rly want to test this shaders…..

  383. Sri landmark says:

    Guys, please stop saying “fix the lag”. Lag isn’t something that is “fixed”. Do you honestly think that when you are using a shaders that is based off the most realistic pc shaders that it would be a bit intensive on the device you are using. Do any of you think that everything can run anything for some reason? Do you think that what you are holding is magic hand-crafted by the gods? Do you even bother to read anything before you download it? (It said that you will probably need a high end device for ultra, and I am guessing that’s why you are having issues) Keep that up and before you know it you will have loads of viruses. So, for Pete’s sake, read the darn thing before you spill your complaints.

  384. CrystalWinter says:

    I need help… I downloaded the medium shader thing then it crashed my game…… I need help plz……

  385. Zee says:

    I’m a big fan of your work it’s just astonishing! Though, I am facing a problem: every time I download one of your shader (or any shader) the animations of the water and the plants just freeze, and there is no way for me to get it to move again. It works at the first use but it freezes afterward. Can you help? Does it come from my phone?
    Well anyway good work, keep on working this hard?

  386. Aleks says:

    i love thes website

  387. TTD94 says:

    Awesome! Only problems are:
    The leaves are really glitchy on my device, and the End Portal looks weird.
    *in some spots of the end it glitches, and looks normal for a few seconds, then goes back to vanilla Minecraft.

  388. Prince says:

    Everything is okay except the water , it no longer flows.

  389. Awesome add ons says:

    what do we want, this shaders !!! what do we want It for windows 10 !!! What do we want information about when it will be out for windows 10 !!! when do we want it NOW !!!!

  390. BaccaNarwal123 says:

    Next Update Can U Make It Less Darker And More Brighter? I Cant See When Im Undertround Thanks

  391. FoxyRawr says:

    Love these shaders! Especially the Ultra ones! I love the water so much too!

  392. Mcpe? says:

    Do they work on mcpe

  393. Darksorcer says:

    Four thoe who are reading the comments im running the ultra on my ipad minni 3.thare is lag when u first load a world but that is normal after the world is loaded it should run fine maybe smal lag spikes her and thare but thats to be expected it is a great shader I recommend it

  394. John Caius Tinio says:

    Its tooo beutiful that its actually making my gmae crash pls fix it hell everyone’s having the same problem.

  395. bla says:

    it doesnt work

  396. Iamfantastic says:

    The leaf is broken

  397. Mehdi says:

    A little disappointed

  398. Xzandort says:


    I’m saying that there is a issue with the clouds cause instead of having a beautiful sky it’s just a world sized regular textured cloud. Plz send help

  399. TheRealWreck says:

    It is soo laaaagggy beacuse it works on the tablets only. WELL COMPUTERS ARE BETTER!!!! So why not make a pack for the computer?! I’m kinda jelous because my cousin has it on his ipad and it dosent work for my windows 10. Otherwise, grerat job, luv the shaders!

  400. Foxy says:

    I think the shader brightness calls the glichy trees

  401. Kirsty says:

    How do I restart minecraft? Because all I did was go off the app and go back on and it didn’t work!

  402. Anonymous says:

    make it available for windows 10

  403. HyBrId SkIlLzZ says:

    Can this be available for Windows 10 edition?

  404. XenoExiled says:

    When i download mcpack the zip file apears?

  405. InfinityFlamezzz says:

    Wow seriously no replies jeez we love this shader pack can’t you just fix it instead of not replying

  406. Darkwolf says:

    While this is definitely a very good try for a shader, I must admit that I’m slightly underwhelmed. Shadows don’t move based on positioning of the sun and moon, and many shadows look like they don’t belong at all. Good try all the same, and I’ll be watching with interest to see if it improves.

  407. Samuel says:

    It’s OK. But the water doesn’t look like it does in the picture. I was really looking forward to the water texture. Could someone help me and send me a link to a good one?

  408. KatCat100 says:

    Whenever I download the medium pack, I mean it is perfect but the trees are so glitchy. Like all the trees plz fix the glitch

  409. MrCreeper says:

    Pls fix their is a lighting problem with the beacon and the beacon becomes dark and the leaves are black please respond Mr.Editor.☹️☹️But I will give that shader an A++!!!

  410. Anonymous says:

    it’s not working in windows 10 edition

  411. xXEnderWalker_YT says:

    Can you add realistic shadows and water?🙄🙄🙄

  412. PremiumSkies21 says:


  413. Karl says:

    why this have a bug on leaves?

  414. \???/ says:

    please fix it. it dont looks like the pc version.
    the shadow is the whole time under the building. even if the sun isn’t right above me.
    please fix that

  415. Sad And Disappointed says:

    I Am Using IPad Mini 2 Ios 10.2.1 And I Was Wondering How Do I Fix The Glitchy Leaves They Only Look Normal When It Is Rainy… 🙁

  416. Haley_Solo says:

    The only thing it changed was the texture of the sun. No new shadows and no waving trees or water. Very disappointed. 🙁

  417. SuperRorange says:

    I wonder how to pronounce seus

  418. Fix Pleasee says:

    Hello Editor, This Shaders Is Amazing Works Good!! So Nice End Beautiful Shader!! But You May Fix One I Have IPhone 5 iOS 10.1 This Shader Not Laggy I Got 60 FPS But Fix Waving Leaves! It’s Not Smooth End Its Waving Bad I Can’t See The Wave I Just See Black Leaves! Minecraft: v1.0.2. Sorry For My English I Am From Georgia Read End Reply I’m Waiting!!!! Fix Pls. Thanks 🙏

  419. Blob says:

    I like everything but you need to update the water and especially the clouds on iOS

  420. Jackie says:

    Omg this is amazing! I got the medium one then realized my phone can handle the ultra, but now I try to download the ultra and it won’t work. Is there any difference between the ultra and the medium? If so it won’t let me be the ultra XD but these shaders are awesome thanks

  421. Warpy says:

    What’s with the huge endless cloud that looks like a total mess?

  422. Bob says:

    This is good but for iOS divices the water isn’t as good looking (still wavy) and the player doesn’t have a shadow on ultra

  423. Steve says:

    The ultra shader works beautifully on the iPhone 7 also I added faithful 64 bit and it looked even better. It did not lag for me whatsoever so I would give it an A+

  424. Plz reply says:

    Will the game will be seen as that display pic…i downloaded this ultra pack but no difference i can see in my game except sun and cloud…plz help

  425. SergantDirtyBush says:

    Is it possible to put 2 texture packs at once?

  426. Angel says:

    what versions of mcpe did this work ?

  427. Disappointed_Human says:

    I Have Ultra ios 10.2 iPad mini 2 and the leaves are glitches but worked fine when raining

  428. Mahim Khan says:

    Hey, I downloaded the ultra shader in my iPhone 7 Plus. It changes the sky and the sun. There is no cloud. Water is still the same and no shadows no movement of leaves or grasses. Help me please

  429. Heyyaas says:

    i did everything to make it load perfectly

    put it’s still so laggy

    hell me please 🙁

  430. Diaben says:

    I really love this shaders. I use the ultra and it has amazing and not so amazing features. One Amazing feature is how torches give off an orange light while natural light is bluish. I think that just adds more realism to the game. And not to mention I am obsessed by how realistic the water looks!! It just looks fabulous. One of the not so amazing features is the shading of mobs and players. It looks quite strange to me, But besides that it is amazing!!

  431. Vortex. says:

    Hello there! I hope you read this comment because this is an awesome question. So what I asked for in the last comment was ‘Make this compatible with Windows 10.’ And no one replied and now I am really excited for this. So please if you happen it pass this, make sure to ask the creator (if you know them) can you make this compatible with Windows 10. Best regards – Vortex.

  432. Vortex. says:

    Hello! How are you? I have to ask you one simple question. Can you please make this compatible with Windows 10? Thank you and I hope you had a great day!

  433. TiraSheen says:

    This pack amazing! I use the ultra on my iPad Pro 9.7 (2gb ram) looks gorgeous I’ve never used shaders in any Minecraft due to my devices/computers could not use them or the import feature was not around I’m so happy this works for iOS keep up the great job !

  434. Tab says:

    I really need this to work with Windows 10 I am on a very powerful PC and can handle the high pack. I just need it to work w/ Windows 10.

  435. Zeus Basilis says:

    Can you please fix the player’s shadow, I like the shader but I like Chocapic13’s Shadow more. I hope you read this. And mostly, this shader is lag! Good Luck! God Bless You! 😀

  436. Josh says:

    Hey Editor I Really Want To Try This Pack Cause It Looks REALLY COOL!But the downside is when I download it and go to MINECRAFT it says sues PE shaders has been like download but it’s with warnings!!!!I KEEP ON DOWNLOADING OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND I CANT USE IT CAUSE IT KEEPS ON SAYING ITS WITH WARNINGS!!Plz Help I’m Even At 1.02 btw!

  437. patricio says:

    This shaders pack is so awesome!!! It works perfectly on my iOS device, no lag at all either! I do recommend the medium-resolution because high lags my device and its brand new but either way totally epic! 👍

  438. GuPy_7w7 says:

    This shader looks really good, but I have one problem with it. When I go to a world with the resource pack on, its really laggy for some reason! Please fix this!

  439. The Diamond Minecart says:

    What is the difference between low medium and high anyway?

  440. MR. FIRE says:

    I don’t know but it’s doesn’t work my device

  441. Foxy says:

    Can you fix the leaves in iPad mini 4

  442. Johnson says:

    Torches are too dark, even darker than the original PE torches, please make it brighter and add warm color.
    Animate the player shadows so it will be more realistic.
    I suggest you should give more saturation and make blocks more colorful, your beta “SEUS shaders” made minecraft blocks look a little black&white.
    Anyway this pack is good.

  443. furqan says:

    I still used the low pack but still lag, I did everything to fix it and I even used fps booster but it didn’t work well, I really like those shaders it was realistic but I can’t load it very well,, it’s ssooo laaagggyyy…

  444. George balungay says:

    It doesn’t load . I use the low pack I have an iPad Air 2

  445. Shiro Yashima says:

    It doesn’t work in my android device…. Ultra, Medium and Low isn’t working pls fix it

  446. Minecraft says:

    This shaders is lag my game

  447. Minecraft says:

    This shaders is lag my game super bad

  448. Sadaafff says:

    I updated the mega shaders pack one, but there weren’t any
    •glimmering water(realistic.)
    •moving leaves
    •moving trees
    •my own shadow

    HOW DO I FIX IT!!!!
    There’s nothing at all!!

  449. Noah McKee says:

    Provided ‘/header/pack_id’ element is not a valid UUID.

    Provided ‘/header/packs_version’ element is not SemVer ( compliant.

    Provided ‘/header/modules/uuid’ element is not a valid UUID.

    Please fix?

  450. GalaxyGamer says:

    Does this work on 0.17.0?

  451. GtMac says:

    Why the leaves looking weird And pls fix the lag

  452. Dinkleberg says:

    Dude you need to fix the thingy where people put their armours off or on, dude, when i go there, i see my skin on pitch black, DUDE PLEASE FIX THESE STUFF! But tho, i likeit, except that glitch or bug

  453. Bbze says:

    Anyone Can Tell Me How To Remove The Player Shadow?

  454. DarkGhost202 says:

    I love everting about this shaders. The sky is really cool, the water looks really realistic, and the block shadow itself is awesome. But there is only ONE tiny bitty problem that really bothers me, shadow of YOURELF. I know it is a new shaders and i still love it, in fact im using it right now. But if you updated the shaders i would love the shders even more. Thank you for making this shaders.

  455. Larson says:

    can you make the beacon white not yellow and when i put armor on my player is black and can you remove the shadow of the player because it’s doesn’t match what the player is doing but if you can’t well can you fix it’s thanks

  456. Luke says:

    that’s it i like it

  457. KawaiiPanda731 says:

    Hey, does this work with windows 10? If not, please just reply I just got a account!

  458. PinkSheep says:

    It’s way to laggy for me I tried the low pack and it’s still laggy fix it for 1.0.2 please!

  459. Supermaster2005 says:

    It still lagging I’m use low pack

  460. Akane says:

    I like a Minecraft!!

  461. minecrxfht says:

    PLS REPLY i downloaded the whole packs but all of them are laggy what should i download? im using iPad 4. pls reply because i want to use ur shaders they look vv cool

  462. Ammorphia says:

    I cant install it….i dont know how.. My version is 0.15.1 ive tried everything.. And it doesnt work

  463. BorbingoBoy says:

    The Ultra version makes my game unable to load, or it makes the game to hang so much it never loads… Help?
    By the way, Standard works just fine, but I want more :p

  464. Austin_gamers says:

    Dude pls update the shaders pls

  465. OPOLO says:

    I love it so much!!! But the sadly it’s lagging 🙁
    That’s what all I need it to my minecraft be cool but it’s lagging!
    I will try to do it again 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

  466. Aldwin says:

    I really love a super mega low because the low it really laggy to my device update low version in super low pls do that and reply to me if you doing it right now

  467. Carter says:

    Plz have wavy water

  468. SkyOfMeow says:

    I have an iphone SE so I can run ultra shaders at a REALLY high frame rate. But I want to be able to run this shader without having to turn fancy graphics off, and without the player shadow and the terrain shadow.

    Can you make a version of the ultra shaders that only has the tree shadows, the fancy water, and with the fancy lighting?

  469. Kitty says:

    Please reply these are great shaders but the leaves look really glitchy:(

  470. lucas1901 says:

    Plz fix it!

  471. Davey says:

    Works great on my iOS device but the low,standard, and high packs have glitchy trees? Can you pleaser fix this?

  472. Ace says:

    Can I have only the waving water texture plzz because if there a shadow and dynamic lighting my phone lags plzz can u give me the DL link off waving water texture

  473. lucas1901 says:

    It’s so laggy to move and type with these shaders plz fix it!

  474. Larson says:

    can you fix the player because when i put armor on the player is black but when i am in f5 i am perfectly fine please fix it

  475. Xbow003 says:

    One bug if u use the ultra with another texture pack:I use faithful and this shade together it looks amazing just the sand and sandstone is like the default textures and is really annoying cuz I use those blocks a lot and it looks weird plz fix

  476. Sufiyan says:

    It works but it’s slow when I come in minecraft

  477. Vortex Vernon says:

    Hi, for those who have problems installing this, I have found a solution where you can only see the sky covering the whole world. You can fix it by toggling the fancy graphics setting, let me exlain it to you, if you installed this while fancy graphics are on, you should turn it off so the shader will work, you should do it vice versa, if you installed this while fancy graphics is off, you should turn it on ajd itll work…. VICE VERSA OK! thanks!

  478. Vortex Vernon says:

    I use ipad air ios 10. 2 using mcpe 1.0 and the shaders are working but please fix the bugssss…. The trees and glasses have many lines and looks like glitchy… But the water, sky, and shadows are awesome! Please fix the bugs and add support to mcpe 1.0 itll be great

  479. Shark Jackstone says:

    It needs to be beta

  480. Xzandort says:

    Dude can you update this shaders pack please it’s probably just me or the clouds are covering the entire world

  481. Shoutabout420 says:

    Is there any way I can install it without a computer? I’m on iOS

  482. Jonathan H. says:

    Hey man just thought I’d let you know about a problem with the texture pack. For some reason when I add the texture pack to a specific world, the shaders don’t want to work. It still has the sun included with the shaders showing though. But when I add it to global resources it works perfectly 👌. It’s just with other textures it doesn’t fit so well and I have to remove it from global resources and restart the app just for one world. Any way thought you would like to know that. This is the best shaders pack for mcpe right now, and I’m so glad you brought it to us! Thank You.

  483. Anonymous says:

    Great shaders but pls make the plants wave and the shadow move

  484. Evan says:

    Editor,please now you answer me I have a annoying problem and i hope you can fix it. Please answer my problem Editor.My problem is laggy and the water reflections is not waving and glitching.That’s really annoying me.I hope you understand my problem.

  485. MrTrollzor says:

    I think there should be added animation to the shadow players cast… like, when you walk, then the shadow appears to walk. Is this possible? Will it be coming in an update?

  486. CosmicBlazesheep says:

    Hello, I got a problem.. when I installed the shaders pack it
    said at the top of my Minecraft when I open it that the Import Failed and I didn’t have the shaders in my global resource at the settings

  487. Beatzy_ says:

    You must download this ,here’s the link this will make your game run smooth with deez shaders I promise 🙂

  488. Slickbro17 says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy s7 and when I try to import the ultra pack it just crashes my game and won’t start im running the latest MCPE is that why?

  489. Justin says:

    When will it work for Windows 10? Please reply!

  490. None says:

    So basically it doesn’t work on iOS 9.0.2 but it works on iOS 10 that’s interesting 💔☹

  491. JuSt_BrO says:

    AWSOME!!!!!! I LOVE IT <3

  492. Jack says:

    can u please add support for windows 10 as it looks really nice on my phone but i would like it on w10

  493. Evan says:

    Please answer why on Samsung GT-N5100 is laggy and the water reflections is glitch

  494. Jeff says:

    Thie texture is not working for me please tell me what to do

  495. Gabrielle12345 says:

    Editor, are you working with the shadows, if yes, Amazing!!

  496. Awesome add ons says:

    This is a amazing add on but unfortunately I can use its not for window’s 10 but I seen you’re message that said it’s not for windows 10. YET so do you have an idea of when it would be out for windows because this just seems like the best shaders add on, on here well that’s my opinion but keep up the good work and like I said before do you have a idea of when it would be out for windows 10.

  497. RealBestSebas says:

    It is dope, however it needs some fixing with the torches. When underground, sometimes the phone stop working. The orange illumination disapears and the default illumination appears. Please fix it. It is really annoying

  498. SkyOfMeow says:

    Dude when was the last time you updated this texture pack for iOS?? It is completely broken!!! The water looks the same as it was before I installed the shaders, nothing waves, the look of the character is completely broken, and many }’s and a lot more are missing!!

  499. Annonymous says:

    This is an amazing shader pack! I just have 2 issues. It is super laggy and the leaves are glitchy. I’m using iOS. Please help! Thank you!

  500. Marlon says:

    In my ipad (ios) the cloud and the leaves is strange the cloud is white and the leaves are glitchy

  501. Hi says:

    When I get in the world I don’t have the shaders the sky is like really dark on a really rainy day (stormy). Can some1 pls help me

  502. Kitty says:

    What do I do if the leaves wave but they look glitchy 🙁

  503. MrEmeraldz says:

    Does this work for 1.0.0?

  504. Anonymous says:

    Could someone please help I’m running 1.0.0 and the only thing that changed was the sky everything else is the exact same isn’t the water and other things supposed to move?

  505. Urmom says:

    What is this, first time in my life I have seen a shaders+texture packs weight 217kb. What are you doing giving fake files for. And it doesn’t work at all.

  506. JdoxXD says:

    Expectations: Low:less lag, no waving leaves, bushes etc., no reflection while raining
    Medium:lag (a lot), waving leaves, bushes etc., no reflection while raining
    Ultra: crash
    Reality:Low:less lagWaving leaves, bushes etc.,no reflection while raining, Same as medium and ultra. Good job. Wonderful shaders

  507. Loga says:

    Pls pls make this compatible with windows 10 edition

  508. DG12345 says:

    Can you give me a download link for this shaders that has only wavy grass/leaves and shadows effect.
    Thank you

  509. Buzz says:

    It looks really good at day time but at night time it’s really dark even with lights. Is this normal?

  510. Yo says:

    Ultra and medium did not work for me

  511. superv123 says:

    Please add windows 10 support very soon. Much appreciated. 🙂

  512. Aaron says:

    Never mind it is amazing. I got it to work and it’s not laggy at all! I even use faithful HD with it at the same time! Great shaders!!

  513. Mason Cole says:

    Super good shaders just the fact the trees are kinda like a seizure warning annoys me other than that it’s super good

  514. Ratmir says:

    When it rains, or when you are under water or in a cave it turns purple, very annoying

  515. HarunoSakura38 says:

    The sun and rain did change but the others aren’t. So please fix it. Thank you.

  516. Bobpolo says:

    Fix the tree leaves.

  517. Torexx says:

    Does it work for 0.17.0 / 1.0 ? If so pls tell me anyone ^_^

  518. Suicide squad squad says:

    Is not working the only for is Environment is which texture is Sun only can you fix please!

  519. Alyssa says:

    The water doesn’t look as good as it does InThe pictures and my skin keeps glitching to bring colors and looks faded, and when I take off the shaders every things fine.

  520. Lexi says:

    Hey, the downloads keep failing for the medium and low ones and the high doesn’t work… any suggestions? Please help!

  521. Kurtlovemcpe says:

    Hi I download this but it’s so loggy on my world please fix it and update it on iOS 10 so people don’t have to sit back and wait for a year so please can you do that for us

  522. Thinknoodles says:

    EDITOR! What should I use on iPhone 5? Low, Medium or Ultra?

  523. dude says:

    I’m using samsung galaxy tab 3v…and when i downloaded na texture pack my minecraft became laggy and the water is not waving…plz tell me how to fix it…

  524. Rag3cr1t1calz says:

    Whenever I turn off fancy graphics it works but the sky doesnt

  525. Lack21 says:

    Dude this is my fav shader for mcpe , keep up the good work ^_^

  526. kinjaz says:

    the problem with mine is just the beacons, the colour turns into a fluorescent yellow than blue lol. but other than that it’s such a nice shader!

  527. aldi says:

    This work for version 0.17.0 ?

  528. Gaell Galvez says:

    if you look at your gear and put armour, you look all shaded, and the person shadiw wont move…. but it is awesome

  529. Tylerdagamer says:

    Awesome thanks for the shaders

  530. Anonymous says:

    I dont want zip file but when i download the ultra shaders it gives me a zip file oh come on tell me whats goung on here!!

  531. Jewel Paws says:

    omg at first it didnt work but then i went through the instructions propely and it works!!!!!

  532. wattatopx says:

    Will this works on

  533. Drrestonactoc says:

    I love minecraft

  534. Adreana Sofea says:

    This shader is cool, but it’s too lagging to my iPad

  535. Roke Beedell says:

    The medium and low packs won’t import…

  536. Sophie says:

    Hi, I used this shader and now I can’t re-open minecraft what can I do as I don’t want to delete it an erase all the data.

  537. Evan says:

    Plz answer why on SAMSUNG GT-N5100 the water reflections is glitching!

  538. Tylerdagamer says:

    It’s Awesome love it it looks cool

  539. Tylerdagamer says:

    Awesome texture

  540. Tylerdagamer says:


  541. TgxMatrix22 says:

    You need to fix the persons shadow it really bothers me

  542. Ogressive says:

    The leaves don’t seem to be a bright and colorful as on your pics, ( like normal minecraft) I took your advice (turning off fancy graphics) and they become beautiful as they should be, it’s just that: they don’t blow in the wind, I want them to be see through, and I don’t enjoy staring at a completely white sky. I just want everything to be working correctly with the proper settings on. Any way you can help editor?

  543. Ogressive says:

    The leaves don’t seem to be a bright and colorful as on your pics, ( like normal minecraft) I took your advice (turning off fancy graphics) and they become beautiful as they should be, it’s just that: they don’t blow in the wind, I want them to be see through, and I don’t enjoy staring at a completely white sky. I just want everything to be working correctly with the proper setting on. Any way you can help editor?

  544. ALTWS says:

    Pls make beta 3 soon because it’s very laggy, even I select the low version

  545. bagginsofbilbo says:

    This does not work on my iPad Air 2 even when I restarted mcpe it just shows the sun texture from this pack plz help

  546. Anonymous says:

    How to install this shaders?? Does it requires blocklauncher??

  547. golden says:

    Hi im just downloaded it and import it to mcpe and nothing happens.i mean the shader doesnt work.same things go through there anything im missing

  548. Kirsten says:

    Are you gonna improve the shadow you should improve it with the movement also why is it laggy though?

  549. Mcpe2018 says:

    Some thing does not happen in raining.Like shadow not appear even in ultra version

  550. Reboot581 says:

    Does it work for 0.16.2 it said inport failed

  551. Anonymous says:

    I just got the shaders, but it’s really laggy and I was trying to get a lower version, but it said that the import failed. Do I have to delete the current one that I have? If so, how do I delete it?

  552. Evan says:

    Why on SAMSUNG GT-N5100 thw water reflections is glitching?

  553. Huy says:

    i run mcpe 0.16.2 with iphone 5s but the leaves look glitches, can sb help me??

  554. Lucas says:

    Hello, I have recently installed your MCPE Shader pack and mine lags. So I went to install medium and it says “Import Failed” When I open the MCPE app. Same with low. Could I have any help?

  555. Jonathan says:

    Were you using a map for the photos of the shaders?

  556. june08190819Y says:

    I clicked mcpack file to import and i selected shader. But when i restart minecraft, it doesn’t open.

  557. Gabriel says:

    So first i downloaded the high resolution version an it gets so laggy so i decided to go with the low one, but somenthing don let this happen it says that it failed, helppppp!!!

  558. Entity moltov says:

    Thanks…Broke my minecraft >:(

  559. Ranch Baren says:

    Yes, yes, yes…….. yes it does…… although I would like to have the lighting on the trees with fancy graphics/leaves on though. Any advice would be much appreciated, by the way,I tried medium and light (I use ultra) and it still persists

  560. Ranch Baren says:

    I am not sure if this is a bug with the shaders or a problem with my device, (iPhone 6) everything is great almost no lag and works perfectly,except for one thing that nearly ruins the experience, THERE ARE NO SHADOWS ON THE TREES, they wave and everything I know that the shadows on the ground aren’t supposed to move but the lighting on the tops of the trees looks as if it were regular minecraft. I have compared my pictures with you pictures (same area/angles) and on yours there is light on top of the trees and none on the bottom side like how it is supposed to be, for me the whole tree is like what the underside should be on the leaves and is dark

    • Editor says:

      Does it help you turn off (or on, depending what it is currently set as) any of the following options in Minecraft Video Settings?:
      – Fancy Leaves
      – Fancy Graphics

      Try both options and see if one works.

  561. Daemon says:

    My only real complaint with this texture pack so far is that the torches don’t generate very much light. I know this is still a very early version and it definitely has a lot of kinks to work out.

  562. Zarathos says:

    The leaves and bushes don’t move in the wind for me, also the shadow of the player doesn’t move or anything, at night it’s so dark, I have my brightness up and I can’t really see anything, torches don’t illuminate as much as the original MCPE texture. Plz fix this, although everything else works fine.

  563. Turtlez says:

    The trees look weird, if u could fix that and the problem with the player shadow that would be gr8

    • some random person says:

      I don’t think mcpe is ready for moveable shadows yet but the super duper graphics pack coming in this fall will have moveable shadows

  564. Mikey Entwistle says:

    Hello, Does this work on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition?

  565. AwesomeWizard96 says:

    Hey editor it’s working awesomely now

  566. Hamza says:

    Doesn’t work

  567. James Ryver says:

    If like your shaders but can u fix the lag

  568. FilipinoSlugger says:

    The shaders is excellent, but there is a big grey sky above me. I don’t see the sun and the moon, but the shaders and water are showing. How do I fix this?

  569. Walkserd says:

    Its Working On 1.0.0??

  570. Anonymous says:

    But it lags allot but still great

  571. Only Player Youtube channel says:

    So amazing but this shaders is laggy

  572. Slade says:

    Well, I have the latest version of the game, it doesn’t even show the packs in-game. An yes I placed them in the correct folder and everything. So what could it be? My device?

    • Slade says:

      Aha! So I had a bit of fun with the files and voila. But one problem remains. I do not know which pack I am using in the game, I have all of them im the folder but only one is shown in-game. I have to say the skies and the sun are awesome, the water is also very very good, but not like on the presented pictures. Rest of the shades are superb and the feel in general is fine but not as much as I expected, maybe beacause of my problem? Anyway my fps is pretty good, I feel the drop but it is very much playable. My device is doogee f5 with 3GB RAM, octa, mali-T720 I believe

      • Slade says:

        Deleted the other two and left only ultra, works amazing the water is astonishing! Good job amd thanks!

        P. S. Sorry for the monologue xD Am like dis

  573. Katherine ayon says:

    Hi i really want the shaders i have a lg7 and when i download one its super laggy i cant even move please help me i dont what to do please respond i really want to use this shaders

  574. Boring mouse says:

    The best shaders pack yet because you don’t have to do a huge amount like others.

  575. ne 💜👸🏽 says:

    What is the map in the picture

  576. Son Goku says:

    shader most beautiful ever now that I’ve ever used

  577. moon says:

    i ask you to make SEUS PE BETA3 to change minercaft main graphic. like this. this texture pack make not only mainscreen but also setting and building terrain screen. i love it so i respectfully ask you to make minercaft main screen more fency 🙂 thank you for listening my idea. Have a nice aday and Good bye

  578. UGHQ says:

    This is very impressive that the other ones I tried. Also try like make the blocks look like they move when your underwater anyway this is good and I’m proud

  579. ItzTMRG says:

    Won’t work I have put tried low, standard & ultra but just won’t work… I’m on iPhone 6s, iOS 9.0.2. Every time I go on a world with the shaders the screen freezes after loaded with partially loaded chunks. I can’t move my screen, or touch anything except backing out… NEED HELP

  580. jaion carter says:

    I’m yet to still find a shaders pack that works in Windows 10 edition

  581. Dalphas says:

    My device is lenovo P1
    2GB ram
    1.5 ghz
    All categories lagging
    Low medium ultra
    Why ?

  582. SkylieDoesGames says:

    Hi editor

  583. Me says:

    When I go to download it starts to load then goes blank :”/

  584. SlidPancake3841 says:

    What Map Do You Use In Photo 3?

  585. RidhoBaihaki2890 says:

    Uuh, i download the mcpack of low and standard, but when i try low, i see only the sun changes. No shader.
    I see the size of mcpack low and standard is same. Please help me to solve this problem.

  586. CocoJrch says:

    please fix the steve’s shadow

  587. FangKour says:

    Ummm I legit can’t move it’s that langue please help and when I tried the lower one it said import failed

  588. Special Jonny says:

    Please make this shader for windows 10 edition, I really like the shader a lot. If u make this shader for windows 10 edition I’ll be highly appreciate it

  589. ChrisplayerTV says:

    Best Shader ever:)….But not playable. Even on the IPad mini 4 and the IPad Air it lags…. even the LOW one does. Pls look into fixing it/reducing the lag. It’s a shame such a great Shader isn’t even playable….:(

  590. Fruity says:

    I LOVE IT how much time was taken for this?

  591. Shadowwwww says:

    The shodows on the blocks don’t move for me. At night I can still see the shadows in the same place

  592. ItzMehLance says:

    why did it gave me blank screen when i restart minecraft??

  593. Robert Zurawski says:

    This is one of the best MCPE texture packs for IOS and Android. The leaves and grass wave, the water looks great, the sky is amazing and the shadows are awesome. It is also one of the only texture packs for IOS that I have tested that doesn’t crash your Minecraft.

  594. Bruno says:

    Very nice but too laggy for me even with octo-core tablet and a lot of memory free. Also another problem: I play with a controller and when I play with the shader, it disconnect the controller (I use sixasis app). Conclusion: the effects of the shader are incredibles, but it turn my game unplayable. 🙁

  595. Noone says:

    Help !! Everything is invincible on iphone 6s

  596. Susan says:

    How do I remove the shaders? I applied them on but I can’5 remove them from global recources even though it says I put the file away. Please help!
    Side note: I love the shaders! I just need the vanilla minecraft for certain reasons.

  597. Paul says:

    I like this

  598. Aidan says:

    Pls fix the glitchy leaves in the ultra..the others are cool but the leaves in the ultra looks so laggy and glitchy,.. pls fix it.. i really like your shaders

  599. Youwillnevernow says:


  600. Anonymous says:

    Hey does this work for iOS

  601. Derpface says:


  602. JoeyNumb3rs says:

    Not sure if it’s a bug or just me but I applied the shader and it looks amazing but in my world if you go deep enough underground the shader stops working and it goes back to the original lighting.

  603. Logan says:

    I can’t download it for my iPad mini for any of them

  604. Ntouris3 says:

    Sooo … Great shaders first! And now let me tell you my opinion:
    Ultra: NOT playable
    Medium:5 fps
    Low: No shaders at all!

    My specs:
    1gb ram
    Mtk6580 cpu
    Mali 400-mp gpu
    Android 6

    Also i cant use two shaders version at once (i have to delete and reinstall the pack)

    Please make medium lighweight or make low look like shaders plz! Plz answer!

  605. Ani says:

    It’s perfect!Its just that it lags me soo much!i have iOS so is it suppose to lag?can u pls fix it!

  606. Shader says:

    Can you Do it too without a Computer?

  607. Shader says:

    HI i’ve got a question hohe can you Download it easly!?

  608. a girl says:


  609. Andy says:

    Can you make changes personally?

  610. RiCyber says:

    I use low, but why still lag? My device is android 1gb ram, can you help?

  611. Gmodgamer13 says:

    Can you pls stop make the saidow if the player moves pls I love you shader pls