Published on February 21, 2019 (Updated on February 21, 2019)

SG 2D World V1

2D World is an amazing survival challenge! Play the 2D survival game with friends and travel across the 2D world! Find resourses and dig for diamonds in the really hidden and rare caves!


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when you want to play terraria but dont have enough money
Let's see if we can get to 5. I'm the 4th
When you don't want to buy terraria
It's Realy Awsome with 2D Cam Mod!
(Anyone know this? May Not...)
How are you suppose to go to the nether and the end
You're not supposed to
Spoiler alert

You can find diamonds near bedrock under spawn, craft a diamond pickaxe, and break the obsidian to go to the main land
Achei Legal Achei Ate Diamante
This quiz is easy
Hi Fellow weeb Nice Profile
My eyes are bleeding ,so much white.
Saying a 2D minecraft is like saying Terraria
so its look like terraria? cool put more biomes next time