Published on December 15, 2017 (Updated on January 07, 2018)

SG Beast Battlers (PvE) [Minigame]

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Pls add puzzle map, example: find the button
Skygames there is an app called MCPEAddons which puts your creations in it! (Probably without permission.)
Plz do saymon says or something like that where you have to complete tasks randomly
Skygames can you do a game like saymon says where you have to complete tasks randomly
We were actually already doing this map. It is quite hard to come up with ideas for the randomiser. ATM we have done 10/100 randomised tasks
When is the release does it depend
Every time I try to download the map my Minecraft pe crashes. Please fix! (^。^)
Yes please fix does the same thing to me.
Awesome I will a make a video of it in channel
Here ?
More PVE maps for iOS plz
Awesome! Glad to see you like it.

Zombies will be releasing tomorrow/today (Probably)
Guys can you make a hide and seek and a whos your daddy? Pleas I love very single map you guys make
Hide and Seek has already been done! Access it with our here:
Sky games stop copying other people creations and saying they will join your team what you guys are just plain dumb heads can you guys make something at least made by you oh if you copy My new Pokemon games in development which is expected realese for December 2018 WILL YOU COPY THOSE I WILL TELL MCPEDL so please just if you ask me to join your team its going to give me a choice
Actually as MCPEtraswen said we are not copying people’s maps. The creators of the maps gave us full permission to use their maps.
Firstly, this is copying but the owner of the map has been giving us permission to use his maps. They are very high quality and we enjoy making games on them. A map will be releasing soon for Christmas and it was built by our team. There you will see our skills.
I love sg games but this I’m gonna gets and get back
What? You’re gonna ‘gets and get back’?
SG, please add a map find the button
Yeah egggggg warrrrsssss!!!!!!!
We will never do eggwars or cakewars as we already did bedwars
They already did bed wars which is basically the same