Published on December 06, 2017 (Updated on September 12, 2018)

SG Bed Wars [PvP] [Minigame]

Installation Guides

Sorry, I'm so late to reply! I'd just like to say, I LOVE THIS WORLD! I and my friends are obsessed and play every day! No offense to some of you, but you need to read! The directions are right there! Thank you for making this awesome map!
i don't think the map creator realises that you cant split items on Mobile
It doesn’t have hoppers
How do you use it one it is downloaded on iOS
how d i download
I cannot get emeralds help
How do you buy things?
Use classic ui, put the item in the first slot of the chest
It dosent let me get the book and there aren't any hoppers does it not work in version 1.8.1.
Why im not get any staff on the island and i cant get iron or gold
Plss help me
Awesome map! I love it! Only problem is sometimes I try to buy things at the price listed, and it doesn’t work! Other than that, it’s really worth downloading
Really good map its fun to play it on local multiplayer with friends!
i hate it the shop dos not work and ther is on ui in the video
You have the best game
hi I need fix for shop she not working