Published on March 12, 2019 (Updated on March 12, 2019)

SG Birch - Castle House Mansion

SG Birch is a modern house near a river, and also by a village. The house features an upstairs living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an indoor tree! Multiple windows let you look out onto the village, and the river that is in your backyard, but if rushing against the current isn't for you, the house also has a backyard pool!


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I would definitely recommend putting lights in the house such as torches or end rods, as the house was super dark. The house was pretty plain such as the colours, but I really liked how there was a few placed to put or place your pets. I wasn’t bothered to check more then pretty much the first story of the house. There is heaps of room for improvement in my opinion, but you do you! :)
It wasn’t that good, I wouldn’t recommend it.
try copying into another map??
Why in the other maps my friends can't join the mapI downloaded? Pls reply
Why on other maps my friends cannot join it.
It said the world is set to single player mode. How do I change it to multiplayer mode?
No offence skygames, but i feel like you guys are better suited to create minigames. The build are interesting but the minigames are the reason people like you guys so much.
Wow this is a nice house!
Whenever I download the houses it does not work its not in my worlds list!!
Just seartch in you worlds list for a world you don’t know it’s not always on top