Published on February 02, 2019 (Updated on February 02, 2019)

SG Boat Murderers - The Mystery Game

Boat Murderers is like hide and seek. The final hider alive is the winner! The seeker [hunter] must kill as many players as they can find. That is their goal.

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-Fixed requested image change from MCPEDL, I hope this is better :D


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Sooooo how many players needed? I'm not going to download without his answer........
Please make the insides like an actual ship
Please a mediafire link stop using dapalan and
việt nam vô địch
Bismarck ship from Germany
So this is a creation map. Not a mini_game or adventure map. This is false advertisement heck u.
How do i start 1st btww
nothing special. especially infuriates a lot of advertising when downloading