Published on February 02, 2019 (Updated on February 02, 2019)

SG Boat Murderers - The Mystery Game

Boat Murderers is like hide and seek. The final hider alive is the winner! The seeker [hunter] must kill as many players as they can find. That is their goal.

The seekers hold an iron sword and can hide with the hiders if they are very sneaky!

The hunter can never win, but the hiders can lose!

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-Fixed requested image change from MCPEDL, I hope this is better :D


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Sooooo how many players needed? I'm not going to download without his answer........
Please make the insides like an actual ship
Please a mediafire link stop using dapalan and
việt nam vô địch
Bismarck ship from Germany
So this is a creation map. Not a mini_game or adventure map. This is false advertisement heck u.
How do i start 1st btww
nothing special. especially infuriates a lot of advertising when downloading