Published on April 19, 2018 (Updated on April 19, 2018)

SG Diggers [Minigame]

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Hey SG! I have a suggestion called the no. 1 minigame of Minecraft called Survival Games. Yeah and why don't you guys build it?
And how about Bomb Lobbers or Skyfall? :D
Muy bien 5 star
Yooo SG. I have A few map suggestions! Here they are: Morph hide and seek, Excape the room, and finally a Granny map. Based off the game Granny.
Oh yeah and another suggestion is a survive the natural disasters! Many fans would love those.
This is awesome ?????
Oops Forgot To Put A Rateing ??
Best Map Ever!!!?
Hey this game looks really fun and i have a good mini-game suggestion. Its called: Treasure Digger. What you do is you go into an arena where you get a stone shovel and have to dig up chest. You then find loot to kill others and have to be the last person standing. I have tried building this mini-game in the past but there were many problems with it. If you decide to use my idea it would be cool to see you guys make it! Also great job with the games you guys are creating!
This is like spleef but better
Seed: -1250041695

You first spawn in a jungle forest on top of a tall oak tree. Face southwest of your position and head straight there. You'll encounter a mountain (note that you should still be in the jungle biome, beyond the biome is a taiga-savanna), but the mountain holds three abandoned jungle structuress.

Each of them holds a chest (placed inside water that may not be flowing properly). Head down to the west of the mountain (through your former perspective from the spawn) and you'll see another abandoned jungle structure. This one holds a treasure map, however! The treasure map leads to a nearby stronghold that is north-west of your location (map perspective).

If you head there, you can head straight north to find an ocean tower. You have to be on the look out underwater to find this specific ocean tower. This structure holds yet another treasure map that leads to another stronghold. If you head east of that ocean tower you'll find another ocean tower with another treasure map that leads to the same stronghold as the first one.

All chest loots from exploration
▪ Coal (very common)
▪ Wheat (common)
▪ Enchanted Fishing Rods (one in each structure)
▪ Treasure Maps

Minecraft couldn't render very well due to the target locations of treasure maps don't appear so I was led to assume that they were strongholds (due to the fact that my Minecraft application couldn't render strongholds properly). This seed only works for the latest beta version which is the Update Aquatic for MCPE.
looks cool, i think i'll try it out