SG Fortnite V.11 (Battle Royale)

Fortnite is the massive gaming success of 2018 and 2019 year. SkyGames has created the amazing game in Minecraft! If you love Fortnite, or just Battle Royale in general, then this is one of the best such maps you will find for Bedrock Edition! Creators: SkyGames Team (Twitter) (Website) (View all credits) Commands: Traswen Texture Pack: FogzGamez Builder: leefnut, Inviziy, FogzGamez, TylerSk8Z Updated: 7 March 2019



  • Cloudy Warfare Addon for the Weapons [No Explosives]
  • Map by Leefnut [1.0 Version is the original, We have majorly updated it]
  • 10 Minute Game
  • Working Storm with Randomised Games
  • Lobby
  • Random Game Spawning
  • 150+ Chest Spawns
  • 50+ Chest Formations
  • Compass and HUD showing Circle Location
  • Settings Board
  • Full Storyline updated Every Month

All Locations

  • The Lab
  • Viking Longboat
  • Boating Beach
  • Humble House
  • Crumbling Castles
  • Traswen Temple
  • Amazon Acres
  • Missile Marshes
  • Ghoul’s Graves
  • Crashed Comet
  • Observatory
  • Fogz Temple
  • Mystery Mines
  • Massive Mansion
  • Pumpkin Park
  • Paradise Peak [NEW]
  • The Flying Fleet [NEW]
  • Tickin’ Tower [NEW]
  • Bunkers


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New Features:

All of the trees are back! The version without the trees is boring but is still available on the app 'MCPE Addons'!

New Locations:

Viking Longboat

Humble House

Removed Locations:

- All Christmas Locations

- Mount Weather Bunker

Paradise Peak [NEW]

The Flying Fleet [NEW]

Tickin' Tower [NEW]

New Hidden cave at one of the '?' markers on the map!


Supported Minecraft versions


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105 Responses

4.1 / 5 (62 votes)
  1. GokuPureHearted H says:

    There is a method to fix this map look for all command blocks and destroy then just what you want

  2. Blue7S says:

    This is amazing but imagine it they had seasons. It’s this map but something happened like a meteorite and then this would be the best ever

  3. Guest-1259475408 says:

    I’m getting teleported back to lobby after pressing play how can I fix this hell asap email me pls

  4. Anonymous says:

    Make the flash bangs throwable

  5. idk says:

    am I in the past or present or future

  6. Hank says:

    I love your world bro “thumbs up”

  7. Anonymous says:

    My game crash…

  8. Troller says:

    Legends says they play Apex for 2019 because it has more massive success than Fortnite

  9. Pillar says:

    May I upload a video I made? Idk I’d thought I’d ask

  10. Bamos says:

    Nice Map, but i suggest to you to make a REALM for this map, i think that is a very good idea
    I hope that you take my comment in consideration

  11. RAGEMETEOR says:


  12. User 9684734 says:

    Please add planes!

  13. PseJanz says:

    Why is it if I press the play button me and my friends get teleported to the lobby and not in the island pls fix it me and my friends just keep teleporting in the lobby and not in the island ill give 5 star if u fix it.

  14. CL4YT0N says:

    Ill use this on my server (Credit Will Be Given)

  15. Jumpy says:

    This game is a really good remake of regular Fortnite and I really enjoy playing it with my friends but I have one request and that is that you guys try and make the game a little bit more mobile friendly since I have a lot of trouble aiming on mobile.

  16. Bob says:

    Can the mod plz i really like it

  17. PattyFred says:

    Is this also a mod? I can’t play it in pocket edition. Can someone help me? It only work one time but the moment we tried it again it failed. We’re stuck at the starting point.

  18. Jason12345Voorhees says:

    Invite Me To A Project

  19. Hero says:

    Hey can u make this a zip file plz.

  20. Bromack0304 says:

    Hello SkyGames!

    I am a big fan of this map! I do have some suggestions!

    1: Why do we have mining fatigue? (not a suggestion, just wondering)
    2: Add a map of the island to our inventory! (It would make travelling easy)
    2a: Maybe add the storm circle to the view map so we could better see where it is!
    2b: Maybe this would be hard, but maybe also add a white circle for the safe zone. (On map or in the world itself)
    3: Make the storm wall/line more visible, it is hard to see (it goes into the ground sometimes), maybe use a wall or make the blocks go over mountains or hills.

    That’s all!

  21. Gabriel Coigny says:

    Map isn’t working. Me and my friend are trying to play but when we press play it doesn’t teleport us to the map.

  22. GamingGrenade4 says:

    (AG67) Exactly what I said

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. infinity781 says:

    make one big update and that s it. there are so many update that confuse people.

  25. Abo2005 says:

    Why all version of these map is the chest empty .
    pls help me

  26. end miner 55 says:

    make the world more bigger

  27. Unkown says:

    Please. Remove effect mining fatigue,

  28. AG67 says:

    Why do they even continue this crappy game

  29. JakeTheNoob says:

    Why don’t you close the health regeneration in the next update, please make the health regeneration false it will be more like fortnite.

  30. 1XGE1 says:

    Your FORTNITE is lagging you will need full render distance for this and its lagging when you have full render and if we dont i use full render you cant teleport at the battle field even worse it didnt give me any compass to see were is the playzone even Unspeakable his compass aint work in his vid maybe use any command that the command is still working even if the render distance of us is not in full render please fix it if you have spare time

    And one more question how did you do the storm and how to use particle and ticking area command
    Please answer if you saw this loooong comment

  31. Currentguypostingstuff says:

    Cool map, you should make a better addon, maybe inspired in the Fortnite addon by JEBR_Gaming BUT WITH MORE GUNS!!!!!! And make cool lobby!

  32. Rama2704 says:

    Why Not Use Addon Fortnite

  33. Buttpoop says:

    This map sucks when i click the button “PLAY” its still in the lobby whoever made the map sucks

  34. CocaCole says:

    This would go great with a fortnite mod

  35. TheGuyWhoPersistantlyExists says:

    Me and my brother hate Fortnite, I wonder what will happen if I tell him I found a map of his favorite game, and get him to play it.

  36. Bao Nguyen says:

    Remove effect mining fatigue

  37. Ackronym says:

    Can u add the bus?

  38. MCFAN says:

    why is their nothing in the chests?

  39. KenfromPh says:

    Can you update single mode with NPC enemy and team. Like join blue team with bot or on red team.

  40. Chris says:

    Hey, I have a Suggestion, when you are spawning in the map or using, a insta portal. Maybe you could make it where it gives you a temporary elytra for smoother stravel than just falling down.


  41. gio117 says:

    I’m loving the improvements and how amazing this map is already, but there are three main things the community wants from you guys: all SG maps in one (not a fan of this idea myself), a spectator function in SG Fortnite, and Space Shenanigans season 2.

  42. Toomi says:

    No offense SG but why a Fortnite map? Kraken games already made one pls don’t copy them they worked really hard on their map and used a lot of effort please don’t make their effort go to waste 🙁

  43. Herolemo says:

    I cant play the map

  44. Jemi444 says:

    Can you make a PUBG map, if the Fortnite map have been made?

  45. Someone says:

    Cool. Storm made with barriers! 😀

  46. CrazySinclair says:

    Hello Skygames, I would like to soon collab with you guys, I am a fellow Mcpe Command Block Expert And Would Like To Improve One Of My Maps With You Guys. I Used Your Guys’ PvP Arena And Made It Into A Fish N Trade Lobby, It Was A Huge Success On Blockman Multiplayer For Minecraft And Would Like To Improve It. I highly Admire Your Work And Would Soon Like To Meet The Team. Sincerely, CrazySinclair

  47. Adept XR says:

    Loved most things but the map is so bad for pvp….jungle?

  48. Arexon says:

    Good things:
    • Great concept to be implemented into Minecraft.
    • Good gameplay.
    • Nice environment.
    • A fully customized texture pack.

    • What did ruin the island is jungle.
    • Limited weapons.
    • Not a big environment.

    • SkyGames says:


      The jungle is slowly being removed in every update. We are taking out chunks!
      The weapons will only be improved by removing old weapons, Which we will do!
      I’m not sure what you meant. But I assume you mean that we don’t have a lot of places to drop. I am improving on this in upcoming updates by adding as much as 3 locations!
      – Traswen

      • Dead_Noob says:

        Dear SG,
        This map overall is great but can you add a map showing where the circle is(ik it’s hard and will taking along time, I didit once and it took around 20 minutes for a super small circle that shrinks in size. This way it would be convenient so you wouldn’t be running blind like a headless chicken, the compass is just a bit hard to follow. I can understand it can take up to hours just to do it for a big map.)
        Another thing is aim, you don’t have the ability to see where your aiming which is quite hard. Also can you limit the inventory space to 9 and if that doesn’t seem like enough, you can introduce backpack which you can unlock more inventory space. And to truly make it Fortnite, add building. Ik I’m suggesting way to much but you know you can just take one step at a time.

  49. This map was great but, the crates don’t have items in it. Please put some items in it. Thank you.

  50. MrAgentBlaze says:

    Cool, Now i can play the map with friends

  51. Anonymous says:

    Update it please it it’s so laggy

  52. FogzGamez says:

    You forgot to mention you added 2 new alien weapons!!

  53. Cosmicstar says:

    The map is okay but there are some total let downs that ruined it for me. One thing the fortnite name makes me think they used the actual fortnite addon that is on the same website but the weapons and everything are very different use the actual fortnite addon or change the name. Two The map doesn’t reset after you play. You can place a bunch of landmines in one match and in the next the landmines are still in the same spot. Lastly it was laggy and the mining fatigue is annoying. The main thing though that annoyed me the most and got me to not like the map was the first thing I said about the name and addon. This game is a battle royale yes but this isn’t anything like fortnite other than the storm.

  54. Why the crate’s empty? But i seen a different guns and medkit in creative mode. Put different guns and medkit on crate’s please, thank you.

  55. RedSlimeTime25 says:

    We’re working on a save the world mode!

  56. WereWeDroppingBoys says:

    This Is Soo Cool!!

  57. OrangeWither999 says:

    I thought this would be good,
    but its laggy as heck
    please fix

  58. Terkoiz8190 says:

    First, maybe. But this is awesome i like it

  59. Random boi says:

    If someone would make the Fortnite:Save the world in Minecraft it will be awesome lol

  60. Anonymous says:

    is not fortniet

  61. GamingGrenade4 says:

    Please don’t copy KrakenCreations Again SG, this was their creation, don’t ruin it and take it from them

  62. IOSGamingHQ says:

    Looks INSANE!
    I will be sure to do a video on it!

  63. Jad says:

    Mcpe dl is the best

  64. Eurbos says:


  65. Algerd.pts (YT) says:

    Make please: “All SG games in one map”

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