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Published on August 29, 2018 (Updated on August 29, 2018)

SG Jungle Monkeys [Minigame]

The Monkeys are Pooping everywhere! Quickly run and dodge the yucky poop! You have two lives, be the final player standing to win! The poop when hit deals 10 hearts out of your 20 hearts! Pooping monkeys are hiding in the trees. If you're hit by poop you'll lose half of your total health, and if you are hit once more then you will die. Avoid the poop and see for how long you can survive! Creators: SkyGames Team (Twitter) (Website) (View all credits)


MCPEtraswen (Owner)
  • FogzGamez (Co-Owner)
  • Luma (Main Builder)
  • GianZMC (Builder)
  • McMCPE1234 (Tester)
  • AmazingGamerPH (Renderer)
  • DJTMGaming (Co-Owner)
  • pattcosmics (Builder)
  • deadmanplaysMC (Builder)
  • LUIS6234 (Builder)
  • Nikilas11 (Builder)
  • HongyiMC (Programmer)
  • Mauripichi_
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