Published on December 17, 2018 (Updated on December 17, 2018)

SG Santa's Crew Skin Pack

The Santa's Crew Skin Pack is a wonderful and fun addition to any roleplay or server meetup! Wear the fun skins by selecting them in your skins menu! Play as any of the four awesome characters dressed as cool Christmas people! Download now Cloudies to enjoy the sprit of Christmas! Creators: SkyGames Team (Twitter) (Website) (View all credits)


MCPEtraswen (Owner)
  • FogzGamez (Co-Owner)
  • Luma (Main Builder)
  • GianZMC (Builder)
  • McMCPE1234 (Tester)
  • AmazingGamerPH (Renderer)
  • DJTMGaming (Co-Owner)
  • pattcosmics (Builder)
  • deadmanplaysMC (Builder)
  • LUIS6234 (Builder)
  • Nikilas11 (Builder)
  • HongyiMC (Programmer)
  • Mauripichi_
  • leefnut (Builder)
  • TylerSk8Z (Builder)
  • Pdtheyoutuber
  • zomorocks26
  • Lambocrazy (Skins)
  • Installation

    1. Download Skin Pack .McPack
    2. Start Minecraft
    3. Select one of the new skins!
    Ahhhh the hot...… thats HOT, btw, if you are reading this(on Christmas month duh) then i wish you the best of merry Christmas lil mineworker
    Love it! This will be amazing for roleplays and more!