Published on July 15, 2018 (Updated on July 15, 2018)

SG Space Shenanigans EP1 : S1 (Sci-Fi) [Adventure]

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use a computer because only a computer can handle this map.
Just recorded part one, amd in the middle of editing.
This map is now my favorite map ever.
SG, you never seem to disappoint me with your maps. Continue please. This is my type of map! Thank you!
The map is broken. After I completed the generator puzzle I pressed the button again and now I'm stuck there
Stuffed Minecrafter August 19, 2018 at 9:24 pm
can i do a video on this for youtube
Help! Every time I try to open the world it starts to load and then it crashes. What do I do!?
It’s not working for me. When I go to open the world it starts to load and then Minecraft kills itself. What do I do?
Plz reply
OMG @[email protected] your maps MAked me understand Cmds Now i ve Created À team ;) Cg team thanks for giving me this idea this map is aweesome
I like this map very much, I want to reprint to more people appreciate, excuse me can you?
Is it an adventure map?
I am a Chinese. I am not so good at English. Can you tell me how to play this map?
Awesome, love it, spectacular, amazing, WE WANT MORE
Just as you said, this map will definitely bring people begging for the next part. I know i am late to the party but this series of map will definitely be an Insane Series, my only hope was the next maps will be a little bit longer. I know its hard because i make some maps and MCPEDl never accepts it lol but im really looking forward for the next map
That Is AWESOME But Please Add A Multiplayer Mode With Singleplayer Mode Plssss