Published on January 05, 2019 (Updated on January 05, 2019)

SG Castle House Mansion - Vorstellen Keep [Creation]

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Could you add this into a world thats not flat? if its not too much for what im asking
could you make it mediafire?
The map is really pretty but confusing ? it’s kinda sad you can’t go inside but I guess it makes sense Bc it’s really small inside
This is a really great map. There’s tons of detail and the creators put a lot of effort into this. Ignore all the hate comments
Please stop hating they took a lot of work to make this make the inside yourself !
This map sucks there is no entrance you spawn in a confusing Spode and when you find the inside it’s so weird it gets you confused
This is the worst map ever 0 stars
PhantomPhoenixFlare January 10, 2019 at 12:43 am
Can I make a YouTuber video on putting redstone it your house?
Can i make a skywars map out of this? Also amazing map 5 stars!
Do you guys use a world editor in Minecraft Java to build then you import it to Minecraft Pocket Edition?
Someone needs to put horror map"The Doll Maker".
Yeah, that map was actually pretty good. The Dollmaker if you don’t know and are reading this is a horror map that takes about an hour to complete. Well at least for me.