Published on March 01, 2019 (Updated on March 01, 2019)

SG YouTube Headquarters - Castle House Mansion

Have you ever wanted the ultimate YouTube experience? This map lets you have that full experience, with 10 recording studios, two theatres, and tons of office spaces. This map shows off a YouTube themed office, with the best systems for content creation and video management. 


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Not bad I like it
Im going to make a 2020 edition
Skygames is a great map maker, however, this map is by far not their strongest. When I downloaded it, I saw that the top two floors were inaccessible and in the third floor, the center was just entirely filled in with blocks. Also, I had to spam torches and lanterns. If you do not plan on ever renovating it (like I did), beware. In the end, it took a great deal of time and a couple of other MCPEDL addons to turn this into a good map.
It looks huge but on the inside it’s so compact. This is the same with all of their other maps too. And the top floor is isolated from the rest of the house. Also so many mobs spawn in the house because it’s not lit up. Again same with the other houses too. So all in all SG needs to step up their building game...
It does look big on the outside, but small on the inside
Great map. My friends love it.
It’s fools u it looks nice from the outside but on the inside it’s half the size (the top floor is inaccessible) and ita just an office and two recording rooms(that don’t work) some weird glass panes
Of course it's just an office. What did you think it is? And of course the recording rooms don't work, they are just there for design.
It looks messy, and heavily detailed rather than just being simple and modern.