Published on December 20, 2017 (Updated on January 19, 2018)

SG Zombies (PVE) [Minigame]

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How do u change the xp amount
AMAZING MAP!!! But one thing, the gun (Hoe) doesn't work. If I buy it, it crashes my game. Do I install another addon??
Great map. Also this castle is the most beautiful Minecraft castle I have ever seen. It reminds me of Corvin castle, which is also beautiful.
Great map. Also this castle is the most beautiful Minecraft castle I have ever seen. It reminds me of Corvin castle, which is also beautiful.
This is amazing but the only reason it’s 4 stars is at wave 6 and you have 2 spawn in your own zombies but it was fun while it lasted idk of wave 6 is the end or not or if it’s a glitch but it’s not cool.
Another sweet Minecraft map by SkyGames. This map has some exciting game play and cool builds. SkyGames always goes all out to give us something great. I have a video review here if anyone is interested. Great job on this one SkyGames, SG Zombies is an instant classic!
Do you need to redownload the map to get the new update?
Do you guys use Windows 10 edition to make the maps or not?
Hey when I press the .Mcworld download it pops up this add and I ca't go to the download page...
SG, make an overwatch map
If COD or a first person shooter is an Overwatch game. Then yes we are already making a COD
I have not played it yet but it looks like so much fun!
SG Plz make battle royale map
First of all, I just want to say that this is by far the best Minecraft Windows 10 Redstone map I have ever downloaded, played, and observed. The Redstone mechanics and commands run on command blocks with various configurations (chain blocks, impulse blocks, and repeat blocks) along with the phenomenal usage of the condition of the block, are all amazing and I want to praise you for your extensive knowledge of Redstone mechanics and commands. The set up for the map was not complicated and easy to understand which is common, but always a nice characteristic of maps like this. What makes this unique from other maps similar to this one, is again, the usage and knowledge of Redstone mechanics and command blocks, but also the map itself and the way the map was designed to help improve the experience of the player while playing the game. When I tried out the map in easy mode and completed all the stages, what really stood out to me was the gradual yet exciting upgrades that were gained throughout the stages and opening up gates to new shops and items. I could tell that these items and enchantments were not just randomly picked but were tested and chosen to fit perfectly like a puzzle piece in the gameplay i.e. The Totem of Undying. I am also happy to say that after many tries throughout the different modes of the game (the modes and their increasing difficulty throughout each stage along with what mode difficulty was chosen are simply amazing), I have completed the Impossible mode *wipes sweat from forehead* and it was a great experience for me as well as my friends when I play in multiplayer. I would love to see a second version of this map with more modes like PTV. This map was amazing in so many ways that naming them all would make this review a lot longer than it already is. Thank you so much for making a spectastic and unique map that is enjoyable in every way. I look forward to more maps being made by you guys!
This was certainly amazing to read! (I own SG and I would love to talk with you more as you seem to be a very nice person)
PTV mode and Prepared Mode were just released. I hope that we can release more modes in the future.
I'm being 100% honest, our whole team couldn't even get past the first gate when we played impossible. I am so glad to hear that you and your friends love to play this map. We have many more though! Search 'SG' or 'SkyGames' into the MCPEDL search bar to see all of our maps!