Published on April 05, 2018 (Updated on April 05, 2018)

-1618472320: Shipwreck Surrounded by Corals Near Spawn (Beta Only)

Seed ID

Does anybody have a seed for shipwreck on Xbox 360 only ?
It did not work for me I typed in the whole seed right but it shows me a different world.
Probably wrong update or version
It did not work for me and I have the update with the turtles and other things
I found another shipwreck!!!!!!! Also the thing that says answer the question and I know the answer it is Mojang domy.
Did anyone else by chance not have their thing move the map when trying to find the treasure. It could've been that I hadn't moved far enough, but I am just curious in case it is a bug.
Fix it because I want to find the treasure.
Sherlock you need to dig and you will find a chest
I dug for like 10 minuets all around that spot and found nothing
Then you weren't digging enough
Amazing seed!
What are the coordinates for the treasure???
How do you find the treasure? We found the map and the “x marks the spot,” but we can’t find the treasure at the x. What do we do?
Amazing seed, there was even a diamond in one of the chests
The Update hasn't come out yet! are you blind?
Erm the update hasn't come out yet... :,(
(One tear runs down my soft face... XD)