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Published on May 29, 2018 (Updated on May 29, 2018)

-244885508: Shipwreck On Dry Land

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whereis it
Fun fact: There is a village nearby the temple, you can see the tower there.
i didn't get the stuff T-T
There are also 2 ruins near by... one on land one in sea
Qual é a localização do naufrágio o meu spaw foi na floresta
There's a dungeon spawner right next to the buried treasure :O This is a nice land with lots of things to explore!
What version. Mine is 1.7.0
There is also a skeleton spawner near the shipwreck.
Lol turned the ship into a house and refurbished it
I fixed the ship and put it back in the water
The treasure is in outside
This is amazing. there are also 2 destert temples
Don't worry! I'm perfectly capable of steering the ship! 10 seconds later..Uhh...My fingers slipped...