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Published on December 05, 2016 (Updated on December 05, 2016)

Shoo Monsters Add-on

This addon makes all monsters run away from you as soon you get too close to them. They are only hostile toward the player if they are being attacked. It's really useful if you don't like the company of monsters but still want them in your game. One thing is for sure and that is that survival mode will get much easier as you won't have to worry about monsters as long as you don't attack them.

Creator: Pixeldroid, Twitter Account

How does it work?

All of the following mobs will run away and try to avoid you. If you hit any of them they will defend themselves by attacking back.

Mobs such as spiders which are only hostile during the night will only run away when it's night-time.

  • Blaze
  • Cave Spider
  • Creeper (if you hit one it will sometimes be ignited)
  • Enderman
  • Ghast
  • Guardian
  • Elder Guardian
  • Iron Golem
  • Magma Cube
  • Silverfish
  • Skeleton
  • Slime
  • Spider (bugged)
  • Stray
  • Witch
  • Wither Boss (you will still be hurt by explosions)
  • Zombie
  • Husk
  • Zombie Pigman
  • Zombie Villager


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Add pack for a world

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

Installation Guides

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What if u need sticky pistons?
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You can still kill slimed : |
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Fun fact, it isn't good for survival because you can't get ender pearls. And sponges and prismarine shards.
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You can still kill them : |
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But it will be much harder since they are running away from you. Plus the enderman teleport and you can't shoot them with arrows or else they teleport away.
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Could you make an angry squids addon were squids attack you.
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Aren't there like already three addons on the site that do this?
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Shoo shoo go away you smelly mobs!!
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Can you make UHC mod pleaseee
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Nice add-on ??
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