Published on January 28, 2022 (Updated on February 09, 2022)

Silence Of Lambs

It's tough times in the city of Brookatalts. Your mother lost her job, and both of you lost Anderson. Anderson was your brother though it's known he was unofficially adopted. You pick up a job in the underways of the cities. The sewers. But there's something different, something wrong with the people down here. What made the air toxic, was hearing your brothers name.. 

Head through the sewers, talking and gathering as much information as possible from the people you work with. The police made this a cold case, something your family wouldn't let stand.

Clock in and start your investigation player.

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I updated the description and went ahead and fixed the world file. The file uploaded appeard to have been a test version of the game. The game should now be fixed! 

-New thumbnail

-Miscellaneous patches


There are no additional add-ons. 


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Its very bad cuz its super short i mean u just go up then its finished. B R U H
Thank you for your feedback however I really do invite you to play the full game when it's out. We do hope you'll give it a try! If you'd like to post suggestions, please visit the discord in our bio.

I do apologize for your experience. We will be sure to put (Alpha) in versions of uncompleted games in the future. 😀

Thank you,
I'd also like to ask if you completed the game? If so we'd like to again invite you to play it again.
The world's name in-game was "Copy of My World". It spawned me outside the sewer area and in creative mode.
Thank you for bringing this concern to me. It appears the wrong map was uploaded. However the game is still functional as long as you tp (/tp @s 0 -64 0) to those coordinates.

If you find anymore bugs please contact us here:

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