Published on December 31, 2016

Simple 2: Lost Temple [Adventure]

You've traveled to Davao Island which is an old forgotten island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. The reason why you went there is because you are looking for some valuable gems which appararently can be found somewhere on the island. Anyone who made it this far never made it back home so you are a little bit worried of what's next to come. The map is set in an open world environment which means you can basically go anywhere you want (with some limitations), discover secrets and complete side quests.

Supported Minecraft versions

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i love the texture pack
wat is it called so i can download it
Lol i love it! Davao Island though, ur PINOY!!
Great map very good length love the texture pack
What is the name of the Texture pack?
lol xd
awesome map creator,i love it, hope its more simple maps,expect mobs, idk how to fight them myself yet :p
Why can't I download this map I want super bad!
I love this map! It has adventure and puzzle and misteries. I finished it after 1 hour and 10 minutes. Awesome!!!
It's a pretty sick map cuz
And this map is gives me of adventure and fantasy
If you to yourself to 100 100 100 on this then you'll find a mushroom island
can you add the texture pack / resourse pack please
Can I have the textures seperatly please?!??
AWESOMEEEEE!!!!! But can you tell us the texture pack?
This Map is Amezing