Published on August 26, 2017 (Updated on February 01, 2018)

Simple Adventure [Adventure]

This is a simple adventure map which takes place in the Diamond Village. Villagers have lived there for ages but last night something horrific happened. One of their elders were kidnapped by some evil monsters. The villagers need your help to save the elder and bring him back safely to the village. Creator: KidsourceTwitter Account, YouTube Channel Updated: 1 February, 2018 (read changelog)


Your name is Breck and you are the bravest warrior in all of Diamond Village. Last night a group of angry mobs kidnapped the village Elder. It's now up to you to save him!


  • Changed the position of the pressure plate at the entry to prevent spamming
  • Fixed a bug which occured on some versions where no wool would drop, provided shears to harvest wool
  • Fixed chest plucking bug
  • Added town book store interior and the Legend of Big John
  • Fixed boss fight bug, added bedrock to east wall of black tower


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4.35 / 5 (31 votes)
A very simple and fun game. 5/5!
Super fun and easy to follow! Props to the creator!
I loved this map! Took me a sec to figure out what exactly to do at first, but then it was easy. I liked the story and it was overall a great experience,although I do agree it could be longer.
The only problems I saw was:
-Could've been longer
-Should've had some sort of reward at the end
That is just my opinion, so great job, Kidsource!
It took me 5-10 min it was fun
Easy but two doors were not working. Still a really good adventure map.
It took me about 30 minuets to play it all and I really liked it!
This was a really well made map! 5 Stars! It has a good storyline, plot, and objective. It's also a bit challenging at some bits, which makes it better! Kudos to you, Kidsource! U don gud.
It was short but fun map it tooked me like 10 mins
This game was short but so fun it only took me about 30 mins I like these short adventure maps?
Another great map from Kidsource! I loved it, it reminded me of those old Java editions maps I played several years ago. 10/10
Thanks to everyone for trying our map! Some hoppers do randomly malfunction. If this happens, exit and reload the map, then the hopper will work. We don't know why this happens, but a map reload fixed the problem 100% of the time in our tests. We have reported this bug to Mojang. If the map will not load or you spawn in the wrong place, you may have an old version of the game. Here is a video that reveals the location of the secret sword if anyone is interested . We have new maps coming out all the time, so keep your eyes peeled!
SIMPLE ADVENTURE!!???!!! ill be honest i loved the map but one of the hoppers didnt work when i put the iron nugget besides that i love the map
coudnt play it didn't spawn in the right place.
That is certainly strange indeed. Sounds like it could be a loading problem, as the map has worked correctly for thousands of other players. Sorry you had problems.
Hi I love the map
But Its super laggy
I found the sacred sword!! It came with 26 golden apples! ????