Simple Battleaxes Add-on

This Add-on adds five Battleaxes in your game. They are super strong axes, that serve for you to kill mobs with ease, and you can crafting them in your survival! Use /function simple_battleaxes to get every battleaxe at once.

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  • A player now with a battleaxe deals one extra attack damage to add the attack damage the player has by default.


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Pls add a netherite battleaxe
When will you add Netherite Battleaxe?
Great weapon! Also you should add ability to enchanted battle axe
Hi! I have a little problem. Experimental mode is activated, it doesn't matter what i do... Battleaxes aren't doing the exact damage. What's happening?
What the hell?! Now it works correctly
yea it works great they all do the right amount of damage a little no a lot op but it works just gotta enable education edition and experimental gameplay ok really 1 tree is better than a diamond sword like really.
I have a problem it just doesn’t work
can you add enchantments?
Unfortunately this is not possible yet. Maybe when possible, I will update this add-on to make it possible to add enchantments.
Las hachas no funcionan porfavor arregrenlo
Las hachas funcionan normalmente para mí y para muchos usuarios. ¿Cuál es tu problema?
The battleaxes do very little damage no matter what you do. Very disappointing
change the download link make it media fire
This addon doesnt works on 1.14
I clicked the captcha thing and it brought me to some weird porno website. Please change it to ad fly or something.
TheGuyWhoActuallyHasBrains September 04, 2019 at 12:12 am
Can you send a link directly to mediafire instead of a link to some weird ads?
Me gustaría poder usar este addon y el de bluestone al mismo tiempo en supervivencia pero solo se activa uno de los dos
please fix the damage battle axes it doesn't work (only diamond battle axe)
It does, have it at top of mods and be in Experimental Gameplay
Crafting recipes work. However, if you craft them in Survival, they don't do as much damage as it says it does. Getting them using commands works as intended, though