Published on June 12, 2021 (Updated on June 11, 2021)

Simple Magnets

This add-on adds simple magnet items and blocks to make gathering dropped items easier. Upgrade your magnet to make it reach further out. Use the magnet blocks to gather items from your mob farm instead of using tons of hoppers!


  • Upgradeable magnets.
  • Item magnets that can teleport items to you.
  • Block magnets that can teleport items to the block.
  • Block magnets will teleport the item to the front face of the block.

Magnet Tiers

Example Uses

  • Grab items that are in hard-to-reach places using the item.
  • Move mob dropped items to a central hopper.

How to use

Magnet Item

  • Right click the magnet item to teleport all nearby items to you.
  • Note that there will be a delay until you can next use the magnet item.

Magnet Block

  • When enabled it will teleport all nearby items to the block. it will tp the items to the metal face for maximum control over were the item will end up.
  • To disable the magnet block simply right click (tap on the block) to disable the block
  • To enable the magnet block simply right click (tap on the block) the already disabled magnet block.
  • Note that there is a cooldown time where the magnet block will not teleport any items. see the chart above.


See the recipe page to see more recipes.

The below screenshots show the range of blocks that each tier can pick up items.

Player pick-up range






Iron Magnet Recipe

Iron Magnet Block Recipe

Other Links


by downloading this addon you automatically agree to the custom license. It is recommended to read it over before downloading.

Custom License

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updated icon and added more information to the description on how to use the addon.


1. Click one of the links to download

2. Once you have downloaded click the .mcaddon file.

3. It should automatically open Minecraft and install

4. Make sure to have the Holiday Creator Features in experimental gameplay ON.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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This is great but can u pls update lots of food to 1.1?
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Meant to say 1.17
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Please only comment about this addon. This is Simple Magnets Addon's comments.
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CHORFI ABDERRAHMEN June 12, 2021 at 7:07 pm
Will this addon work if I put it at the bottom of the world's addon list
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IDK, go ahead and try it, but it is recommended to put it above the vanilla Behaviors and resourcepacks.
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I like the concept but cant download plz add a adfly or some other way of downloading thx
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Figured it out works nicely
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