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Published on April 15, 2017 (Updated on April 15, 2017)

Simple Starter House [Creation]

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Please where download this map in bersion 2.0? Version 3.0 in my device don,t work. Please help mi.
A youtuber used this map unless he was the creator
But I can't remember who
I wanna se what redstone I can put in here
Did not download but it looks cool
How do you download if you are on Nintendo 3DS? Im grounded from PC so Im using this XD.
In order to download it on your New Nintendo 3DS You do need your PC For your SD Card. Plus the New 3DS Version doesn't have alot of features that the other bedrock versions have.
Cool house ? I am planning to build it tomorrow
Same design of my house
Awesome job! I recommend you make a basement. :)
YeeDesGirlLoveMcpe May 30, 2018 at 10:33 am
Yeeeeeeeeee thank you for this :3! I mean, I’m not new to Minecraft, I just hate to build houses! I like to get them and add on to them .... but this is great THX
RageElixir Used This Map For He's Realm!!!
Awesome house!!! I played the map without lagging (all my downloaded worlds kick me out and sends me to home screen) but this didn't!!???
Took long to download but it is soooo worth the wait??
Hey I can't install a map I used every file manager but I still can't.
Are you android user? go to ths link this will help you :)

If you are an ios user use this instead :)

Or if you can't still install it then watch a video on youtube :)