Published on August 20, 2020 (Updated on January 14, 2023)

Simple Vehicles Addon Version 2.3.0 - The Additional Update

This add-on add up to over 80 vehicles in Minecraft and this is my biggest add-on that I ever made it for you and to everyone who love vehicles add-on and this could be suitable to City maps and role play maps

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2.3.0 - The Additional Update 



  • Add Pick-up truck (Courier Based)
  • Add Pedicab
  • Add Multicab


  • Removing Materials folder as an result of game crash in mobile and computer devices
  • Renaming some item images as an result of missing texture
  • Removing old files as an result of missing assets, files etc.


  • Various Bugs fixed

NOTE: For Players on 1.17(android 10 below, iOS, Windows 10) and 1.18+(android 11 and above, iOS, Windows 10/11) this addon is compatible, This Addon is in 5 Packages so to make sure you're in latest version of Simple Vehicles Addon Please Delete the older versions on your device and import all of this new packages, I recommend you to install all of these packs to support the development thank you..

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The Pack 3 was an experimental and The Pack 6 the key pack is non-experimental so pick one which is good for you good luck :) 


Supported Minecraft versions

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Pinned comment
Simple Vehicles Addon is now compatible for education edition but please make an .mcworld format to import the world with this mod to education edition thank you

And it works on:
Public Bedrock 1.17 - 1.19.10
Education Edition 1.18.10 above
The download keeps taking me to about.blank instead of mediafire.
What shall I do?
This comment has been removed
It's great if you has been grown up!
Keep learn about the system, also and I suggest is make the car/entity not follow where we look
That's make better!
And also make some of car stuff.... Uhhh yeah like that '-'
Can You Please Make The Addon Support 1.16 Versions Of Minecraft,
I Have An Old Version Of The Addon That Work In 1.16 But Its Too Old And Doesn't Work Perfectly, Specially I Really Want The New Cars So Much,
And Thank You For Making This Addon.
Unfortunately since my phone OS was now on Android 11 which is laggy for older versions I can't revert it anymore
Hello there, RMPlaysMC YT!
I see that you tried out The Yoshi Mod. That's great! In return, I tried out this addon, and I'm impressed!
This mod is simple, but the aesthetics are great. The functionality was decent, and the customization was pretty well done. I can't wait to see what you will work on next!
Thanks and I'm glad you enjoy my addon
You think you could try to add the mach 5 from speed racer?
Vehical key is missing ! Plz help !
Huh really?

Just enable the experimental gameplay and check on the equipment section get 3 keys to use it

Go and give it a try
Good addons
Vehcial key is missing
I play education edition and there is no key in the Invortory so the car are not drive able
Can you add the Inazuma Caravan from Inazuma Eleven and Mr. Bean's car.

Please 🙏
It would be convenient if you combined all packs in one single download link
Yeah but sometimes It's required to support my work on
Cool addon, Ive been using this since v1, but can you add a 2017 isuzu erga?
It's pretty sus that you need the "minecraft:is_illager_captain", "minecraft:behavior.send_event" and "minecraft:is_sheared" component for your train. I used that in my addon to control the id tagging function for the wagons when they are connected/disconnected. You don't need them.
Hmm I'll try to add that component for sure thanks
No I am suggesting that you should remove them. they're unnessecary.
Btw this is a cool addon though, especially the overwhelming contents.
Thanks anyway I would appreciate that
Great addon! The only thing I would like to be changed is maybe you could just spawn the npc's instead of them spawning randomly since it's kind of annoying when I'm building stuff and they just pop up. but still, It's a really nice addon!!
Anyway the traders will be moved to another pack in the next update
the addon works in all but, the new vehicles i dont have those even tho i got the update. i was wanting to se the go karts and its not there
Anyway you must need to get updated to the latest version so that you can get the go kart