Published on August 20, 2020 (Updated on May 17, 2022)

Simple Vehicles Add-on Version 1.7.3 | Base Packs + DLCs = All In One File Update

This add-on add up to 60 vehicles in Minecraft and this is my biggest add-on that I ever made it for you and to everyone who love vehicles add-on and this could be suitable to City maps and role play maps

This add-on add up to 60 vehicles in Minecraft and this is my biggest add-on that I ever made it for you and to everyone who love vehicles add-on and this could be suitable to City maps and role play maps


I made this add-on since March 2019 and I do an upload online but I'm not good enough to make add-ons here before then now I have an good potential in making mods so I continue to working in this mod and I did it

And did you know that I like making Vehicles too that can be found in local or not but some models are made by me anyway



Why Simple Vehicles Addon?

  1. This is the only addon that's has over 60 Vehicles
  2. This addon has lots of items that are craftable in survival
  3. The DLC Packs are made on mobile phone but the base pack was on computer
  4. This addon was compatible in servers and it can be playable with friends or by yourself
  5. Most of the vehicles are based in real life and other vehicles are based from my ideas
  6. This vehicle addon has more features to come
  7. It cares the community and even the ideas from you we will love it
  8. This addon is showcased by many people on YouTube and Other Social Media platforms
  9. This addon was run by one person itself



I do the showcase of the vehicles in different category like first of all is the cars

1. Car this is my first vehicle I ever made and these have over 10 colors (I think it's eleven😂)


  • Grey
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Cyan
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Purple

Another Feature

  • Can be ridden by a Villager, cat, and NPC but make sure the key(Saddle) is not applied to the vehicle

2. The lowrider since I also made it for those people who like cool but simple 

3. Toyota AE86

This is the one of suggested vehicle that can carry up to 4 player

4. Toyota Corolla 

This add-on was look like 2000s Edition of The Toyota Corolla but It could be ride up to 4 players*


*- Same as car can be ridden up to 4

5. Ford Mustang

This vehicle can be only ridden up to two people but It could be run up to over 200MPH(but It think I need to study the speed of some vehicles)



Then Now I Showcase you the public utility vehicle which can be used for bringing passenger from one place to another up to 10 players (I think it could be compatible for realms and servers)

1. Bus

This vehicle can be ridden up to 10 players (rider included)

As on Version 1.3.4 I Add three new colors in this vehicle and I'll do changes if there's a problem

Three new colors

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue


2. Minibus

This vehicle is also small bus but I need to do Improvements on it but It could be ridden up to 5 players (Local Server or Cloud Server Approved😂)




3. Philippine Local Jeep

This vehicle is can only be found in the Philippines and there's the two types of jeepney I ever made it for you

  • Traditional
  • Modern


4. Van

This vehicle has just one color but it could be add new colors in next update and can be ride up to 6 players



5. Taxi

This vehicle can be ridden up to 4 players*


  • Yellow
  • White



Here's the Vehicles that can be used for emergency and public services

1. Fire truck

This add-on can be ridden up to 4 players and you can do a role play as a firemen

2. Ambulance - can be used in hospital to bring patient and you can do the role-play like doctors and patient


3. OB Van 

This could be used for television and news broadcast but Sorry for the color and texture🙂


4. Tanks

This Could be used by the military and it's need to be remodeled in next update

5. Police Car - this vehicle is good if you want to do cops and robbers


And there's more Vehicles that you ever loved it:

Flying Vehicles

1. Plane - this vehicle can be ridden up to four players but You can get the sperate one here

2. Christmas Sled - I should need to do it in December but anyway I made this in advanced 😂

3. Helicopter - It need to be retexture in next update


Special ability - These can be flyable, when you look up it go up and look down it go down

Double wheel Vehicles

1. Motorbikes - it has 5 colors and can carry up to two players


  • Pink
  • Green
  • White
  • Blue
  • Black

2. Bikes 


  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Orange

3. Hoverboards


  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow

4. Volt Bike



Other Vehicles

1. AUV Car - it's an private vehicle that can be ridden up to 4 players


2. Pick up truck - an vehicle that can be ridden up to 2 players only


3. Tesla Truck - this is an future-vehicle type


4. Limousine - Is the luxurious type vehicle and it can ridden up to 6 players

5. Shuttle bus

6. Truck - can carry up to 15-20 slots of storage


7. Speedboat



And lots of more Vehicles to try of it I'm sorry I can't take some images of other vehicles anyway you can watch some of Vehicles


There are 3 new vehicles added in this mod

(It also shown that Simple Vehicles Addon is now supported on Latest BETA Version)

1. Opel Corsa

This vehicle can be ride up to 4 players


2. Opel Astral

This is an small car that it has an simple texture (this could be change in next update)


3. Volkswagen Beetle

This Vehicle has five colors

  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green

Here's the latest version and add new vehicles 

1. Ice Cream Truck - Since this was added in Minecraft and it has one seat position only



2. Honda Accord 2019 - it can carry up to 4 players and it has five colors

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • White




The last but not the least is the Cadillac (CTS) DTS 2010



1. HYUNDAI STAREX - This vehicle can be ride up to 4 players than the white one with the casket

2. Speedboat B - This is the larger one than the Speedboat A and I will do some fixes and improvements as I can


 Here are some item parts work well

And here's more stuff to see

You must create an vehicle workbench to access this stuff

Vehicle Builder is also required to make your vehicle parts turn into one vehicle

Hint: The body + The tire of a vehicle = One Vehicle

There are crafting stuff that you can try and all you had to do to create this items was to set your gameplay in survival mode

Not all Items are available on survival and I'll have a chance to add it in the future

New Vehicles for version 1.7.2

There are new vehicles added and I hope you may like it

1. Sabre - It has 16 variants and it can carry up to 4 players

2. Land Cruiser - I know some of you want this vehicle but it's now on new model


3 - 4. Motorcycle - but It has a tricycle so you can ride on it

5. Jetmax(From GTA San Andreas)


6. Submarine 


7. Grumman LLV


8. Armored Truck


9. School Bus


10. Rancher


Improved Vehicles on Version 1.7.2

1. Ford Mustang - And It has 2 colors but it was been changed and it was based on 2021 model of the vehicle

2. Helicopter - It has 16 colors

3. Toyota Corolla - It has 16 colors to be choose from


And more...

New DLCs are added to the addon pack but this is also a required to download them if you want to

  1. Vespa Primavera - It has 5 colors and with custom riding animations

2. Isuzu Dmax - It has 16 colors and It can be paintable into different colors 

3. MiniCar - This Vehicle has it's own 5 spawn egg and one spawn egg that has 16 Variants and it can be paintable 

4. Lowrider 2.0 - Thisehicle has 5 colors and you must need to get an item like Jump Item to perform

5. Cord Ranchero GT SASS 1971 - This Vehicle has 3 colors to try 



I made some of Showcase vehicles and I hope you gonna love it

Version 1.0.0













Version 1.1

This time it's on version 1.1.0 Pre-1



Here's the Latest Version of Simple Vehicles Add-on Version 1.1.0 Pre-2 Video




Here's The Version 1.3.4



Note: The models, textures and codes are belongs to Me (RMPlaysMC YT) and you are not allowed to steal on it.


You can showcase this content on your video WITH A CREDIT and you are NOT ALLOWED TO USE YOUR OWN LINK


Suggestions: You can DM me via Twitter if you have some request or problems, you can do also DM me on Facebook

And For someone who likes tho support my development you can donate here (Any amount is good enough for me🙂)


RMPlaysMC YT - The Creator of this addon

Ivon852 - For Speedboat Behavior

Ashminggu - For Custom Riding Animation 

AshyBoy - For Textures

Select version for changelog:


This update has just a small changes and the installation of this addon is now in one file so it means all the Main Packs Including DLCs are now been complied so no worries..



I see some youtubers anywhere using their own links and claimed it as theirs to download and that's the one thing that I HATE and you are not allowed to do it or else I'll watch your videos one by one and It should not been posted on other websites unless I'll post this content there to others and that's why I add the watermark on it so IF YOU DOWNLOAD THIS ADDON FROM OTHER WEBSITES You will be warned...

You are not allowed to:

  • Modify
  • Edit, Alter or Remix
  • Reproduction
  • Adding your own links to your youtube videos

You are not allowed to create a videos that has a clickbait thumbnail you must learn how to create a proper thumbnail about the addon and put the original link around it

I worked hard for it and I know It's confusing but It's needed but there's the tip

    Pack 1: It has 50 Vehicles but the key was removed there and moved to Pack 3

    Pack 2: Adds New Vehicles

    Pack 3: Adds new Items and the key was there 

Downloadable Content or DLCs Are actually required but It's up to you if you want to enjoy those all vehicles from Base Pack to DLC Pack

NOTE: you must download it all to try all of the stuff and that's the only way to support my work

Since It was on set but that's the only way to make sure every vehicle pack has a limit

How to drive a car again?

    You must get the key from the creative inventory and put it to your vehicle

Not all Items are available on survival and I'll have a chance to add it in the future


1. Download The Addon

2. Follow the tips get the addon

3. Install Both RP and BP since they are in separation due to item texture error

4. If you create or add it in a world make sure you enable the experimental features such as:

  • Holiday Creator Features (Recommended)
  • Additional Modding Capabilities (Optional)

5. Enjoy

If you have a older version of the addon I'll recommend you to delete it before you install the latest version

The Install Arrangement must be like this

Note for android 11 users(including me using Vivo Y11 Realme C25Y) you must set the pack 1 to the bottom part of the resource pack so it would never lead the crash or stop the game

Here's the tutorial how to download the Simple Vehicles Addon


If you download this Mod make sure

  • You are allowed to showcase this mod to your YouTube Channel
  • Use it in good condition
  • Use the MCPEDL link to your videos and it's important to support my development



Addon by RMPlaysMC YT

Link: This Link must be included to your videos USING MCPEDL LINK IS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOUR VIDEOS


Discord Server:


You are not Allowed to used this Mod if you

  • Redistribute to other sites without my consent
  • Stealing the code

If you found any issues you can comment here any feedback related on this addon is appreciated


Note: Simple Vehicles Addon will not got any updates from now after my laptop was destroyed and didn't function well and I hope you understand on it thanks.


Another info that vehicle workbench model was broken in 1.18.10 and I can't fix it for now

And for the people that please don't complain why I use linkvertise because it's my only way to earn money from my work 

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Anyway If Simple Vehicles Addon hits 300K Downloads / Shares Let's gonna move to version 2.0 with new vehicles and items to try with

Speaking of Download this addon you can download all Packs and DLCs thanks..
I hope you get a monster truck in the next update! And also add these:
-Rally Car
-Electric Car
-Jeep Wrangler
I have been using this addon since it was released, and I love how much it has updated. But I would really like to see is a Isuzu Erga, Elf, Mitusbishi fuso Aero Midi, Aero Star and Aero Queen.
Do the police cars have working lights an sirens?
its a good addon but it would be better if the main addon and the dlcs were in 1 rar file, this would make this 100% quicker for people that want to review it and its dlcs
I understand it but it's an only way to earn from my work but maybe in next update I'll add it to the main pack thanks
Anyway If Simple Vehicles Addon hits 300K Downloads / Shares Let's gonna move to version 2.0 with new vehicles and items to try with

Speaking of Download this addon you can download all Packs and DLCs thanks..
That's epic mods the'y had Philippines traditional jeep and modern that's epic
Hello please reply because which one do I download?
It's recommended to download it all since they are required for your gameplay
Thank you very much for this amazing add-on! Now I just need a Boeing 737 which has about 20 seats, can you add it please?

I hope to hear your reply soon.

Thank you.
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Also can i add this in my smp server?
Please try to fix the bench for 18.1 PLEASE I BEG
Just apply the blockfixer RP first
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do i extract it or not?, cuz when i extract it, it became seperated and its not in a whole folder. should i put the zip file to the resource packs and behavior packs? pls help me. btw i like that you put traditional filipino jeep. im at 1.19 beta
Anyway I'll find some way to compile it into one file soon don't be sad on it..
user783628763476234 January 26, 2022 at 9:47 pm
why do i have to download 6 different things, trust me ur work isnt all that
First of all there are some things that I face such as the item texture issue and some problems so I try to make them separate in each pack