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Published on November 25, 2015 (Updated on November 25, 2015)

SimpleCommands Mod

Can you get this on Xbox and Windows 10???
If so post the link below.
It’s good good job!
Can you make one using media fire please
Hi! I didn't download the add on but I just wanna comment to see if you reply! :3 XD
Is it possible to download this mod on an IOS device?
Hi I am using the current version on and when I add the command block, then the Redstone, and the lever then add the command /weather rain my command block does nothing when I pull the lever?? Please tell me what I'm doing wrong???
Does this work on iOS? If yes tell me plz!i would love to know
It works for me its awesome mostly tuff
I loved it be minecraft
Can i use this mod in my modded map
I think it is the coolest
Does the setblock command work?