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Published on April 20, 2014 (Updated on July 27, 2016)

SimpleCraft [16x16]

SimpleCraft is a texture pack which is as simple as it gets. The colors are all based on the default texture colors but much less pixelated. Everything look a lot more clean and in order so if that is something you want to experience then this is a pack suited for you.

Ported by: OscarMigAisPer, Sulaimansadeeq
Creator: Mac (original PC pack)
Updated: 27 July, 2016


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Guest-5459211831 May 28, 2020 at 9:59 am
This is good. Update plz.
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Hello, i am OscarMigAisPer the creator of this texture, currently I have finished updating the texture, it is pending to be accepted, but its name will be SimplePixelCraft, I hope you enjoy it and thanks for your words
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herobrine created minecraft
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Help!!!!!!!!!! I cannot donwload the Texture pack
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Can you make an updated version for 0.16? Thanks if you can!
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Nice texture pack!
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This is the best texure pack for minecraft
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