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Published on June 24, 2020 (Updated on August 26, 2020)


This pack is a mix of PvP, improving Redstone's looks, and making unnecessary textures a bit flatter. 

This is gonna be my first RP so feel free to give feedback! This is created on mobile using UTK.IO, so give me some slack. 

  •  Borderless Glass and Flat Concrete! 
  • Rod Indicator! (Even tho they changed PvP)

  • Bow Indicator! (Can you see where this is going?)

  • Bucket indicator! (Just in case if you can't see blue)

  • Ore borders! (It's a nice to have)

  • New stone! (Whether you like it or not)

  • Retextured components! (Idk why I face the piston head even tho I didn't change anything there)

  • Heres a closeup.. 

  • What does it look like in a build? Here you go! 

Credits to TheBowTieMan for the door design (I know my testing world is messy)

If it's not yours, you need to credit the creator. 

  • Short Swords! (Try it out for yourself, don't expect me to do all of it. Also, netherite isn't included)
  • Grass Paths and blocks now extend to the side! (The Grass block one doesn't show on mine. Maybe it only affects me, so no photo...) 

  • A tribute to the nether update! Thank you @BlazeKillsYou on Twitter for letting us make this onto a Minecraft painting.
  • Select doors and trapdoors are now see through for the most part. 
  • This is one of the easter eggs. The scaffolding is also see through. 
  • This texture has been here since the start. Have you spotted it?
  • I changed the block breaking animation. (No screenshot, that's hard to do)

  • Updated the Nether Brick Texture to be the correct one

  • Tweaked the textures of these armour types

  • The short swords are all done! Shortie Netherite Sword lol

  • It's one of the easter eggs I hid. Did you find it already? Not that anyone would think to look at the bottom of the cactus. 

I did use ESTN Shaders for the screenshots. Check it out too!

There's still some easter eggs hidden. Go and find it! 

Select version for changelog:

  • This is a minor texture update. You might not see it since it's super minor. 
  • Added a new link (Linkvertise)


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I don't understand why people make shorter swords, i presonally dont like those, everytime i use a pvp pack with short swords and actually play pvp games like, lets say bedwars, i became even noobier because it doesn't feel like a weapon, i can't feel the weight of it in the buttons (hehe lol i need to feel it to play properply) and it just annoying to use a short sword, except if you shrink the handguard, then its a knife, which actually much better than a sword, but overall this is a great pack, short swords isn't really proportional with the handguard, and thats it.
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I like this pack, only problem I have with it is that the cornflower texture is bugged. please fix.
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Fixed it like 1 - 2 updates ago. It might've been corrupted whilst updating the textures.
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Reminder: The Sky you see in the pictures isn't included. I simply forgot to remove the shader pack when doing the showcase. I'll change it on the next update along with fixes.
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