Published on April 13, 2016

Simply Beautiful PE [128x128]


Installation Guides

Epic texture pack 👍👍
this is literally just simply sharp
there are no manifest.json in the folder. that make the resourcpack can't be use, please fix it.
extract it and put manifest.json

"format_version": 5,
"header": {
"description": "Simply Beautiful PE",
"name": "Simply Beautiful PE",
"uuid": "6176d0b1-429f-4c51-9fad-21fd895fd7c4",
"version": [0, 0, 1],
"min_engine_version": [ 1, 13, 0 ]
"modules": [
"description": "Simply Beautiful PE",
"type": "resources",
"uuid": "1f550888-56f6-4efc-a4ab-d4376953b777",
"version": [0, 0, 1]
It won't work. I have followed the tutorial on this website. It wont appear in global resources. Plz I really want to have this texture pack it looks amazing! I am on windows 10.
Are you on xbox one pc or PE
can u pls make it .mcpack?
maybe you could change it from .zip to .mcpack and double click it
Which files do I need to change to .mcpack?
Literally just renamed the .zip extension to .mcpack
That usually doesn't work, I've tried it many other times with other packs, and it says "Failed to import said other pack"
That doesn't work...
Hi there. This is one of the best looking packs I've seen. Doesn't seem to work with ios or the newest version of pe. Would love if you could update it. Would really appreciate it. If not great work anyway, looks fantastic.
Can we change this to .mcpack?
Are this compatible via 0.17.0?
how do I install texture packs for minecraft windows10 edition??? contact me through skype name:CARMEN VARCA (all caps) my profile photo is a poo emoji pillow
Is this work for 0.15.0 iOS???
Is this compatible with 0.14.2
Btw...when i import da texture pck the block launcher just crashed ,and i tried to modify the zip file i deleted all of the modified item the items.meta the tga it finally works but so suck when u see da items is still original but the texturepack? Wow... Mc version 0.14.0 b6 and the block launcher latest beta
Did u follow the install guide correctly? Also, don’t modify anything. The Minecraft now is at version 0.14.1 for ur info.
... 0.15.0?!?! When it released?!?!
They have just released an alpha of 0.15.0 and it's just to test Realms. Basically Mojang's on solution for hosting servers. The pistons and other features (which I think) should be introduced in 0.15.0 are still not added.