Simulated Child Addon v.1.0.0 (2) | By MrHusana909

This addon adds a simulated doll which you can interact with (currently limited), it can sleep, it can cry, it can do anything. this addon also has 2 items, the cassette tape where you can know more about the doll, the table to calm the doll down, you might find this doll innocent but, it can sometimes lead to a mass destruction if you made a poor choices, this addon only works in 1.19 - above and needs experimental toggles to be enabled.

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Changelog 1.0.0 (2)

  • fixed nuke-code= not working on a doll when [computer addon (separate addon)] is activated in packs
  • fixed an addon not working

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i kind of though the baby was a mutant pig so i burned it alive and it started crying then i exploded in and then it started sleeping
I Would Hang The Baby Instead Adopt It
I would accidentally mistake the baby with my raw chicken and cook it in the furnace.
Goooooo finaly husana you are really good (sorry my ugly English)
لماذا تفعل هذا؟
Could you make it so that we can hold the Child? That would be great!
I'll update this post over time whenever I do come up with ideas.