Published on May 30, 2016 (Updated on May 30, 2016)

SinglePlayer Economy Mod

Muchas gracias por el código
How on earth 🌍 do I get dis on to MCPE it’s just the code for the addon help meeeeee
A_squid_minding_its_own_business September 29, 2019 at 6:45 am
It only comes up with the code when I try both options of downloading pleaseee help this addon seems so cool ?
no updates?
only source codes?
How do I install this addon
You need to have a friend(s) whit same mod on a friend(s) only server
This addon seems really cool because I was looking for some kind of job addon but when I try to download it, both of the downloads are code files and my other addons from this website are always proper Minecraft files so I'm unsure how to download this as I don't have a .Minecraft folder like this mod was probably meant for. :(
And when i make a shop sign and exit the world and come back the signs dosnt work and it gives error thats wrong with something the error is something about *ToString*
Please fix
This mod is great but there is a big if u break granite your money goes CRAZY heres an example
You have 120$
And then i break 5 granite
You have 1201010101010$
Something like this and if u want me show a video i can do that
Every time I try to download it on mediafire the code just comes up
Hey Editor, MediaFire isn't working for me it just sends me to a page of code. How do I fix this?
Sounds really cool I'm going to download it
Can you make this work with multiplayer and work in Minecraft PE?
The download isn't working for me.
How do you know how much money you got?