Published on July 02, 2021 (Updated on September 15, 2021)

Siren Add-on v.2

Siren Add-on adds mermaids to your world, plus adds a new treasure structure that spawns over the ocean. This version includes 3 new skins and improvements, in addition several bugs have been fixed

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-Three new skins for mermaids which are randomly generated

-New smooth and realistic animations -The model and texture of the mermaid has been improved

Fixed bugs

-The mermaid now spawns over the Siren Temple

-The siren is now a little slower and does less damage, this to balance and make it not so difficult to fight her

-Both the Siren Temple and the mermaid are generated in the deep ocean biome

-The siren is generated more frequently

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El addon es bueno y tiene potencial, deberías ponerle otra skin a las sirenas una más aterradora y cuando te acerques a ellas a una cierta distancia se cambie a esta, como en las leyendas de la antigüedad.
Is good but i want they tail , fin and hair have a more detail
It would be great a new skin for each mermaid when they see you, like they get angry, almost like the ice and fire mod, it would be great.

An effect like stun you or something related to the Siren's song would also be great.

Thanks for your addon, it's great
This add-on is great but i think you need to remade the sirens models to more like a siren
You could take inspiration from the ice and fire sirens
You should make a fairy addon similar to the helpful fairies mod on java it would go perfect with the sirens you dont have too just a little request bc there is no good fairy addon yet D:
That is an awesome idea!
I honestly like it a lot, the funny thing is that I wanted a mod like this. 😂
Can’t wait to see what updates come next for it.
There WAS an original mod called Ice and Fire: Dragons mod from Java that adds these passive-aggressive creatures known as the Sirens. Maybe you should credit them?
Correction the story of sirens come mythological tales
i found a glitch they keep spining is so funny XD
my ice and fire dreams have come ture!
Princessfluffybutt44 July 02, 2021 at 8:16 pm
That’s hot and sexier