Published on August 20, 2020 (Updated on August 22, 2020)

Skeleton Creeper

Have you ever wondered what makes a creeper tick? No? Well I did. So here it is. The Skeleton Creeper.

It's a new mob that is basically the creeper but remove the green, rough and leaf-like skin. I saw a post on Pinterest about what is inside a creeper and  thought i'd re-create it through an addon. This is my first addon submission so yes, I am infact a noob when it comes to coding. All I did here was a custom model, decreased it's health and modified it's loot table.

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Edited the description page and specified a few of the rules.


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It didn't work
Can't get is it for pocket edition? I want to download this mod????
Hi, I am the creator and it is made for both pocket edition AND windows 10. If you want to download it. Use the link provided and follow the instructions given. For more questions. You can always ask again. Thank you!