Published on May 22, 2022

Sketched | By DFergxz

Sketched is a 128x resource / texture pack project for both Java and Bedrock. The idea comes from creators of packs such as BareBones and Faithful. "Themed" Vanilla Texture packs provide Minecraft players with newer looking textures, items, and blocks while also keeping the familiar looking default. It's all in the details. Wanting to provide my own version of this sort of texture pack, I settled on the idea of a Color Pencil like style. Sketched is currently updated for the latest versions of Minecraft. Bedrock (Experimental / Wild Update.) and Java (Snapshot / 1.19-Pre.) Sketched is the final version of Comix Redux, a texture pack I released when using DFergxx as my GT. The pack has come a long way since it's first release almost over a year ago and can still be found with a simple google search. The pack at one time was available in 32x, 64x, and 128x, now only available in 128x. Small details have been made to all of the texture's. Giving each texture, item, and block a color pencil look. Thank you for choosing to use Sketched as a texture pack. Please report any bugs in the comments below.


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