Published on October 14, 2021 (Updated on March 27, 2022)

Skilled Items 0.3.0 (UPDATE)

This addon adds items with special abilities, all items have an interesting mechanic that will contribute to your survival. All tools are enchanting and repairable, and each one has its advantages.

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Changelog 0.3.0

added HeavyPickaxes


Added Heavypaxels


New drill textures


Added recipes in smithing table


Added SpikeBalls


Added ore magnet


New hardsword Textures


New bigsword textures


And various other things... presented on the site, if you want to see some of them just download the addon and enjoy :)


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Love your mod. But there is a problem with tge download links. The BP download link in this website goes to v0.3.0, but the RP goes to v0.2.0. This is reversed on another website,, where the BP goes to v0.2.0 but the RP link goes to v0.3.0, I first saw your mod there and came here after seeing the problem of the download links, so I downloaded the BP from mcpedl and RP from vatonage.
I was wondering, would it be possible to make a sword that heals you when it deals damage? Like a vampiric effect? That would be amazing.
Yes, it is possible. And I loved the idea
I'm glad you like it, hope you will add it sometime in the future!
Could you make a infinite bucket or a sponge item so you can pickup infinite water or lava
How do I get magllynium to make the ultimate drill?
you need illuminatic steel, magmatic steel and endynium steel

Just join these 3 ingots on the crafting table.

The magllynium recipe also appears in the crafting table
Can you make the addon work on 1.16
I'm sorry, I think this is impossible
It's ok because the drill needs copper and 1.16 dosen't have copper
I loved this addon but some weapons and tools are hard to crafting like llluminatic and endunim
Please change it please 😥😥😭😢
Thanks for your feedback, The illuminatic is really difficult, because besides having to find an oceanic monument you have to explore several buried treasures to get the four hearts of the sea... I'll think about how I can change that... But as for Endynium, Endynium is even difficult to make but it practically makes the best items in the game
I have to agree with the illuminati, I'll think about what I can change.. but as for Endynium, I don't think it's difficult to craft because it's with him that you can make the best items in the game... Or at least it was supposed to be that way
I agree with this to , maybe you can make ocean monument craft able
But i still think the endunim is expansive because its need 4 nether crystals this means i need to kill 4 wither boos and the wither is so hard in bedrock then java and i need many wither heads for finaly one ingot 😅 sorry about tall comments but i like your addon
Thanks for reply
Can you make more uses to copper like chainsaw
It's useless in survival i used it for decoration
Mcpedl add the hurts
And now can edit comments
This amazing like your addon
Thank you very much, and sorry for the delay in responding. in mcpedl it's hard to know when someone comments something
if you like the addon, please rate it