Published on February 16, 2021 (Updated on February 24, 2021)

Skrapy's 128x PVP Pack

I have taken the time to change almost every texture in the game, I will change the textures over time and will release different varients of Diamond Gear (Different colours)

Textures are from Java Anglerfish 128x By Yuruze

Chainmail Armor

Iron Armor

Golden Armor

Diamond Armor

Wooden Sword

Stone Sword

Iron Sword

Diamond Sword

Netherite Sword

Stone Axe

Golden Axe

Iron Axe

Golden Pickaxe

Stone Axe

Stone Shovel


Select version for changelog:



•Fixed chat bugging out (showing blank text/purple and bland squares)

•No longer needed to delete the file and and import the new one, it will just be a new resource pack


Click on the link and it will take you to a folder of all the versions of my pack


Installation Guides

its a 7.5/10 good, could be better. It does work on xbox.
Good pack overall but the cow and pig are glitched and the diamond sword has default textures
PeterPlays Minecraft April 10, 2021 at 10:30 am
Does it work on xbox i cant. Work it
Ik this is a pvp pack but the cows chickens and pigs are bugged the backs stick straight up idk about other mobs
I meant other mobs
There is a chance that some mobs shows puprle and black colors and sometimes white this is my only resource pack and im on 1.16.201 i dont have any behavior pavks and pc is high end 8GB
Okay, I will figure out the problem. Thanks for letting me know
The chat is glitched can you please fix that, it shows the blank text or if you want to call it the purple and black checker
its ok, at least credit the creator of anglerfish please. have a good day
"inspired?" I see no difference in the textures.
This is anglerfish 128x by Yuruz on java ported by krynotic. This is not yours. Please kindly Stop stealing textures. Thank you.
Yeah... But someone already made a port. did you just use that?
Well I didn't see it, so I'm sorry and also there was no netherite changes in it so I designed it my self
and I mean that kindly